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16 Apr 2013
Hey guys ! biggrin.gif

First of all, I'm sorry if I didn't posted here in a while, I'm busy with school, sports, and sadly, maths, but still, I'm practicing guitar, but not enough, I don't have time for that sad.gif

I wanted to know whats going to happen to my account when my GMC account membership expire ? I can't pay a new membership until January next year, because I have not credit card, and I won't be able to win a contest with a 1 year membership this time. smile.gif

I'll renew my membership as soon as possible tho, my experience here was the best, and I've learned so fast in the past year, it's just insane. And I wouldn't be at the same skill level without GMC's teachers ( and even students ! ). biggrin.gif
27 Aug 2012
Hi guys !

I don't know why, but I really needed to share this story with you. smile.gif

Yesterday, like everyday, I was listening to my music and I got a strange feeling... Just like when you discover that, for example, you were reading someone's name wrong for many years... Well thats kind of what happened yesterday. I was listening to Mirror Mirror, on my Blind Guardian playlist, and there was like an unusual sound, something I've "never" never heard of before.

During the chorus, there is a strange bends, that my ears never "heard" about laugh.gif I've listened to this song more than 100 times, but I've never heard about those bends. And from now, the chorus gives me goosebumps, it's amazing. Its strange to listen to the same song "differently".

By the way, I don't know if you guys know that band, but what is this song tuned in ? I really need to play it. The medieval feeling in this song is amazing. If only I could create a band.. rolleyes.gif

Am I the only one who had a different perspective of something like that ? I'm curious ! biggrin.gif

Here is the song. Chorus at 1:04 smile.gif Enjoy !
3 Aug 2012
Hi guys ! ( And girls )

I was practicing this lesson,!/ , and when it goes an octave higher, its getting really hard to play because there is an annoying contact between my ring and my pinky. I think I can't do nothing about it, playing in a classical position don't help, and I really want to play this lesson.

Am I the only one suffering from this laugh.gif ? Is there anyway to deal with it ? I don't want to cut my finger! ohmy.gif
26 Jul 2012
Hi everyone ! smile.gif

So, today I was playing Waking the Demon, by Bullet For My Valentine, and I've saw that my down picking was a bit too slow for the song.I tried many time to improve it, but look like I can't get any faster.

How did you guys break your downpicking speed limit ? It would be awesome to shred at 240 BPM with downpicking only !:lol:
25 Jul 2012
It's all in the title... sad.gif

Why does all the good bands are separating ? The same thing happened to Imperanon, another metal band.. I don't understand, if I would be in a popular band, the last thing I would want would be to leave the band. unsure.gif
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