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Practice , but have family problems,cant spending time here now !!!

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29 Dec 2012
Hay Cosmin ,
This is a question ,not guitar related ,but what is .. I am also practicing kenjutsu and battojutsu ?
27 Dec 2012
sad.gif Gosh
I prctise the stamino lesson from Ben !!..diffeculd 2 !!
For me a 5 mad.gif ..i practise it over a trance track ,and when the melodie start's i get emotional ,excited !..and LOOSE the control over the pick! this normal ?! : sad.gif
19 Dec 2012
rolleyes.gif Hay Great players !!

I hope you get not anoying be me ?
But this site is becoming an imported place ,to me learning playing that guitar as YOU do ! smile.gif
I have got now exelent advice from a couple cool players here ,that i have to re see me practice !
Sommething like this !!!!! cool.gif

Maybe there are some foundation concepts they should work on first. A good teacher can provide instruction/material that should have you seeing steady progress, as long as you are putting the time in.GMC instructors are great at doing this!

You are so right about practice, its about finding solutions to what you are having trouble with. If you practice with no aim, could leave you learning very little. It's only when we push ourselves that we get better

Well, based on the second video, it seems that your index finger is too close to the head of the pick.. I think that this could be a problem because maybe this finger is muting the string a bit. Your hand should be a bit more relaxed, yes, tension is another problem there. At the same time you are picking too fast, you should start slower trying to get a regular timing and the same volume for upstrokes and downstrokes. In the following link you will find some tips and exercises from my Technique Course.

It's best to go back to the basics..very slow picking ( down .up down up )and don't try the little tempobursts for a couple a days.
When tension rises it's always a bit of a problem . know it..
And indeed creating nice clicks.. you have a good angle though....try all strings too cause this is a very important aspect of playing

Gabriel posted a good training there .and there's also the "picking hand basics" lesson from Mister Higgins! succes !!

And of course the explenation on the chatvid ,from Master Ben ,
So, i have ordered the stylus pic tho loose me bad habbit ,to DIG IN always that pick !!
So ,the day that are comen ist' PICKINGTIME !!!THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP !! smile.gif wink.gif

18 Dec 2012
wink.gif Hay guy's and dolls,

Who can help me to chance me bad picking habbid? mellow.gif
I cant find a solution for this ! many years i do it so ,but i feel ,and see from others ,that it is wrong !!
I dig in the pick always a litle ,but enouf for having to much resistance!!
It's going not smooth!!.
Who can see cool.gif what else is going wrong ?!
Thank you in advance

14 Dec 2012
wink.gif hay Guy's

i dont wanne be arogand or so mellow.gif ..but before i gone practise ,sommething have to go OFF me mind!
When i loose all me friends and symphatie here,!! chal be sad !..but i have no chose ! sad.gif

It's wonders me ,that i have almost!, fackt no one !whas asking me, what the heavy arm,the spyder,the fingerflap is ???
You all guy's do it everyday ???? wink.gif
I read this week threads about practise!!..well in me experience ,THAT'S practice!!
I strugle so many years,becouse i whas doing it wrong mad.gif ..wrong ?? wrong !
Yes ! ,i find out after many years,that ,if you wanne practise,you HAVE to do those things!...why ?
I chal post a vid ,if there is intrest in mellow.gif .becouse ,I AM COMPLETELY IN now ohmy.gif practising..dont wanne loose time !!
Becouse ,for me ..,and i am chure,for other guy's to ...,i find to SO CALLED SECRED !!.on the guitar!
I had a amazing step forward yesterday ,after hours of practising ,when it is still there today!..I GOT IT !!
And i wanne CHARE IT WHIT YOU !..but yust one time !
Becouse,if you really intrest in LEARNING playing,you gone follow this ,or at least try it out !!
It's only ,i strugle so many years myself,and when i discover this site ,and SEE the instruktors playing ,AL THE PIECES FALL TOCHETTER !!
An a know so manny guy's and girls ,that give up the guitar ,becouse ,of what i gone chow you !!!
That's ,i FIND VERRY SAD !!..the only thing i wanne do is telling them ,NO DONT STOP !!..yust START THIS WAY !
It's working great for me ,so i am looking out or it works for sommeone else to ????? huh.gif
So ,is there intrest in it !!..let me now ,than i make time for a vid that chow the things i say rolleyes.gif Otherwise you think ,who is he ??.a punk who is thinking he now everything ! no guy's ,i find yust a way to learn playing !!!

Now you may kill me , wink.gif
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Hey man. Not yet!! They ship on January 3rd. Can't wait!
20 Dec 2012 - 19:57
Slavenko Erazer
No , i;m a Jackson maniac ;)
20 Dec 2012 - 9:23
Patrik Berg
Yeah it's healing quite well but still hurts when I press on the strings
13 Dec 2012 - 0:02
Hi, Thanks for your nice comment.
About that Strat: It's a Billy Corgan Signature, so it has Special-Designed Single-Spaced Dimarzio Humbuckers.
10 Dec 2012 - 14:37
Haven't played much lately but hopefully I'll get back to recording a song I wrote soon :) thanks for asking
7 Dec 2012 - 11:29


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