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17 Nov 2009
hey all,

My ukulele has a bad case of the fret buzz, and I'm not sure how to treat it. It's actually a really nice instrument and puts most other ukes that I've played to shame as far as playability.

seeing as there is no truss rod to adjust, I have nothing to tweak. It is tuned properly (in other words it's not tuned so low that the tension in the neck is pulling back to far on the strings).

some other relevant information:
I got it new last Christmas (11 months ago).
Never changed strings. Could this be affecting it?
I jam on it nearly daily for a bit, so it has seen a bit of use, but it certainly hasn't been beaten to death.

I'm going to take it to my local shop to see what they have to say, but I'd like to get some opinions/advice here.



EDIT: one more bit of info: This has been going on for a couple of months, so I'm pretty sure it's not the changing of the seasons, colder and drier winter, type deal.
12 Nov 2009
The only Electric guitar I own is a Fender Mexican Strat.

recently, over the passed few months, I've only found myself learning metal-oriented stuff and I was thinking... "What could I do to this guitar to make it sound more metal-ish"

that's where you guys come in... I know nothing about anything about changing pickups, or what pickups I should get, or what the price range is for pickups. My price range is about $50-60, again, I have no idea, maybe this range is only good enough to get my some really crappy pickups, or none at all.

Also if I were to go with what you suggest, for a more metal sound, how would that effect the sound if I would go back and try to play bluesy stuff or Rock? (in case i have a change of heart in what I want to learn after I change pickups laugh.gif )

oh and my guitar is SSH, two single coils and a humbucker near the bridge.


24 Sep 2009
So I visit my local guitar shop about once a week. I walk by it nearly every day on my way back to my apartment from my classes.

Anyway, recently I've been looking into possibly getting a classical guitar, and I found this one guitar that I liked much better than the other guitars in this shop. It sounded SOOO much better then every other classical guitar in there, and I was taken away with it as soon as I picked it up. Now there is a pretty large showroom for acoustic guitars, and the price range for this showroom (this was the lower-end showroom) was about 100-700 dollars.

So I'm taken away with this guitar, but the only catch is that, for some reason, this guitar does not have a price on it (every other guitar in the room did). I didn't bother asking anyone, because I was really just there to play it, I'm not really considering buying it at the time. No big deal. Now I've been going in, ever so often, to play this guitar for months. And earlier this week, there was a price tag on it...


looks like I won't be getting it until I get a real job... laugh.gif

oh well

anyone else have there eyes set on a certain guitar for a long time?
26 Jul 2009
such control over the instrument!

25 Jul 2009
Hey gang,

So I'm trying to play some midi stuff with this new keyboard I got, and as of right now It's pretty much unlpayable because of some latency issues. I'm not sure how to overcome this...

I'm using Reaper, and the controller is a Novation X-Station.

not sure if there is any other info I can give. I am able to process my guitar through gearbox software, and record in Reaper just fine, no latency (that I can hear). So I'm not sure why this is a problem

any tips/tricks?


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