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GMC Forum _ REC _ Antonio Vivaldi - Winter Arpeggios

Posted by: MisterM Dec 5 2019, 12:24 PM

Original lesson: by http:///instructor/Cosmin-Lupu


Here my take of this wonderfull and very hard lesson.

Thanks Gab, Todd and Kris for the advice.

My playing lacks flexibility.
I have to improve my right hand but I'm at my maximum potential.
I had to warm up 30 minutes before turning on the gopro

Also, difficult to get a good tone, I mixed 2 same track with GR5 and TH3

Here Vivaldi thread :

<div class="youtube-embed"></div>

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Dec 6 2019, 09:38 PM

Hi mate! This is a very demanding lesson and you are getting very close! GREAT JOB!

The more you practice this piece, the more natural you'll feel all these phrases. I don't notice any technical issues here. Your movements are small and everything looks great regarding technique. As I usually say to you, try to be more relaxed while playing so you can make everything sound less rigid and with groovier (even classical pieces sounds better with the right rhythm feel).

I can say that most of the take sound clean and clear, and that the only section that shows some cleanness issues is the one around 00:15 where it seems that your hands get tired.

That's everything I have to say, for me this is an 8!

Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 7 2019, 12:37 AM

Well done!! This is a very tough bit of music to play and you play through it quite well. I can see the progress you have made over time and it's impressive! This piece would stress anyone hands and anyone's picking. I doubt I could play it myself any better than what you have done here. I did notice that your hands start to sound a bit spent around 15 seconds probably because this piece is really draining on the hands. Something like this is a great example of how using a light touch can be beneficial in that it can extend the hands ability to play without becoming over taxed.

Super congrats and I really enjoyed listening to this. Solid 8 from me.

As far as tone, It sounds good to me but one can always tweak one's tone. I have several patches for overloud and they are compatible all the way from Th2 through THU since they are just xml text files. Here is the TH3 patch archive which are all compatible with TH2. Hopefully you can find one that you can use as a starting point for a tone that you really like smile.gif You can turn everything off in a given patch then turn it on one piece of gear at a time.

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Dec 11 2019, 09:25 AM

Hi MisterM,

I will somewhat disagree with previous instructor comments.

This lesson is very technical in nature, and it's pretty much a picking etude - which makes it the perfect choice for you!

To me - your playing here shows clear signs of stressed practicing - ie you have been practicing at a tempo that is above your comfort speed.

Overall all your hand sync is suffering, and there are audible glitches that occur [probably] when there is string crossing coming up. These two problems are the absolute most common ones with alternate picking (hand sync & string crossing issues). There is also two strings ringing and the same time on places here, which means you accidentally play double stops.

So I would say the remedy here is also clear - practice much slower! I trust your ears will be able to tell when you get it down - and that is when you can slightly increase the bpm.

From a musical perspective I would say this is still acceptable - since you have a good flow, play in tune with a nice sound - so it is primarily the technical aspect that is dragging your grade down. You get a 6 from me.

Keep up the hard work!

Posted by: Darius Wave Dec 11 2019, 02:54 PM

Hey there!

You are concious of some of your imperfections. That's the first step to improvements. We've spoke about your right hand many times. Your jazz-shaped playing method may not work for some shred-related picking licks. I think there is too much tension wasted to hold the hand in place. If you woulod use a side of right right palm to rest on the bridge, you will feel there is lot less strength taken to keep the hand in place. Also - more angled wrist shaping would help to leave morespace for natural wrist rotation. Using this and a minimal fingers motion would make this one be much easier. I also told you that this will never work immediately and it's rule of one step bakc, two steps forward.

There is one more thing to add. In this one you're not your best at muting unwanted noises. There are many moments when note separation is not best. It's a thing to work out with both hands. Most of all - let hand index finger being flat all the time.

Besides above I have no other complaints. Tone is quite even and pleasant.

Posted by: Fran Dec 17 2019, 11:41 AM

Pass: 7.5

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