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30 Nov 2007

on march 14th, playing in New Jersey n I just bought tickets, any other GMCers going??
15 Oct 2007
O.k well I've been playing for almost a year now(9-10 months) but lately because of school my practice time was cut dramatically. Now that I have a job my guitar playing is in jeopardy. It seems that the small amount of time I get to play I waste on just playing songs I know for about 15-20 minutes to have a little fun and just to say I practiced. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now and I know it isn't doing anything for me and I want to stop. I've come here to ask for help. I remember I used to read the tip of the day all the time and 1 of them was to learn all new material if you are getting bored with your routine. However, I don't want to just learn new material, I want a nice solid hour-long practice routine. I want to practice better AP and increase my speed, but I also want to work on my rhythm and timing. I know that there are a lot of exercises on this site but it sort of confuses me more tongue.gif . I'm not sure which one(s) would be good for me to learn. Would it be too much trouble for someone to help me make a practice routine that uses like 2 of the AP lessons and 2 lessons to help my rhythm and maybe just a song that isn't too difficult that I could learn all the way through(I'm a huge metallica/iron maiden fan if that helps). Thanks very much in advance! smile.gif
31 Aug 2007
Ok well I just got my new guitar, its an Ibanez RG4EX1.........

(Mine's not blue like that, its black with gray clouds on the body, same model tho)

So as you can see, its got a floyd rose. Now when I got the guitar it was brand new strings in tune, a little buzz on the low E string but no big deal. I was gonna ask the guy to fix it before I left the store but I was excited and forgot to rolleyes.gif . When I started playing it I got annoyed so attempted to fix it myself. I tightened the little fine tuner on the tremolo, no buzz but now the string was out of tune, and wait, stupid me forgot to buy a tuner........
So i undid what I had just tightened, now I have crazy buzz on every fret of that string and its out of tune. I have absolutely no idea about a floyd rose and am very confused. I'm also hesitant to tamper with it now for fear of messing up my new beauty even more. I already called the closest guitar shop to me and they wanna charge me 35 bucks to fix it so I figured it would be better for me to learn how to do it then spend money on it. I just got this guitar and would like to play it but can't so if someone could please help me with this it would be much appreciated.
27 Aug 2007
Would it be too much trouble to ask to be able to download the backing tracks for lessons? I know they can be played in a flash player but I like practicing in my garage because I can play loud. This would be much easier if I could download the backings so I could just put em on my iPod and jam to it. Also I'm not even entirely sure if I can already do this, so forgive me if its already possible, I just haven't figured out how unsure.gif
7 Jul 2007
Currently my only electric guitar is a Schecter Spitfire 6 which i got extremely cheap because its used, old, and basically all around crappy.

I recently bought a Line 6 SpiderIII amp and now I'm looking for a decent guitar thats about $450 or less. I've been to some stores nearby but they had a very small selection and either had a couple $1000 Gibsons or basic beginner packages for $200. Now I either have to look online for a good deal or find the closest GuitarCenter and find something that suits me. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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