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8 Dec 2007
Guys (and gals), I just had a really freaky insight. I was working on the David Gilmore lesson, and happened to be staring off into space while I played. Space this time happened to be my feet. Not sure why. As it happened though, next to my foot was my trusty Boss TU-2 tuner. And for once it was turned on. I almost always turn it off while I play, but today it was on.

So I'm bending a note, and I discovered that the tuner is fast enough to keep up with the bend. You can actually see exactly how close you are to getting the right bend. It isn't quick enough to use in real-time, but when practicing you can use it to quickly measure your accuracy on the bend.

I played through a couple of things slowly and discovered that I have a lot to work on with my bends, but now I have a way to accurately measure my progress.

In case it helps, I run my TU-2 connected to the pre-amp output of my amplifier, so it doesn't sit in between my guitar and the actual main amp component. I've chosen not to pass the signal back through the effect loop for now, it was introducing more noise than I liked.
9 Nov 2007
I was going to wait a while before posting this, but I can't help myself...

My wife bought me an amazing early Christmas present earlier this week - a 1957 Fender Stratocaster Re-Issue. It's due to arrive any day now (maybe even tonight!) and I'm ridiculously excited for a guy of my age.

Somehow she managed to negotiate a very good price for it, and is having is shipped down from Sydney.

I've played a lot of guitars over the last year, probably more than I really should given my tendency to buy on an impulse but of all the guitars I've played and loved, the V-Neck styled Strats have always fascinated me. They're not the fastest, and the whole re-issue thing means it'll be noisier than my Maton, but the sound...

Here's a couple of pictures for reference, in the exact colour I'm getting (ice blue):

Does anybody else here have a 57 re-issue? I'd love to hear what you think of them.
22 Jul 2007
When I bought my Strat, I had it setup by the luthier at the store. I've since come to the conclusion that everybody associated with that store is interested in one thing only - selling guitars. Customer service doesn't even occur to them. They took three times as long to set my Strat up and the end result just wasn't as good as it should have been (there's a lot more to this story, but I'll save that for another day).

So I didn't buy my next guitar from them, nor my next amp. I feel better now. Still, now I have a problem - my level of trust has dropped and I suspect I'll get better results doing it myself. So here I go trying to find the right tools for setting up my own guitars. I even have an el-cheapo guitar (my first!) to practice on before I risk desecrating the precious (the Maton).

Most of the basic tools were already in the room. Screwdrivers, feeler guages, etc, but one thing eludes me - a notched straightedge.

I occurred to me that in order to assess the neck for straightness, I'd have to remove the Frets. This seems a touch tedious when all you'd actually want is a straightedge with notches cut in it to avoid the frets! Unfortunately, I can't find anyone who actually sells such a thing. Am I going nuts? Is this just plain silly?

Can somebody please set me straight before I pull out my Dremel and butcher a ruler...

Also, any tips on setup process would be helpful. I've found a bunch of great tutorials (the best one can be found here) but more info = goodness!
11 Jun 2007
That's right, I picked up my new axe this week - a brand-new Maton MS2000 Deluxe.

Actually, I didn't think I would be able to justify buying something quite this awesome so early in my studies but GMC has helped boost my skills far enough to justify buying what I think is one of the best guitars available.

I'd post the specs, but you're better off checking out their website for the details. I must say, next to my Fender Highway One this thing is brilliant. Big, meaty sound with both humbuckers switched on. Nice twangy sound with the bridge pickup (coil-tap is nice to have), and a million in-between sounds thanks to individual volume controls for each pickup.

Factory setup was brilliant too, something I just haven't seen on any other guitar. Plus their factory is literally just up the road from my house, meaning I don't get stung by ridiculous import costs.

Oh, and I paired it up with a Roland Cube 60 to replace my hated Fender Frontman 25R. I've always liked the cubes for practice, they're just so versatile smile.gif

All things considered, I'm a very happy newbie today!
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