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14 Sep 2009
New installment in the Halo series comes out on 22nd Sept., and just came by a great price for it. However, I'm still unsure if it's worth getting! The firefight option looks cool but not really that bothered about the campaign (apart from the manic shoot outs).

What do you guys think? Worth the £27?

2 Sep 2009
I don't have a pedal, but I want to insert a wah effect (VST that I have) in only certain sections of a recorded track.

How do I do this in Reaper?
30 Aug 2009
Was just wondering about this.

Is it important to rest your hands once a week (or once every so often) to minimise chances of injury? Or perhaps just to quicken progress. I'm not sure if I can liken guitar playing to the gym, but resting the muscles will allow them to become stronger.

Does this apply to guitar too?
25 Aug 2009

I have a few more weeks of nothing left before the university year starts again, and would like to make the most of it! I'm trying to make a practice plan, but not sure how much is too much and whatnot.

As it stands, I'm warming up for 5 min with some fretting hand stretches, legato and some picking for the right hand. Then I set my metronome to 80bpm, and start practicing Jose's 16th note exercises for alternate picking, pushing up the bpm when I'm comfortable. (Started yesterday at 80npm, today on 105)

However, am I better off dedicating all my time to practicing one technique? (In this case alt. picking up and down strings) Or should I get one exercise for legato, one for sweeping, one for tapping as well? Just want to raise my chops up efficiently.

Lastly, how much time should I devote to practicing? I'd go for as long as possible, but I have to let my wrists rest after they start hurting a bit.

Cheers man!
24 Aug 2009

I've figured out how to record the guitar track, record the video and have cut everything up in sony vegas pro 8.0, but when I render for it to be in mpeg-2 format and attempt to upload the product to youtube, youtube takes at least 30 min to upload it, often failing.


*What settings do you use to render in Vegas Pro? (If not, what file types can you successfully upload to youtube?)
*Do you have the same problems with uploading to youtube?

Desperately trying to upload for MTP/REC, but this is really hindering my progress.

Cheers guys!
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