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29 years old
Toulouse, France
Born Sep-1-1992
Music, guitar, bass, gaming, watching films and snowboarding.
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5 Nov 2008
Yo guyz

I own an epiphone les paul. Recently I've been thinking about getting a new guitar but I've decided to leave that 'til next summer. However, I've still got some spare monies and am thinking about modding the epiphone. I just wanted to know what mods would be worth considering, if any. Obviously, I'm a complete noob at this and will be paying a guitar tech/expert to make the mods for me.

Here are a few things I thought I could change:
- Upgrade Tuners?
- Change pickups? (any recommended p-ups?)
- Maybe some aesthetic modifications (paint/decals/volume knobs...)
- Bridge (is it possible to add a vibrato to an LP model?)
-+ anything any you guys at GMC think would be cool

As I said before, I'm a complete noob. Any advice would be helpful. And if you think anything would work, could you plz give an estimate of the price. Obviously, if you don't think it's worth it, then say.

1 Aug 2008
Yo guyzz,

I've been playing for just over a year now and this is my second summer playing guitar... The problem is that I seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall sad.gif. I don't seem to be improving very much and am starting to find practising is becoming a real chore. I've tried creating a few practise routines but I'm seriously doubting how much they are really helping me improve. This is especially frustrating since it's halfway through my 8/9 weeks long summer holiday and I've basically wasted half of it with a few half-hearted practice sessions here and there. I was really hoping to get alot better. Last summer was the first time I picked up a guitar and I improved massively over the holidays, my motivation to play was incredible. I just don't know how to get that motivation back. sad.gif

Anyone got any ideas on more effective practise routines/ways to get motivated again? Maybe a good book or dvd?

Ur advice will be greatly appreciated smile.gif
16 Jun 2008
This is probably a really stupid, nooby mistake but I'd like some help. The volume levels or meters or whatever they are on the front of the toneport and on gearbox show that the left meter is picking up a lot more volume than the one on the right. This also happens when I record, I've got the two sound waves, yet the ones on top are a lot bigger.

I don't know why this happened and I can't remember changing anything. Anyone got any helpful ideas?

BTW I've checked the guitar volume levels aswell.
13 May 2008
I was just reading up about some of the most famous and idolized guitar players in the world on wikipedia. What seems weird is that most of the best and most famous guitarists all seem to have taught each other or met each other at some point. blink.gif For example: Joe Satriani taught Kirk Hammett (Metallica), David Bryson (Counting Crows), Kevin Cadogan (Third Eye Blind), Larry LaLonde (Primus, Possessed), Alex Skolnick (Testament), Rick Hunolt (Exodus), Phil Kettner (Lääz Rockit), Geoff Tyson, and Charlie Hunter (copy and paste smile.gif ). Doesn't it seem a bit weird that so many of his students go on to be technically brilliant and succesful? Do you recon he teaches them a special way of thinking about guitar or something? What do you guys think? blink.gif
25 Apr 2008
Thought it would be interesting to see peoples thoughts on how guitars should be worn. Personally, I changed my strap setting so that I've got it around my chest. I found it's a lot easier to play while standing, but sometimes I look a bit of a goon. laugh.gif

So, what do you guys think???
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Ian Bushell
HAHAHA cool man, no worries! hope you had an awesome day:)
2 Sep 2008 - 12:30
Happy birthday =)
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Ian Bushell
1 Sep 2008 - 13:43
Hey man! Just to correct you on something :P That's not a painting in the background of the photo- Its the hills around Wales where i used to walk with my team :) Beautiful sight isn't it!
25 Apr 2008 - 23:05
No problem mate- hope it helped some! I started using this way without thinking much, i just didn't want to learn each note!!
Take Care mate :)
25 Apr 2008 - 17:58


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