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GMC Forum _ GEAR & PRODUCTION _ Modo Bass

Posted by: Mertay Oct 23 2020, 07:20 PM

It's not new but I can't remember anyone mentioning it here, and its really good.

It's modelling tech. and this is important. The most usable stuff I found till now were always sampling based, the take a huge space in hard disk plus ram hungry too.

Not oonly resource friendly but because its modeling based, has very interesting configuration options too. There is also Modo drum but to be honest I'm pretty happt with toontrack for a while now.

PS; Amplitube 5 release rumors have started...

Posted by: Todd Simpson Oct 23 2020, 08:58 PM

Very cool bit of kit. Sounds very organic. I've not tried it but I'm going to have to now! With a good drum plugin and guitar plugin, one can make pretty spiff stuff just using a guitar and a laptop. This one does sound more convincing than the one I'd been using native instruments for sure.

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