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31 Jul 2020
I like to watch streamers, I watch mostly bands like jay postones from tesseract and Misha Mansoor from Periphery, and many others.
Today I came across a streamer who goes by the name TheFrenchStallion. He plays Rocksmith and does all requests, he Streams for hours most days I guess, and he is good!
Every request that came with a donation he played and nailed them close to perfect! he plays non donations to money just goes to the front, as it should. The Requests were random, they were requests for bands like racer x, and requests to play songs from Break my Fucking Sky then your mainstream bands like Metallica. I watched his stream for couple hours before I asked him a question, and he was more than happy to answer any question I had while he was shredding. from his answers to my questions it seems like Rocksmith may be evolving to be more than a game or a beginner tool. its sounds like the library of songs has grown from 3rd party DLC's that it might be a useful tool to learn a lot of covers with backing, while your graded and critiqued. Do you guys have info or experience with Rocksmith and DLC's using your computer instead of a gaming console?

and I forgot to mention he said that you must first purchase specifically the smashing pumpkins cherub rock pack for a couple dollars, before the 3rd party DLC's will work, he also metioned he was uncertain dlc's will work on Mac .. im curious.
15 May 2020
for a couple weeks I've been very focused on practicing arpeggios in scales practice. I have been trying to play the sAME arpeggios of the current chord of the backing track, its hard to do for me and keep track of the chord changes. but even if im on the wrong arpeggio, say im in the key of c major and the progression is on IV chord Fmajor and I play a Eminor arpeggio over it it sounds fine to me, so really can I rip through arpeggios of chords that are in the key of C major over any chord in the key of c major?
28 Apr 2020
im currently practicing the C form arpeggios in Dmajor and going through the entire D scale playing arpeggios for all the chords. I want to commit this to memory but it sure is boring, how do you guys practice arpeggios? my plan is after I have C form down then move to A form, till I have all the CAGED patterns down.
24 Apr 2020
I have a Blackstar ht-5 and a sm57. the ht5 is good for what it is and its got a decent gain Channel, but sometimes its just not enough gain. I have been using amplitube4, and i am impressed with it. when im just jamming on amplitube it sounds pretty good through my monitors and in the mix, but when I record I obsess over the tone, reamping, turning knobs and moving virtual mics around all day and just can't be happy the sound.
At the moment my Blackstar ht5 is the only other gear I can work with, (when I find some people to play with im gonna get another amp, and I got my eye on the orange rocker 15 head)..
So im gonna mic up my Blackstar and I want to get a good overdrive pedal. I'm looking at a OCD drive and a ts808, I wonder it either of the pedals will push the amp into metal territory, just for recording? and maybe act like a EQ dialing some vintage sounds and some good thick chug. I have some pretty cool pedal already that will give me the ability to shape my tone through the ht5. what do you guys think? what are your experiences with these pedals , and with amplitube4 if you have used it?

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19 Apr 2020
a lot of the times when im trying to learn how to play a part correctly I find myself playing the same thing over and over. I play it slow at comfortable speeds, then to the original tempo. I find myself playing the same thing over and over for hours, and the best way I can explain it is I feel like i reach a point to where I feel and hear that I sound close. then at this point there is a feeling of being tense and the more I practice just seems to go nowhere with that piece..
this is when I move on, I might noodle on some scales, or look at some theory try to memorize it or practice some chords then come back to my original goal later. do you guys feel that when you reach a certain point in learning a technique, is it best for you to play it over and over and focus on it, or does doing that for you get you nowhere after you have reached a certain point? do you think that when you tense up, you should move on to another challenging piece of music and try to improve on that, which in turn in a way helps you improve on everything else your trying to play? sometimes I feel like learning something else make other things easier to. thoughts? suggestions?
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