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> Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo), Lesson By Darius Wave
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post Jul 24 2018, 10:35 PM
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Original lesson: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo) by Darius Wave

Perfect lesson to get started with REC again after some lazy summer weeks :D After finishing the video, I realize I should have spent a bit more time tweaking the tone to get a more bottly sound, but I was too eager to get this one out htere!

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Kristofer Dahl
post Jul 26 2018, 09:23 AM
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Cool man!

This take is interesting -

I don't get a very good impression of how you started this off, the vibrated notes at 00:17 feel off pitch wise and your open E string + power chords have a weird rattling sound. A wild guess would be that your string action is too low?

However towards the end (from ~01:00) you totally blew my away. I could tell you started feeling it and you played with your heart.

I think you will get the most valuable lesson from this if you can make some self analysis and try to determine why the end sounds so much better than the beginning. What was different in your approach? (technical issues set aside).

I am looking forward to following your progress mate, you get a 7 from me!

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Jul 26 2018, 04:25 PM
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Hi mate! Welcome back to the REC zone!!

This lesson is fantastic. It sounds simple but it's full of details and requires hard work to be mastered.

You already can note the good things behind this take, so unfortuntaly I'm here to mark those things that need work. tongue.gif

The riff section has some details to adjust. The first one is the "groove feel". There is something behind the way you are grooving the part that is not going natural with the backing track. This can be related to the fact that you are very concentrated trying to make everything sound good and you are not relaxing and letting the rhythm flow. Feel it!

There are many pitch issues in the riff section. I think that your guitar is not well tuned, or maybe it needs a doctor visit. Check it out! Even the open strings double stops have some small pitch issues.

Your vibrato tend to sound nervous along the whole take. I think that in most of them, you start the vibrato too early, and make it too fast. Dedicate some time to analyze Darius vibrato on this one.

Finally, I notice that some bends are not reaching the right pitch. Not many of them, but his is happening. Work on it!

Ok mate, I hope that his is the first of many takes during this new period. Keep on working!!

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Darius Wave
post Jul 29 2018, 11:13 AM
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Hey man!

Thanx for choosing my lesson and nice to see you back in BACK IN REC! smile.gif

As Gabriel already pointed - this lesson seems simple but there's much more work to be done, than it seems. All teh details behind each note make it sound the way it sounds. There's a variety of dynamics and different approaches to same technique. For example different vibrato rate and depth in original take, while you sort of flattened it out using same vibrato parameters for all vibrated notes. Keep in mind that it a form of expression that goes linera to the backign track. On the soft part the vibrato is much softer and shallower than intro and chorus part. It's called over-epression and it gives same feel of mismatched playing as somebody who "under-articulates" his playing. In a pro thinking these thing matter much more than speed you are able to get...especially in times when you see 5 year old chinesse kidn ripping of the guitar the way you would never be able to....so in general top become a solid musician (not only a guitarist) it's a great time to start carrying much for deatils especially for people liek you who seems to still have some kind of technical ease in playing (while sometimes should get kick in thei 3 letters for being little sloppy because of impatience or lazynes...whatever...that makes them post stuff a litlle too early). I think you're one of the students that need to face this fact NOW nad seriously. You have a gift and you can nicely work it out to become a serious player. Don't waste yourself doing this just the "draft-way" show us what you can really achive while giving best of you ! smile.gif

The intor riff in fact sounds thin and weird. It doesn't have the flow it need. Open strings doesn't "spring" they way they should. Try to base you tone on plexi simulations. This kind of tone has a specific dynamics response and it work best. You can also check some of Rage against the machine or Audioslave recordings. Tom Morello has similar kind of "tonal" approach. Worth to check it out for a reference.

BTW...a few wrong notes always take a grade lower...and at your level it;'s definitely something that doesn't have to happen.

Sorry for all this but you know...every talented player ned a kick time to time to get yourself to a real work and start showing what you really can smile.gif
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post Aug 24 2018, 07:30 PM
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