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7 Oct 2010
Now, I use my podxt to go straight into the mixing board. There does seem to be some minor problems with some instruments canceling out other at times, is that possible and is going from the podxt straight into the board a bad idea all together.

I always seem to have EQ problems when going in to board. It is like I have to use the boards eq as well as the pod's, making creating new patches on the spot take too long.

So it is time for me to make a change, I need something easier to use on the spot. I am not sure if I need a new FX pod type thing to send to the board or to buy a good amp and mic it up. Any advise would be helpful,

20 Aug 2009
I really enjoyed these tongue.gif

17 Feb 2009
Well, I am not sure if I am where I should be, playing wise, after 2 years of being a member here, but today is my number 2 anniversary.

WOW that was fast. huh.gif

24 months ago, I figured I just needed to polish up some areas, since I had been playing for two decades before. Bringing in that many years of experience must mean things will go pretty fast. Boy, was I wrong. sad.gif The first thing I figured out was everything I had been doing was wrong. 80% of it. Tough thought to process right there, my friends. I felt like a beginner, and maybe I was.

“Thinking I would be shredding in 6 months” turned into, “It is going to take months to go even a little faster.”

It has been a fun two years and I can say I have learned 4 facts I did not know before GMC. No one had every told me these important things. wink.gif

1. Nothing matters but technique and feel. The rest is easy.
2. If you do not make playing fun, your time will be wasted.
3. Speed comes only from accuracy.
4. GMC can do what I need it to do. ( Well, I guess Kris did say that) laugh.gif

Anyway good luck to everyone and a very special thanks to the instructors as they are all changing peoples lives through music. smile.gif
5 Feb 2009
My main schecter guitar pickups say "Duncan Designed" on them. Probably pretty low grade I would guess, wouldn't you? huh.gif

How often do you give the advice to students to chunk your pickups, they suck?

See, I use a pod xt and it is like when I go to cleaner tones with less drive I just lose all my sound. Especially the higher strings. I moved the pickup up and down but did not see very much difference.

Do good pickups make a huge difference or are they just better.
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