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5 Apr 2020
Hello folks, probably another "Phil special" problem rolleyes.gif

In GuitarPro 7.5, whenever I click "play" and I have the count in enabled, I get a double metronome click just for the first beat, one right after the other. It's getting on my tits. Any ideas about how to stop it?


5 Apr 2020
I've stolen this from John Whitehouse who is a member of Facebook group Guitar Players Group A-Z. Spot on if you ask me cool.gif

"Here is some food for thought on this whatever day of isolation it is...

You don't have to be the best guitar player in the world

It is okay to learn nothing more than campfire or worship songs if that's what makes you happy

Your tone is probably good enough, there is not always a need to search for the Holy Grail

It is you who needs to be happy with your gear, there is no need to impress other musicians. You are the one who plays it, not them

The debate about speed versus feeling is futile. People will play what makes them happy, in a way that makes them happy, it is not for you to decide what makes them happy

Justin Bieber sold a hundred times, if not more, the number of albums than Allan Holdsworth has. Talent does not equal popularity.

Chances are you will never be as good as those 8 year old Asian kids that everyone sees on YouTube. Deal with it.

The only person you have to challenge is yourself, and that is only if you want to challenge yourself.

If you're not helping someone else get better when given the opportunity then shut the fuck up. Being negative doesn't make you a critic, it makes you an asshole

Now please excuse me while I go back to my mediocre guitars, mediocre amps, and use my mediocre talent to fill my soul with the thing I enjoy the most

Stay safe

2 Apr 2020
If you use your guitar vol knob to clean up and can't always get that sweet spot each time, check this out.
1 Apr 2020
Rick lets him speak, great interview technique wink.gif
28 Mar 2020
Hello folks,

I always thought that if I was at home more I would practise a lot more. Maybe in different circumstances I would, but at the moment I'm struggling to sit still during the day time, I'm feeling immensely anxious, I can't concentrate, work is concerning me hugely. I manage to get my usual practise slot in, for some reason that time of day feels a little better but even then I feel very very tense.

Are any of you managing to disappear into your practise area for hours?


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