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10 Jul 2020
I used to do a lot more tweaking with the Axe FX Ultra than I'm wanting to do now with the AX8.

I bought the Austin Buddy Dream Rig straight away when I bought the Ax8 and last week Andy Wood release a set of 8 presets that he uses.

STL Tones has quite a few interesting packs that interest me, John Feldman has one that fits into the punky side of me and they have an Andy James one now.

At this point in my life and guitar playng I'd rather pay a bit and get something that i just need to tweak slightly for my needs rather spend hours starting from scratch.
24 Jun 2020
Something that Gab commented on in another thread about musical shred
There are only a small amount of shredders/Instrumental guitarists that I can listen to without getting bored.

Some stuff is all good when watching shredders play and having an appreciation of their technique but without the visuals it leaves me cold.

Who else is the same and who can you just listen to with your ears for any length of time?

I think Andy James has really come up a level in this respect (I have a feeling it's Andy Timmon's influence on him)
Andy Wood is another who is musical, humorous and eclectic to keep me interested

Satch keeps a song structure which I think helps but I prefer his older stuff to his newer ones, same with Paul Gilbert

(what is it with Andys?)

I'm looking forward to the release of Mateus Asatos album
3 Jun 2020
For some reason about a year or so ago I decided to learn to do the Rubiks cube, since then my collection has grown to having a
2x2, 3x3 and 3x3 bluetooth, 4x4, 5x5,6x6 and 7x7.

I'm not fast but I find it very calming almost like a mindfulness exercise.

Luckily there is a great cube store in the UK with a great customer service and range of cubes in stock. And like this forum the cubing community is friendly and helpful
3 Jun 2020
Does anyone else's brain get fried with sequences that are similar but slightly different?

I started back again (I tried it a few years ago) with

It seems fairly straight forward except I'm struggling one not picking the whole thing and having the little hammer on and the different sequencing on the way down.

As usual i guess it's a case of slow it down and get it under the fingers in chunks and then stitching it together.
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