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GMC Forum _ CHILL OUT _ Playing With People You Don't Really Know, And Rythm Playing

Posted by: Fsgdjv May 30 2007, 08:44 PM

I've only played the guitar for 8 months, but I've already improved a lot, partially because of GMC, and mainly because of the great device called the metronome. Since I'm a member here at GMC I have access to great solo guitar lessons, and I really feel like I have improved in that department.

However! My rythm playing sucks, I know all basic open cords, all basic bar cords based on the E and A-strings, but I still don't feel confident i rythm playing. I play in a band, and there I'm fine because we've only played a bunch of easy metal covers (like for instance masters apprentices with opeth), and that means - power cords, wohoo! laugh.gif Anyways, last week I started practicing with a school band to play a few songs and, well.. I feel like crap there, it feels like I just started playing last week or something when I play with them. And well, it's based on all those cords I know well, and some dimsus4add52 (I know that doesn't make any sense, but you get what I mean tongue.gif ) Anyways, I get nervous and mess up, and then I even mess up on the easy stuff like changing from an E major to a F7 or whatever. So basically, do you know how I can get better at just general rythm guitar, and that basic stuff that everybody should know, or something like that? (like the fact that I don't know how to fingerpick makes me look horribly bad compared to the other guitar player, and now everybody are asking me especially efter everything if everything is ok and so on - wich is really nice of them, but makes me feel even worse, and play even worse, etc)

I know this sounds really stupid, and it's a lot of stupid whine from me, but I really feel like shit when I think of this, and especially when I'm there, so does anyone have any advice, anything to say that could encourage me or just.. Anything would be great to hear about this subject, is it always like this when you kind of play with people you don't really know, or is it just me? Ok, I'll shut up now, and hope that somebody at least bothered to read all this biggrin.gif

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Posted by: Robin May 30 2007, 10:33 PM

Always tap with your foot or your head in rythm with the music. I always do that tongue.gif
Hmm I dont really got any other advices for this. Maybe play along with backings/songs over and over untill you feel that you got the rythm right? Dunno, ah well, hope it helped smile.gif

Posted by: ch00ch00man May 31 2007, 01:31 AM

I smiled as I read that smile.gif What you just described is a very typical anxiety response. Talk to any shrink, and they'll recite case after case. Its very normal. I used to get that before every test when I was in college. Like wtf am I doing here?

The way you get over that is actually very simple. Practice, practice, practice. Practice to that point where you are able to play it in your sleep. One story in particular has much relevance. I remember when princes Diana died. Elton John performed at her funeral. After the fact, when he was asked how he was able to overcome his emotions and still play, he simply said, he didn't. He was so emotional, he didn't even know he was in the room. He could not recall anything about the performance. The only reason he got through it, he said, was because he was on autopilot. He didn't have to concentrate on the music, he knew it so well.

Anyway, I hope this helped a bit. Don't despair, it will get easier with time.


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