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29 Mar 2008
I know most here are not into this very early style of Rock N' Roll, and it's all probably basic stuff , but today I had a flash of inspiration. I was looking around a general kind of store looking through a bin of CD's. I found a "Best of Chuck Berry" and a song I was looking for was on there,"Promise Land". First time I heard it was Elvis singing it in the Men In Black movie. I just loved it. Found the lyrics on line and it said written by Chuck Berry., unknown album. That was couple years ago. Anyway ,at first I just went straight to that song , then went back to the beginning to listen to the rest of it on the way home. As I was listening it struck me all the riffs,different tempo's, that could go in with the songs. I could "hear "it all in my head. As usual ,what's in my head and what comes out of my fingers are two different things. I thought if I could see and hear some basics "in the style of" maybe I can bring my thoughts to life. They are some really great songs as per all the artists that have covered them. Johnny Winter, Rolling Stones, George Thourogood to name a few. Surely no matter what style you like to play there's something here everyone could benefit from .
Gonna go back to some "Johnny(Sammy) B. Goode"! Thanks, Sam
5 Mar 2008
I had debated the best way to up grade. Fix up what I had or buy a new one. Decided on the fix up. Couldn't be happier! For months I went to a music store ,played with all kinds of guitars. Oh yeah, there's some nice ones out there. ALL of them were out of my price range. Still though ,when I came home nothing beat the way I felt with my guitar in my hands. It's got some wear thet's for sure ,scratches and dings. For some reason that makes it more comfortable to hold than when I held a brand new one. What started as just putting in a new selector switch turned into open heart surgury. New pick guard ,switch and pick ups. $150.00 all together. I bought the guitar a year ago for the same . For me now, it's pricless. I know this guitar inside and out. I have a whole new attitude towards it now .And my playing and ability and desire. No new guitar could have done that for me. Almost like meeting the girl of my dreams. Just have to show her off!
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3 Mar 2008
I'm putting in some Fender Vintage Noiseles Pick-ups and ran into a problem. The wiring diagram is terrible for one thing and there's 2 different/extra resistors(?) that are not shown on the diagram. I copy wired it from the set up already on but, like I said ,I have extra parts. I looked on the Fender web site but it's the same diagram I have. Anyone do this before? Or can direct me to find it? Thanks
2 Feb 2008
This may have been covered before I can't find it .
Honestly, other than volume ,I don't really know what ,treble ,mid ,bass, gain, contour and reverb mean or how they work.
I have a Fender Deluxe 112 plus.
Is there a starting point that set them all to? What does each one mean? Why would you adjust them?
Other than adjusting the volume they're all set at 4 just because that number came into my head at the time. I'm sure that's not how it's supposed to work.
1 Feb 2008
For about the last 10 days at 7:00 I picked up the guitar and spent time doing scales ,starting very slowly , as a warm up. Then with a metronome till I was comfortably keeping in time. Usually realizing the time at between 9:30 and 10:00. At first I felt like I was going backwards in what I was trying to accomplish. Starting with slow, basic practices. Well I moved through it quickly and couldn't have been more wrong!. My fingers are stronger. My chords are cleaner. My hands and wrist don't get as fitigued as bad. I recognise scale patterns in songs and learn with much more comprehendtion. My kids got me a Tom Petty song book and I picked two songs to work on, "Amecican Girl" and "Into the Great Wide Open". No , nothing difficult but I can damn near play them all the way through. This is a very big accomplishment for me. I didn't get much of anything else done but it was with out a doubt time well spent! I'm having a blast !!!!!!!!
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