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playing the guitar.
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5 Feb 2009
i saw some of marcuses lessons and people talked about a scalloped gutiar
but i couldnt get to much info about it.

i thoght it would be a nice thing for my squire.

my question is first of all advantages and disadvantages of scalloping
and if i can do it alone or i better send it to a pro?
2 Feb 2009
my ring finger is kinda.. stupider than the other fingers if you know what i mean,
now i understand its that way for everybody but my question is
is it stupider because its wired less good than the other fingers and its smoething biological or is it just because we dont use it individually as much and it can be trained to be better.
and if you know any drills that will help me?
to see what i mean try going up and down the guitar with giners 3,4,3,4,3,4
or try to put all your giners on your fretboard and keep all the fingers on and lift up one at a time each one... the ring finger almost doesnt rise.
you can see how it hearts my playing so when i try to go 1,2,4 its much faster than i can do 1,3,4
1 Feb 2009
ive benn having a problom for some time and i think i found a solution.
i like the the big crunchy sound of heavy string but i also shred alot.
so i thoght about buying a mixed set.
my question is.
for the three high strings im pretty sure im going with 0.09
but i dont know what to do with the rest.
i dont know what i should do with the D string. a 0.09 or 0.1.
and for the 2 others i dont know weather to take 0.1 or 0.11.
tell me what you think
31 Jan 2009
oops.. wrong place i ment to put it on general talk.. it doesnt have to do with practicing.
you can close the thread
31 Jan 2009
i noticed that every lesson here is played perfectly but in a inhuman way.
insructors do 5 minutes shred with full distortion without us hearing even a hint of noise like hand rubbing agains the string or even picking noises. even when you properly mute all the string you can still here something when you brush against them.
do they realy play it so perfectly that i cant play a level one exercise as clean as they play a lvl 10 solo?
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