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6 Oct 2010
ok, i have been in a pub band for well over a year now and we have around 3 hours worth of material we can play off the top of our heads...

the one thing we have never been able to do is get our opening song right... the first song of the night... that one song people are gonna hear and judge how well the rest of the night is going to go.

so i thought i'd look to the GMC for help.

below is our current setlist (feel free to comment on it) along with extra songs we chuck in depending on the pub... we are currently learning new songs to add to it and we are on the search for the best opening song we can find!

1st set
Rock And Roll - Led Zep
Hurricane - Scorpions
Aint Talking Bout Love - Van Halen
Sin City - ACDC

Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolfe
Tush - ZZ Top

Wherever I May Roam - Metallica

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

Fade To Black - Metallica

2nd set

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Aint My Bitch - Metallica

Kick Start My Heart - Motley Crue

How You Remind Me - Nickelback

Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maiden

Holy Diver - Dio

Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

Sweet Child - Guns n Roses
Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Ace Of Spades - Motorhead
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Whole Lotta Rosie - ACDC
***Killing in the name*** - Rage against the machine


dead or alive - bon jovi
between angels and insects - Papa roach
nothing else matters - Metallica
enter sandman - Metallica
Highway to hell - ACDC
Whiskey in the jar - Metallica version
Higher Ground - Red hot Chilli Peppers/Stevie Wonder

anyways, if anyone can pick a song from the list you guys think would be a brilliant opening song for a pub band, that would be great... we're also open to learning a few new songs for to pick an opening songs so even suggestions not on the list would be great.
you can see our style from the list of songs here tongue.gif

21 Aug 2010
Hey there peoples.

i dont play guitar much anymore since im singing alot, but i do pick up the axe of magical tones every now and again and one of these songs is Sweet Home Alabama.

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to harmonize the bridge riff


just wondering what i would play to harmonize with that, the chord progression is D, C, G, G
13 Jan 2010

Gear = Dean Deceiver, POD X3 Live

unfortunatly the video is completely out of time with the sound... I have no idea how to fix this as it was fine when i used movie maker... when i uploaded it, its completely out of time and clipping. I will try and re-upload the video and see if that fixes the problem
9 Jan 2010
im looking for a new webcam for use with REC and various other things... can anyone suggest any cheap good quality ones?
9 Jan 2010
Hi everyone smile.gif

Here's my go at Gabriels Jingle Bells
Gear: Dean Deceiver, POD X3 Live

Im not entirely sure if this video is good enough for REC, but ive been forced to use my built in webcam sad.gif
Im going to try get a new cam asap, if the video is no good, just say and i'll redo this with my new one smile.gif


(edit, forgot to add poll tongue.gif )
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