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My name is Taka. I make music under the name Wyrok.
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Taka Perry
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23 years old
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9 Mar 2015
Hi guys! I'm back!

I've been away but I've still been busy making music and learning new things. I must say, the last year I've focused a lot on electronic music as opposed to guitar (ironic this being a guitar forum wink.gif )

Anyway, what do you guys think of this?
26 Dec 2014
Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas break, it's always great to be able to relax for a few days, but nonetheless, not a single day went by for me where I wasn't playing music. Anyway, I looked back at 2014 and decided to write a song about what this year meant for me. It's the last song I'll write this year, and there is no Christmas theme whatsoever, so please give it a listen and let me know what you think!

The song is called 'Shapes'

Step out of your comfy home, life awaits.
Midnight and I'm still not home.
Making sense of all the shapes.

And after all my inquisitions and aspirations,
Succumb to reality.
Why can't we be more than that?

People and places, f**ked off our faces on a Friday night.
Life in transience, a blindfold over our eyes.
Floating in the moment like a trapeze hung high in the sky.
Making sense of the shapes.

And after all, the clarity hits us,
Succumb to reality,

But honestly,
I don't regret a thing,
So believe in me,
Please don't leave,
Stay with me.

Thanks for a wonderful year, fellow GMC'ers! I'm excited to see what 2015 will hold for all of us here smile.gif Wishing you a happy new year.
12 Sep 2014
Hey Folks!

It's time for us to get electronic with the 'Fusing the Genres' Collaboration! The idea behind this one is to stray away from standard rock instrumentation, and solo over a more synth-driven style of backing track. Furthermore, if you want to play an instrument other than guitar, you are more than welcome, as it would be awesome seeing some other instruments being added into this collaboration. So if you're up for it, keep reading on for more details!

Lets make this one big!


The Important Stuff

Backing Track: Attached File  fusing_the_genres.mp3 ( 2.73MB ) Number of downloads: 782

Tempo: 150BPM

Key: E Minor / G Major

Deadline: Friday 10th October
After you come up with your guitar part, here is what I need you to do:

1. Open up the backing track in your DAW
2. Record yourself playing the solo, with both audio and video
3. Render a 16-bit WAV 44.1KHz with just the solo
4. Render an MP3 file with the backing track and the solo
5. Send the video (preferrably .mp4)

You can upload these files via Dropbox or just on this thread. Alternatively you can email me a link over at [email protected]
Tips: I'm going to quote Cosmin here, because I agree with him entirely. It's better to make short but polished, detailed lines, rather than long rushed passages! There is no need to play over the entire backing track, in fact, it would probably be better to focus on a particular section.

Finally, have fun and enjoy! Let's see what we can create smile.gif

Participants: Taka Perry, Cosmin Lupu, Huargo, Jim S., Todd Simpson, Gabriel Leopardi,
5 Sep 2014
Hi guys!

I'm looking to get into doing some guitar playthroughs, but if I've ever had a weakness in something, it has been video editing. Now, I've been using Windows Movie Maker for ages, but truth be told it's pretty shit, so I'm wondering what you guys use to do your video material.

One thing I want to be able to do is switch between multiple camera angles without having to manually adjust each video and trim it correctly. If I record two videos from two angles, is there a program I can use to switch between those seamlessly?

Thanks so much, and please feel free to post up some of your videos that you've done previously smile.gif
28 Aug 2014
Hey guys! I just released my first album under the name of Wyrok, and I'm really excited. It's a real change of direction of music for me, as I've moved to a more electronic style.

Anyway, if you have a moment to spare please go check it out, the first track has Gab doing a crazy solo on it! Thanks so much smile.gif
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