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20 Oct 2020
Not as much of a legend as EVH but everyone knows the two songs below, or at least the first one. He formed The Spencer Davis group in Birmingham UK with Steve WINWOOD IN 1963.

R. I. P sir, keep on running.
13 Oct 2020
Hello folks,

If you loop a section in Reaper and keep recording it creates multiple stacked takes for you and only plays the one that you highlight. Is there a way to delete the other takes once you've got what you want?


13 Oct 2020
I found this very interesting.

Which is your favourite? Eddie or Eric?

Mine is Phil X's take on what Eddie would have done.

Poignantly this video was published the day before Eddie's passing.
6 Oct 2020
Hello folks,

As part of my injury rehab I'm learning THIS lesson as it's not too demanding on my left arm/shoulder, as a side lesson Gab suggested THIS lesson.

One thing that is confusing me, and please don't say "Just play your guitar" laugh.gif I have a need to understand. My question is this, Why are eighth note triplets called "eighth notes" when there are twelve of them???? Shouldn't they be called twelfth note triplets? I thought eighth notes lasted for an eighth of a bar??? blink.gif wacko.gif

I think this is the kind of thing that makes music theory difficult for me to take in.

I've asked Gab in my thread but I've posted it here to help others too.


5 Oct 2020
Hello folks,

Apologies for the long message but I felt a full explanation was needed.

A while back we, at work, were running an older version of Office but I had an Office 365 subscription, mainly because you get it with 1tb cloud and it's not much different in price to DropBox. Anyway, I digress. I set up Office 365 on my work laptop that I use in the workshop using my account. We have in the last few months upgraded all of our computers to Office 365.

I had a shock the other day, I don't know how it happened or got set up but I created a new email and wanted to attach a file, when I clicked the "attach file" button a drop down list gave a list of recent files, some were wage related and from my "Work" folder on my personal OneDrive, there was a list of employee details and some other sensitive things. All from the same folder. I think when i first set it up I must have somehow allowed access to my work folder which only had production figures in but now it has a lot of sensitive employee related things in. On the evening I discovered the issue I edited some documents in the folder and the next day they showed in the list, I thought maybe that they were the unedited version but when I clicked on them they downloaded and opened up the most recent.. None of my guitar related files showed up or anything from any other folder. I've now removed that folder and put everything in another folder. I've also edited the registry to stop the dropdown list showing recent files. I logged onto and checked everyone else's Outlook and none of them showed any of the files in their dropdown list so it seems local to this laptop.

My main question is, if you look at the image below, there are two subscriptions, one is my private one and one is the company one shown at the top. Even though I'm always logged into the company one, it was still fetching things from that folder. I don't want to uninstall anything as it is a ball ache because it's all linked to a server. I know I've done a workaround but I still don't like the fact that it's probably trying to look at that folder. My work laptop, unlike the others around factory, has a unique log in that only one other director knows but the general manager also know it as he runs the IT things too but I wouldn't want him seeing the things that were showing should he need to look at my computer at anytime when I'm not there.

One of the files when opened said at the top of the screen "saved to this PC", I located it deep in the system folders somewhere and shredded it.

Any ideas? If I click on "Manage account" it just takes me online to log into my Microsoft Account. If I click "switch user" my personal account doesn't show up.

Any ideas?


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