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32 years old
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Birmingham, UK
Born May-6-1988
I am very interested in the digital arts and have been studying pretty constantly for 4 years now, i have recently come at a cross roads in that where i feel i have gotten it to a standard where i know the topic and all the theory and random projects is my learning from there on in.

This is where the guitar comes in, i have recently decided to take up the guitar and focus all my attention on that for the rest of my life... I have ambitions as do probably everyone to be a recognised talent in the music industry but i just want the challenge of learning something new and excelling in it. Hopefully this website will aid me in that.

I am also really into music i love all types of genres and like to keep a very open mind to all styles of music, but i guess people will learn more as they get to know me from posting around the forums.
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1 Jan 2008

I don't know who this guy is, but i was searching through Youtube and i found this video, i found it to be amazing, insane that the guy is on the streets and the only attention he got was from the camera guy who probably knew him in the first place.
25 Dec 2007
Hello Kris, hope you are well and having a good day.

I have just one question i would like to ask. Well today i got my guitar and i love it and for the past few hours i have been playing through your excellent beginner lessons, now after that time my fretting fingers are hurting slightly, is this normal? Just that i was not expecting something so great and fun to hurt after a while. smile.gif

Merry Christmas

From Adam.
23 Dec 2007
Hello my name is Adam, i'm from the UK and very new to the guitar well not really but for this i am, about 7 years ago i decided to learn the guitar, i bought a really cheap classical guitar and had a few lessons but never really enjoyed it, i like to put it down to not really liking acoustics all too much, i like the music that can be made with them but i prefer a bit of growl and power behind the sound.

About 4 weeks ago i was with my girlfriend just messing around with her left handed Dean guitar and i loved it despite being right handed and not being able to play a note, this got me really engaged in wanting to learn how to play the instrument properly. Being so close to christmas i decided to chance on the generousity of my lovely parents to get me a moderately priced electric guitar, they to my suprise said yes so now i am left with a longing to jam but with no guitar what luck? laugh.gif

So with that here i am today on this wonderful site, which probably wouldn't even be the case if it wasn't for a chance find on youtube looking for Mark Tremonti videos, i guess thats it. I would like to say a big hello to everyone on the site and i look forward to posting and hopefully learning the wonderful instrument that is the guitar. biggrin.gif
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