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25 Jul 2019
SOme time ago I build a varitone switch based on schematics I found on the net. It uses 6 different capacitors, used originally with single coils, humbuckers, telecasters and 3 used commonly in bass from what I inferred. I am upgrading Avion's pots, so I thought I'd update the switch as well. I use 3 of the caps at most, so that leaves me 3 configurations to swap.
I could try germanium diodes wired for asymmetrical clipping, shutting the signall (off button) and one more thing, possibly.

The thing is the stock pots weren't what I'm looking for and I got a pair of Bourns. They are huge and the holes were drilled in a way it's impossible to make another one. Only SPDT are small enough to be a viable option.

I want to add a kill switch to the mix and...

My Avion is the LP type, so there's one cavity at the top and the killswitch won't fit there unless I remove some wood and I don't want to.

My options are as below. New pots aren't push-pull type, so I can't use this for switching cap modes. I'm thinking to play each cap for a while and decide one I'll keep and get back to traditional wiring. I really like having pickups toggle at the bottom but I'm willing to go back to standard to make it work. I didn't have a tone pot for a while in this guitar and it sounded alright regardless. I feel volume is more important to keep if I have to choose one.

What would you say?

Edit: I accidentally put this in the wrong board, I meant Gear and Production.
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23 Jul 2019
I'm looking to get a set of the band's albums since they were there for me in the hard years and I can finally afford it. I just realized they re-released Ecliptica. Personally, I prefer the original version, at least vocals-wise. Instrumentals are really nice in remastered version, though. Which would you say sounds better to you? Maybe it's nostalgia but I'm leaning towards 1999 edition.
23 Jul 2019
I just realized they released another generation of interfaces. I guess they are an improvement towards 2 gen (which quickly got sold out and removed from offer in my country). Maybe that's a sign for me to get over my dislike for digital rig and get one. Did anyone get a chance to try/compare it to 2 generation?
11 Jun 2019

It's become a meme already. Giving a new metal-ish eq for test equals a major sales boost. He was able to revive the Metal Zone everybody trashed before and in return he got its updated version to shoot a demo. Just give it to Ola and he'll make it work.

This time, Ola is playing a new modelling rig and one thing that got my attention is a wider variety of available tones. Technically you can play Dancing Mad and make it sound like actual pipe organ! There's trumpet and flute (and probably other instruments too), so it definitely looks like another step in evolution for digital modelling.

11 Jun 2019
Most of the event was interesting to watch. Bethesda surprised me in a positive way (they are commonly trashed by people and I didn't expect much). I've never played Doom or Wolfenstein series but I think I will at some point.

For me, the biggest thing was Final Fantasy VII remake and VIII remaster announcements. One I expected, the other... not so much. But I know Square doesn't butcher their games and I'm not easily impressed but I got A LOT of goosebumps during their panel. I may even consider getting a PS4 to get these because they often keep new games console-exclusive for a while.

With FF III up to X-2 (as ports) available on Steam, I wish they added games I and II to the mix. I've played them before and I'd love to give it another shot!

What are your thoughts?
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