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9 Mar 2011
So it's been forever since I've posted something so here is my contribution to the music world. The following videos are strictly improv and as a result have some mistakes in them - but these are literally purely in-the-moment ideas.

I hope you enjoy! If you prefer just a channel name: Desnetic

Please subscribe and leave comments!

Go to channel : Desnetic to view older recordings

I hope you all enjoy!
26 Jun 2010
So - I have never been able to find good recording equipment so I will just have to use the bad stuff. Here is my first recording ever:

I hope you enjoy! Sorry it took 2 years to record something ohmy.gif


18 Nov 2009
I've been watching the Marty Friedman's videos on Melodic Control ( ) and he suggests "following the chords" which is to a scale that matches the chord, not staying in the same scale as the Key. That being said, I'm really struggling to create an exercise for myself that adequately captures this lesson.

Can anyone help me in making a lesson for chord changes? I don't think I need a video lesson or anything that serious but I would really appreciate a chord progression that has a suggested scale per chord to use. This way I can actually obtain experience while trying to comprehend the subject.

If anyone can help me on this - I would very much appreciate the assistance.

23 Aug 2009
Heya folks, it's been a very long time!

I have recently fallen in love with a song that I can not for the life of me find the tab for, nor can I figure out how to transcribe it.

Word on the street is that it's from MintJam. Here are two Youtube links that will give you a better idea of what song I'm talking about. is the website that has similar content to the song I'm about to show you.

MintJam's RIVAL
(Full song with lyrics. I appologize for the was the only HQ video I could find for the song)
(Someone playing the song with I think a few extra solo parts. Not sure. Not HQ)

So essentially I love the song to death. Someone mentioned that it was in E-minor, though I am unsure. I'm not too good at the theory yet to know for sure.

My ultimate predicament is that I can't transcribe it into tabs and would like help. I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind helping me take the song apart and create at least a rough sketch of how to play this piece of music.

Thanks in advance everyone! I hope you are all doing well!


P.S. Another fantastic song I love by MintJam is CRYING MOON. I can't get enough of these songs! : )
Here is a Youtube link of this song:

The main song with lyrics can be found on the MintJam website I linked above.

Have a good day everyone

P.S.2. I feel like I should just keep adding to this since I haven't interrupted any conversation yet... Sorry for so many additions

I guess in addition to emulating this song, I was wondering what the best way to achieve this kind of sound is. If it ultimately comes down to just knowing what scale to work from that will be sufficient for now. I just would like to begin playing this kind of music. : )
10 Feb 2009
I"m not particularly sure if this has been posted before but I was wondering what stretches i should perform that are safe. I've lately been stretching in every which way and was wondering what "proper" stretches there are.

If I simply missed where this was posted on the site, feel free to throw me a link - otherwise I'm curious!

I did notice that stretching before a workout drastically improved my ability to stretch so I would like to keep this practice up. Also, are there any recommended stretches for the back?

Thanks everyone,
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