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Live logically, make logical choices, think before you act...and treat others the way you want to be treated. And, of course, SHRED GUITAR!! (and drums for me lol).
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32 years old
Birmingham, AL, USA
Born Aug-28-1988
Well, to start, my name is Chris Dukes, and I was born on August 28, 1988. I currently live reside in the United States, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. (Ya know, like Lynyrd Skynyrd :P). I'm tall, and stout, pretty big, but not scary or anything.. Don't let my size fool you...I can be a great listener, and thinker, which is what most people know me as. Some call it a geek, lol...because of some of the interests I have, such as music, computers, learning, reading and all kinds of other stuff. If you want to get to know me a better, don't be afraid to drop a line, a message or anything. My info is all here. If you want to add me on MSN, my e-mail is [email protected] Peace everyone!
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20 May 2008
I'll admit...

I'm completely NEW to the metal genre, having a friend of mine introduce me to all the subgenres of metal and categorizing what I like to listen I thought the best way to EXPERIENCE metal was live, and so Paganfest 2008 road trip was born. This was a folk-metal concert after all, so I have the chance to hear some wicked sick guitar on top of classic Celtic nostalgia.

And boy, was it the most badass thing I ever went to!!!!

Eluveitie opened, GREAT band, talented musicians, and I hung with them for a bit after the set...Tyr was decent, but they were a bit slow for my taste...Turisas was decent, and had some great tunes at the end (not to mention the accordion play for Turisas is INSANELY gorgeous biggrin.gif)...but Ensiferum (headliner) blew them all away, sparing no mercy through speedy riffs and HARDCORE mosh pit...I even saw a guy who looked A LOT like Wallimann MOSHING! biggrin.gif

Overall, the concert was amazing, I'm now sore from headbanging, as well as beaten up from 30-35 minutes total in the mosh pit (was a pretty brutal one)...and now I'm going to bed and sleep for forever since I'm so tired.

Mainly: If any of the above bands come to a city near you, GO SEE won't regret it.

Edit: Going to try and upload the videos I had from Eluveitie/Ensiferum from my cellphone, and post them here.
19 May 2008

So I'm a huge Kid Rock fan, and I found a single on his "Rock N' Roll Jesus" album that I's a mixture of "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and "Werewolves in London" (Warren Zevon) called "All Summer Long." I had this crappiest summer in the world last year (which includes me leaving this site for a few months) and I want to play this with a group of musicians I've gathered as an anthem to open my summer this year!!

The problem is.......I need the solo. At first, I thought it was the exact same one as "Sweet Home Alabama" but it's's like a mix of the two aforementioned songs. If someone could please tab this out and PM/link it to me, I would LOVE them forever. I'm not great at tabbing by ear (I'm more of a visual-readingmusic-type learner)...and so I need the expertise of someone here that can do it. Thanks so much!


The live performance:
The video:

Keep rockin' GMC!
21 Apr 2008
So...I was at a concert today.

One of my friends e-mailed me about a concert today, and I was all for going, I was so excited. It was a piano concerto by a famous Norwegian pianist named Leif Ove Andsnes. He collaborated with the Boston and London Philharmonics, played in all sorts of cities around the world...etc. It was an AMAZING event.

In the first half of the concert, he started with a RIVETING "Toccata in E minor" by Bach, then straight into a Sonata in 4 movements, a Beethoven piece. He then concluded with a Sibelius piece (Lyrics and something), followed by a 20 minute dark balled by Greisg (or something like that, not getting the program out of my car, so feel free to correct me smile.gif).

After the intermission, he perfected excerpts from Debussy's Books 1 and 2, and for the encore ended with a Schubert cover. It was BRILLIANT, and so amazing. I was VERY VERY impressed.

I just wanted to see how many other musicians, especially Norwegian, have heard of this musician and his antics. Because I've had the pleasure of seeing him live, and everyone should get the same chance! biggrin.gif
16 Apr 2008

So once upon a long time ago, I suggested to Kris and the gang at GMC that we should do actual lessons that pertain to songs in and of themselves, such as Stairway to Heaven, Free Bird, Hotel California, and the like...and thought the instructors would give a chance to allow everyone to pick up these songs to play to their friends, etc. This is before my idea was shot down because of a copyright issue...and this is something I want to address today.

I'm a legal affairs/criminal justice double major with a philosophy in law minor here in the States, going into my junior year in college. If I had a few facts (and MOST IMPORTANTLY knew where this website was based [my guess is Sweden]), as well as the current law as according to wherever this website is based, I could necessitate the appropriate arrangements so we could have these lessons and still be "legal", with no harassment from the RIAA, etc.

Not to mention I could talk to a few copyright lawyers here, and see what we can do as far as establishing privilege, royalties, etc...if Kris or anyone gets back to me on this, I'd be glad to work at this idea so that we can have these lessons to benefit all of GMC, and possibly add a little fun in the mix.

Thanks all!! biggrin.gif
16 Apr 2008
I know what Guitar Rig 3 is...but can anyone direct me to a tutorial of it...or what I need to buy for my computer to make it go through my speakers, or hook up my amp to my computer...or whatever I'm supposed to do? I swear I'm so nubish lol.

Let me know, thanks.
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