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11 Jan 2019
Hi all

Im a little confused about modes. I understand that for each mode in a key the notes are the same but start at a different position. But I dont understand how to tell which mode I am playing in! If the notes are the same for a C Ionian and a D dorian, how do I know which mode a lick is in? I see these lessons on modes and they play them in different positions on the fretboard and thats where I'm a little confused. huh.gif

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
28 Sep 2014
Hi guys! So i'm currently practicing some Jimi Hendrix style playing, and i'm having a little trouble. I'm using this video lesson below by Ivan Milenkovic


And basically I'm having difficulty with the sound of these intervals


I can play the notes easily, but when I do the interval on the 7th fret (with the hammer on to the 9th fret), it sounds... off. And so do the other intervals on the strings above it that are on the 7th fret. In the lesson Ivan said he was using a marshall plexi as a crunch and and some reverb. I put a little distortion on and turned up the reverb and that helped a bit. But the problem is it doesn't sound like Jimi, there's something off to it. I think it's the gear I am using. I have a Gibson Les Paul Standard with a Fender Deluxe amp. I know using a Les Paul isn't the best if i'm trying to sound like Jimi tongue.gif but I do have a strat but it's old and needs to be set up. So do you think it's my set up and gear or am I just playing it wrong? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
20 Aug 2011
How does everyone position themselves to practice? Unfortunately, I have scoliosis and usually when I practice my back is hunched over and it's not good for my back! Sometimes I'll stand and play which helps but sometimes it hurts and most of the time I like to relax and lay down and practice, but that's hard to do on my bed and using a stool is bad for my back. Does anyone have any recommendations for special chairs or anything of the like? I would like to position myself to lean back and play comfortably but also be able to view my laptop or a screen of some sort.
19 Aug 2011
I read a thread a while ago before I joined GMC that said there was an app coming for the iPhone. I think Kris said it was coming "soon" back in May or so. Was wondering if there are still plans for it, because it would be sick to have GMC videos on my phone and tablet! biggrin.gif
14 Aug 2011
I always hear people say you need a good ear when it comes to composing music, but how important is proper ear training when it comes to guitar. Now I was born with great ear (or maybe from those yamaha classes i took as a kid, hmm..), i hear minor details a lot of people miss out on. But i don't see too many ear training exercises on here. And by "proper ear training" i mean like knowing if an interval is minor/major third and what not.
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