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GMC Forum _ Todd Simpson _ Ivanov's Bootcamp

Posted by: Todd Simpson Feb 9 2019, 05:50 AM

Welcome to SHRED BOOTCAMP! I'll be your Drill Instructor! And I do mean DRILL! As in a large power tool used in slasher films and Paul Gilbert concerts. Here is were you EARN THE LIVING DEATH out of your fingers and break through any speed bumps/barriers to become a MASTER CHIEF of Shred!
*Make sure you get both hands in the shot when shooting your video*Make sure you use a metronome for the first several Missions and that the metronome can be heard.*After you complete a mission, shoot me a PM and let me know it's ready and I'll give you a debrief! These are pass / fail, so if you pass you BADGE UP and if not, I'll give you some feedback and you head in to the breach once again.
*The first several missions are VERY simple. They are just to get you used to the bootcamp process.
*Most importantly, there is NEVER a speed requirement in bootcamp. I want you to push yourself to play as brisk as you can, but NEVER at the expense of precision. If you find you are missing a note here and there, slow down a bit. Speed is just a byproduct of precision so my goal is to make you a very precise player. At that point, speed just happens.



1.)Your mission is to go all the way back to the very start. The base of the mountain.


Which you will play SUPER PERFECT!. Speed it up bit by bit until you feel your ready to take it to WAR (Any speed, it's up to you, no points for speed, only points for playing in a precise manner as speed is simply a byproduct of precision) Shoot a video and post it as a reply to this post. Make sure to EMBED the video by clicking on INSERT SPECIAL ITEM above the smiley face and then you'll get a drop down menu. Click on INSERT YOUTUBE VIDEO and follow the instructions in the Pop Up Menu. I'll then offer a constructive and brutally honest critique.


Upon nailing the crap out of lesson one at a speed you didn't think possible, and playing it a clean as a freshly waxed floor, you will be given your first insignia of Rank in BOOTCAMP! You will then proceed to Lesson #2 and so forth. Here is the link to the entire 400 plus Lesson Library.

Here is the link to your own PRIVATE HOUSE OF PAIN!...Er I mean.. SHRED!

Posted by: Ivanov Feb 9 2019, 10:42 PM

Ok, lets start it biggrin.gif

Posted by: Todd Simpson Feb 10 2019, 09:44 AM

Soldier WELCOME TO BOOTCAMP!!!! I must congratulate you on your aggressive style!! I was impressed with your entire production right away. It's got all the bits I'm looking for. I was ready to badge you up until I hit the later part of the vid. You start playing a bit briskly and your picking starts to drift from the metronome just a bit. The main idea at Bootcamp is precision. Speed sorta happens along the way. If one rushes to quickly to play fast, it just ends up sloppy. You can clearly play this bit. You may be pushing it just a pinch beyond what you can play and keep under control once you start playing briskly. There are not points for Speed here in bootcamp as speed is just a byproduct of precision. I'd say slow down just a pinch on your fast part and focus on keeping the pick strikes in lock step with the beat. Im thrilled that you have a good camera angle, I can see both hands, I can hear the guitar and the beat, you've got good technique, etc. It's all there. usually this takes several missions. Give this one more go and just pull back a bit on the speed and You'll be getting your first Badge!!
Once More In To The Breach!!!

QUOTE (Ivanov @ Feb 9 2019, 05:42 PM) *
Ok, lets start it biggrin.gif

Posted by: Ivanov Feb 10 2019, 07:12 PM

Hi! Take 2 biggrin.gif

Posted by: Todd Simpson Feb 14 2019, 03:55 AM

Well Fought Soldier!!! I know from your first vid that you can play with serious aggression. Now I can see serious precision!! We will work on getting those two things working together so you can melt faces and go places, Soldier!!!
Let's Debrief!!!


MUTE IT OR KILL IT Splendid palm mute / right hand control in every vid.
ONE SHOT ONE KILL Tight and precise picking in every vid
STRIKE AND COUNTER STRIKE Tight control of each strike and it's timing

In short, you KRUSHED it Soldier!! These first few Missions are really just about getting used to the process and working out the kinks. They start getting much more complex once you get a few under your belt. The Ranking Soldier is at MISSION 88. Nobody, and I do mean, NOBODY has EVER, I repeat EVER cracked the triple digit barrier. There has never been a 100 Badge. You could be the one to finally crack Soldier!
Congrats Soldier, you just ...


QUOTE (Ivanov @ Feb 10 2019, 02:12 PM) *
Hi! Take 2 biggrin.gif

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