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GMC Forum _ Recording _ Experimenting With Reaper

Posted by: Boson Feb 7 2010, 06:19 PM

Reaper has sat on my computer for over a year now and I have never really used it much. So I have decided to try to learn how to use it properly??

This is my very first attempt at playing more than one tack! Its just the first few bars of a song I like. Nothing serious just experimenting!

First few seconds are silent! How do I cut them out??

 first_cut.mp3 ( 726.02K ) : 211

I used the piezo pickup on my Brian Moore on all tracks.

I would now like to start to get into using VSTs etc.

Any comments on what I have done so far and or next steps would be helpful.

Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Feb 8 2010, 02:34 PM

First steps in a program are always cool and enthusiastic! Happy Reaper knob tweaking! smile.gif

I think this sounds good, but you could insert some drums and bass for example.

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