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24 Mar 2014
Hi Guys,

In the topic “Vibrato Bends Question” i have tried to explain an issue to hear pitches correctly when recording. It’s something which bothered me for quite some time, but never tried to really understand whats going on.

To recap my problem: When recording a solo i often have difficulties to evaluate the pitch of some bends, mostly on some tiny spots with quick bends or pre-bends. Well aware of technical inability’s on the guitar, i somehow thought my ears were not too bad, always something to improve ofc. Still wondering why i hear these pitch issues, but not instantly or direct after playback.

Searching the internet i found some interesting discussions about a similar issue. Often a singer tend to sing flat when recording with headphones. I figured, singing is somehow comparable to string bends as the player actively manipulates the pitch. I assumed the pitch issue has something to do with high overtone frequencies, which are more or less audible on different speakers. I guess that was a wrong approche.

What i found out, increased volume does effect pitch perception, especially with headphones. There are different explanations, like lower frequencies are perceived a bit flat in pitch and the singer tries to adjust to this or bass frequencies modulating the mid and high frequencies. Maybe both, don’t know what is exactly happening, but the effect seems similar to what i experience. For different reasons i mainly use headphones for practicing and recording and over the process i slowly turn up the volume bit by bit to get me rocking. Not extremely loud but yeah, it’s not on "meditation level" laugh.gif

Just thought it might be interesting for some of you. Keep your volume low when working on your bends and pitch and maybe try to avoid headphones all the time! Everything can be learned, but it's sometimes good to get aware of what is happening smile.gif

Anyone have similar experiences or thoughts on this?

11 Dec 2013
Original lesson: Funky Ballad by Piotr Kaczor

Again, such a lovely lesson from Piotr. I used slightly different sound settings with some little gain as this guitar does not sustain really well naturally, but i thought it fits this track as well. I hope you guys like it anyway :)

26 Jan 2012
Original lesson: Instrumental Rock III by Piotr Kaczor

After a looooong break of playing i thought it's time now to start practicing again and Meastro Piotr's lesson was exactly what i needed to get motivated. Thanks Piotr .. :) I've never used the whammy bar that much and tuning became a real challenge on this one. Still not sure about some bends here and there, but you guys will tell me i guess :) Anyway, hope you like it :) Cheers, Andy Used gear : Ibanez SV5470, Logic Pro, GuitarRig 4

20 Dec 2009
Hi guys ... it's been a while !!

I was a bit busy lately to care about this nice little "piece of gear" i recently got delivered .. named Misha smile.gif
Attached Image

Anyway, i still have had some time to practice sometimes and thought to share some videos i did over the last few weeks.
Both takes have some flaws here and there, but i hope you enjoy them nonetheless smile.gif

Guthrie Govan's "LA Acoustic" solo of the "melodic series 1" from

Marco Sfogli's "Still Hurts":

4 Sep 2009
Hi Pedja,

I think you are already well aware of my overall playing, but i try to sum it up a bit more:

Strength/Weakness (Musical):
Hm .. don't know. I guess i have a good sense of melody. Maybe this strength is often a weakness as well for me. Sometimes i try to do things too melodic and with that very predictable(?). I would like to add more "Jazz" in what i play. Still melodic, but less obvious .. don't know if this makes sense.

My feel for rhythm is not too bad ether, but i often use the same rhythm pattern over and over again smile.gif

Strength/Weakness (Technical):
My main technical weakness is alternate picking, i just can not pick faster then 16th at 120bpm. Speed is not my main focus, but it blocks my overall progress somehow. I tried everything to push it further and changed my picking hand position a few times. My right hand easily get tensed. I'm left handed btw, but play right hand guitars. Not sure how you could help me on that, but maybe you have some ideas for exercises.

I more and more dislike my vibrato. I would appreciate if you could just keep an eye/ear on every take i will upload and give me some feedback about the vibrato as well. Maybe this will force me to concentrate more on it and not just apply vibrato automatically as i often do by now.

Other than that i feel quite comfortable on the guitar, just have to continue to practice of course and get better. Technics like sweep, tapping are not my main skills, but i didn't practiced this a lot ether.

I studied a lot of theory the last time and have now a good understanding of it ... in theory. Oxac said this quite well in his CV .. i would like to have this knowledge more INSTANTLY available in every key.

When i see a chord progression i would like to see the progression as cadences or something similar. Maybe others are interested in this as well and you could create some analyzes course(?). Don't know .. some paper homework, reharmonization tasks ... I just don't know how to practice this to feel more free with it. Any ideas and task you can give me are welcome !!

MTP Goals:
My main goals in this MTP is theory and to apply theory. I would like to learn more "tools" similar to what we have done in your class type collabs. To concentrate on small tasks only, but a lot of them laugh.gif To compose solos over a backing would be great as well.

I have the possibility to create backings (drums and other VSTs). Maybe the task could be as well to create backings based on certain rules, cadences, etc .. to create tracks with a certain mood.

Overall i would like to work more on musical aspects instead to focus too much on technical stuff. I have no problem to sit down for hours and practice technics, but i need a lot of motivation to turn on my brain and concentrate on each note i play.

Let me know if you need more informations .. Thank you Pedja !!
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hey andy.. what u been doing? its nearly a year you uploaded some videos.. common.. we need more.. :D
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Emir Hot
Well done for the REC video (ALL 5). You nailed it :)
25 Mar 2009 - 14:30
Been a bit curious. What equipment do you use for recording, mate? :)
24 Jan 2009 - 21:14
Thanks for the add. :)
I see that you live in Paris. :D That´s only 4 hours driving from here. B)
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