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GMC Forum _ REC _ Iron Maiden For Beginners

Posted by: onetabmat Oct 15 2019, 07:34 PM

Original lesson:

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Oct 17 2019, 08:38 AM

Cool -

I can see you are actively thinking about the pulse here - and I can see your are tapping the tempo. So well done - this is a clear sign you are moving in the right direction.

There of course still many timing issues present - especially audible in the lead melodies. However you are going in the right direction - and I think if you keep working with the steady pulse you will gradually erase those bad habits, and I can't wait to see where this will take you!

Also, be careful with your tuning/intonation - it seems the b string (?) has a nasty out of pitch sound.

This lesson is labelled as level 2, I will change it to level 3.

Keep up the good work, you get a 6 from me!

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Oct 18 2019, 05:04 AM

Hi mate! Up the irons! biggrin.gif

Ok, you can play the whole thing clean and with your hands relaxed. Now it's time to focus on three elements:

- Timing: It appears on melodies, but also when you play the palm muted riff (pre-chorus)

- Pitch: I can hear tuning issues when you play the chorus section (main melody). You need to identify if it's a tuning issue or if you are doing too much strength when pressing the frets.

- Chord changes: I think that power chord changes could be smoother.

That's everything that needs attention.

Keep on the hard work!

Posted by: Todd Simpson Oct 18 2019, 05:29 PM

First off CONGRATS on memorizing all the notes in this piece. It's NOT a simple bit of music and you memomrized the entire thing which means you've put time in the woodshed for sure!!! Maided are AWESOME. They play with a mix of smooth, slinky bits and hard sharp bits that create great musical contrast which is what makes their music so darn dramatic!
You are well on your way to playing this pitch perfect without a hitch. However, I think that time has not yet come. I can see some timing issues, some laggy bits, a stumble or two on some of the fast runs. Just small things that add up to the piece being good but not quite ready to stuck a fork in it and declare it DONE.

I would suggest playing the song back slower if possible by recording it and reducing tempo in your daw. Also cut it in half, then half again, and again. Then work on each chunk til you have it down and bring them all together and BAM you'll be in great shape.



QUOTE (onetabmat @ Oct 15 2019, 02:34 PM) *
Original lesson: by http:///instructor/Gabriel-Leopardi

Posted by: Darius Wave Oct 24 2019, 02:27 PM

Hey there!

You're doing a good thing by hitting the pulse but you also need to try to match to what you're "pulsing" smile.gif Try to capture which particular notes are synced with some drum beats. Try to focus on these to feel them exactly at the spots where drums hit snare or basss drum. The notes between will stretch to it. It's a first way to start solving your timing issues.

Pitch - there is a feel of pitch being slightl too high. Remember the temperature at home and the temperature inside differs highly, than when you tune the guitar while window is closed, you then open the window and guitar will go up with the pitch. That's pure physics. Metal shrinks when exposed to cold. It's enough to destroy the tuning. That's one of many factors that could cause the issue.

Unfortunately faster runs still loose both - the timing and precision. You need to spedn much more time on getting these done.

Posted by: Fran Oct 28 2019, 12:09 PM

Pass: 6

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