Guitar Chat With Muris Etc. 2007-08-17
Aug 30 2007, 01:06 AM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
00:00:09 kethcup: How old are you? 20?
00:00:57 Smikey2006: 19
00:01:11 kethcup: right on
00:01:15 Smikey2006: yea
00:01:20 Smikey2006: its a nice age haha
00:01:25 Smikey2006: can get drunk legally and its still fun haha
00:01:36 Smikey2006: 3 years from now its gunna lose its appeal haha
00:01:41 kethcup: Canada law is 19?
00:01:49 Smikey2006: yup
00:01:51 kethcup: nice
00:02:10 kethcup: It definitely loses it's appeal after 21 man lol
00:03:23 kethcup: So what do you play?
00:04:11 Smikey2006: git hahah :P
00:04:14 Smikey2006: everything
00:04:18 Smikey2006: in a metal band
00:04:22 kethcup: nice!
00:04:29 Smikey2006: which might be why my parents hate it.. ive just started doing some prog stuff
00:04:29 kethcup: <-- loves metal!
00:04:34 Smikey2006: and im gunna be posting it around
00:04:43 Smikey2006: like prog metal.. like dream theatre stuff
00:04:59 kethcup: wow... that's some hard stuff to pull off imo
00:05:21 Smikey2006: yea
00:05:33 Smikey2006: well im no john petrucci but i pull it off :)
00:05:44 kethcup: How long have you been playing?
00:06:36 Smikey2006: 3 years ish?
00:06:39 Smikey2006: only 1 really seriously
00:07:04 kethcup: well that's very good doing dream theater in 3 years man
00:07:13 Smikey2006: yea
00:07:26 Smikey2006: well ive been playing on and off for about 9
00:07:36 Smikey2006: so like when i picked it up again i was already playing some okay stuff
00:07:56 kethcup: cool
00:08:02 Smikey2006: it was just getting my hands back up to speed.. like i still can't do proper ap lol
00:08:09 Smikey2006: alternate picking is not happening for me
00:08:13 Smikey2006: so i just sweep everything :D
00:08:18 Smikey2006: even single notes i sweep haha
00:08:21 Smikey2006: economey is the way to go
00:08:21 kethcup: lol
00:08:48 kethcup: I've never heard of 'economy' picking until I starting coming here
00:08:55 kethcup: new to me
00:09:10 kethcup: I have always ap'd I guess
00:09:24 kethcup: I've never been that great at straight down stroking
00:09:41 kethcup: I've been practicing that lately though so I can build some speed
00:10:00 Smikey2006: yea straight down is great
00:10:09 Smikey2006: because how fast you can go straight down you shud be able to double haha
00:10:32 Smikey2006: umm economy is really easy.. its just of always up down up down you take the fastest route to the note
00:11:08 Smikey2006: so like if you go from "b" to high "e" it would be down up down then down to the next string
00:11:09 Smikey2006: instead of up
00:11:20 kethcup: gotcha
00:11:32 kethcup: I think everyone does that to a point
00:12:31 kethcup: I'm also trying to learn how to use only my wrist when picking instead of my arm. I got in a bad habit back when I was playing seriously of using my arm to pick
00:12:44 kethcup: talk about a throw back in speed! lol
00:14:48 Smikey2006: yea omg
00:14:50 Smikey2006: i know
00:15:00 Smikey2006: but sometimes its okay to use the whole arm to get speed
00:15:04 Smikey2006: like during breakdowns :)
00:15:24 kethcup: I guess I've always been unsure as to which to use
00:15:41 kethcup: so I just used the arm because I could go faster with it :)
00:16:13 kethcup: but I have no wrist muscle, that's for sure! Or it's just retarded! lol
00:16:51 Smikey2006: yea u gotta work for it
00:16:55 kethcup: yep
00:17:01 Smikey2006: but like playing live dont be afraid to use your whole arm
00:17:20 Smikey2006: use wrist for practice.. when you play.. you play.. lol its all about doing then and its okay to take shortcuts haha
00:17:51 kethcup: trust me I'm not afraid cause live all that 'proper technique' goes out the window and it becomes survival mode then! lol
00:18:00 Smikey2006: yea exactly ahah :)
00:19:05 kethcup: so are you near Mississauga?
00:21:13 kethcup: hey Zakk
00:21:52 ZaKk WyLdE: hey
00:21:55 ZaKk WyLdE: wassup?
00:22:05 kethcup: notta man... you?
00:22:21 ZaKk WyLdE: i m gonna buy a fender ampli thsi afternoon
00:22:25 ZaKk WyLdE: so cool for me
00:22:34 kethcup: nice
00:22:42 kethcup: what kind
00:22:42 ZaKk WyLdE: what s ur stuff?
00:22:55 ZaKk WyLdE: Fender Champion110
00:23:03 kethcup: I use a Marshall valvstate combo amp sometimes
00:23:21 kethcup: but I usually just plug into my guitarport on my computer
00:23:26 kethcup: so I can record
00:23:29 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
00:23:40 ZaKk WyLdE: how many have u played guitar?
00:23:52 kethcup: 17 off and on
00:23:57 kethcup: mostly off though
00:24:06 ZaKk WyLdE: i m new
00:24:10 ZaKk WyLdE: so it changes
00:24:17 kethcup: I've been trying to play serious this last 6 months though
00:24:17 ZaKk WyLdE: i still have a long way tog o
00:24:24 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
00:24:26 kethcup: it's a fun ride though!
00:24:35 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
00:24:47 ZaKk WyLdE: mostly when ur able to play in a concert or in a band
00:24:55 ZaKk WyLdE: that would boost my motivation
00:25:00 kethcup: yep
00:25:05 ZaKk WyLdE: r u?
00:25:08 kethcup: it takes committment
00:25:12 kethcup: not right now, no
00:25:15 kethcup: use to be
00:25:26 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
00:25:29 ZaKk WyLdE: wer do u live?
00:25:58 kethcup: Denver, Colorado, U.S.
00:26:01 kethcup: You?
00:26:14 ZaKk WyLdE: belgium
00:26:32 kethcup: right on
00:26:50 ZaKk WyLdE: man it sucks,on my bc rich i can t even put a vibrato
00:27:00 kethcup: why not?
00:27:10 ZaKk WyLdE: i dunno,there s no hole for it
00:27:18 ZaKk WyLdE: i looked n found none
00:27:34 kethcup: hmm
00:27:51 ZaKk WyLdE: i can still use bendings
00:27:55 ZaKk WyLdE: but
00:28:04 kethcup: Well you can always grab and bend your neck. It's not the same but it works somewhat
00:28:10 kethcup: looks cool too! lol
00:28:16 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
00:28:18 ZaKk WyLdE: lol
00:28:42 ZaKk WyLdE: n do u know how much money cost a 20 or 30 watt ampli in the US?
00:28:51 ZaKk WyLdE: like marshall,randall,fender or others
00:29:27 kethcup: depends on the model, but I would say around $200-$300
00:29:44 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
00:29:56 ZaKk WyLdE: gtg
00:29:57 ZaKk WyLdE: bye
00:30:02 kethcup: cya
00:30:21 Smikey2006: well im back
00:30:26 kethcup: wb
00:30:53 Smikey2006: a another 1
00:30:56 kethcup: hey Seargent
00:31:02 Sergeant_Ant: hooray!
00:31:05 Sergeant_Ant: hi lol
00:31:09 Smikey2006: i know people eh!
00:31:13 Smikey2006: its a miracal!
00:31:22 Sergeant_Ant: :)
00:31:53 kethcup: Man, I have to go into work tomorrow and it's supposed to be my day off
00:31:57 kethcup: brings me down
00:31:58 Sergeant_Ant: agh
00:32:19 Smikey2006: haha im worken tom
00:32:31 Sergeant_Ant: i have 9 more days till school starts, im free till then!
00:32:41 Smikey2006: ahh same deal
00:32:46 Smikey2006: except i get a few more
00:33:01 Sergeant_Ant: what grade?
00:33:22 Smikey2006: 2nd year uni :)
00:33:32 Sergeant_Ant: awesome, where?
00:35:37 Sergeant_Ant: man, im still a jr
00:35:54 kethcup: ahh the easy days!
00:35:59 kethcup: I miss em
00:36:29 Sergeant_Ant: i kno :) ill probably go to baylor or Texas A&M
00:36:47 kethcup: What do you want to do?
00:37:04 Sergeant_Ant: Reverse Engineering and computer aided drafting
00:37:35 kethcup: What does Reverse Engineering actually mean?
00:38:15 Sergeant_Ant: take stuff apart, see how it works and maybe draw out like schematics and such. then improve the design or somethin
00:38:26 kethcup: k
00:38:35 Sergeant_Ant: I might get a job with Slushie and Icee lol
00:38:50 kethcup: so... in other words steal other peoples work
00:38:53 kethcup: lol jk
00:39:02 Smikey2006: sry haha i got distracted with myspace :o
00:39:03 Sergeant_Ant: lol, thats exactly what i said
00:39:07 Smikey2006: western :D
00:39:09 Sergeant_Ant: lol, o myspace
00:39:17 Sergeant_Ant: i have one too...
00:39:50 Smikey2006: im addicted rescently
00:39:53 Sergeant_Ant: besided, its not stealing its... ok, yea it is, im ashamed (or i should be at least ;)
00:40:01 kethcup: lol
00:40:07 Sergeant_Ant: lol, its a fun site if your not too serious
00:40:32 Sergeant_Ant: its like youtube, everyone says there gonna fight you because of somethin
00:41:02 kethcup: well kids... I would love to stay and chat but I have a meeting with Microsoft in the morning that I cannot be late for.
00:41:16 Sergeant_Ant: ok mr i have a great job :P
00:41:29 Smikey2006: haha okay cyyaa haha
00:41:31 Sergeant_Ant: have fun, ttyl
00:41:41 kethcup: right on lol
00:41:42 Smikey2006: ive got a better meeting tommorrow
00:41:48 Sergeant_Ant: o?
00:41:49 Smikey2006: :D ive got a meet a rep from krank :D
00:41:51 kethcup: it's not that fun man
00:41:56 Sergeant_Ant: i hate you :P
00:42:01 kethcup: who's krank?
00:42:04 Smikey2006: :o
00:42:07 Sergeant_Ant: Krank amps!
00:42:11 Smikey2006: google Krank Amplification :D
00:42:13 kethcup: *shrug*
00:42:17 Smikey2006: haha best amps ever
00:42:20 Sergeant_Ant: grr i want one
00:42:21 kethcup: I'm a Mesa fan myself
00:42:27 Smikey2006: gunna sell em on my site in bout a year
00:42:28 Sergeant_Ant: i might try pevy
00:42:31 Smikey2006: says krank guy lol
00:42:32 Sergeant_Ant: what site?
00:42:38 Smikey2006:
00:42:45 Smikey2006: its still underconstruction tho
00:43:01 Smikey2006: its got email up
00:43:09 kethcup: lol I love it when they click the link in the same browser
00:43:12 Smikey2006: but thats about it haha theres alot in the backghround
00:43:14 Smikey2006: yea haha
00:43:18 Sergeant_Ant: lol :)
00:43:26 kethcup: alright guys... cya!
00:43:29 Smikey2006: cya
00:43:30 Sergeant_Ant: l8er
00:43:37 Smikey2006: yea in about a week the sites gunna be like.. there haha
00:43:51 Smikey2006: we've just be collecting stock and getting Line 6 on board
00:44:07 Sergeant_Ant: looks pretty cool, how the prices if i buyin from texas?
00:44:09 Smikey2006: and setting up bank accounts and stuff haha.. we completely forgot about bank accounts until now :o
00:44:15 Smikey2006: umm same prices its all shipping
00:44:15 Sergeant_Ant: oops
00:44:19 Sergeant_Ant: o, ok
00:44:42 Smikey2006: umm i think from where we are the only expensive thing about shipping is border fees
00:44:53 Smikey2006: maybe 50 shipping.. i don't do shipping so im not sure :o
00:45:31 Sergeant_Ant: hmm, so what all yall sell? i just sold a paintball gun and im lookin for a good set of effects
00:45:39 Sergeant_Ant: 1st a wah wah
00:45:50 Sergeant_Ant: then a multiboard thingyy
00:46:30 Sergeant_Ant: heck, id gladly pay for the extra shipping to someone i atleast talked to
00:55:26 Sergeant_Ant: agh, i gtg, keep in touch, ill prolly try to buy from yall
00:55:46 Sergeant_Ant: l8ers
04:43:47 Iluha: yo *meow*
04:44:00 shredmandan: hey man
04:44:15 shredmandan: whats up
04:44:22 Iluha: all good and you?
04:44:38 shredmandan: sitting here waiting for time to go by
04:44:56 Iluha: heheh, thanks for that positive feedback m8 :)
04:45:21 shredmandan: dude i listened to that for like 30 mins before i turned it off was it guitar pro you used
04:45:32 Iluha: yeah
04:45:55 Iluha: If I had any recording devices I would record it right away..
04:46:10 shredmandan: i use an mp3 player lol
04:46:25 Iluha: but only my friend has it and he wants to fuly write it before recording it and I agree
04:46:46 shredmandan: good idea i tend to rush and regret
04:47:29 shredmandan: i use powertab editer but dont knowalot about composing my own music on there but really want to work on it
04:48:06 Iluha: ah cool :).. I just find guitar pro to be alot easier, I have no idea how to do things in powertab
04:48:38 shredmandan: im that way on guitar pro plus i like that power tab is free.So hold old are you im 24 in USA
04:49:38 Iluha: im 20 from Israel
04:49:47 shredmandan: cool
04:51:22 shredmandan: so what type of guitar you use
04:51:59 Iluha: I use an ibanez "randon number" prestige
04:52:03 Iluha: and you?
04:52:43 shredmandan: fender stratocaster deluxe series .I had to install a duncan distortion humbucker though so i could play more my style on it
04:53:08 shredmandan: need to get a new guitar would like a 7 string
04:53:19 Iluha: I need a new guitar and a new amp heheh..
04:53:27 shredmandan: we always do lol
04:53:29 Iluha: Iv'e been using the same equipment for the last 3 years
04:53:54 Iluha: my amp is a little 15 watts peavey. which makes strange noises
04:54:46 shredmandan: my strat i have had for 8 years but have went through many guitars in this time just this one is special because my dad gave it to me so i never sold or traded it.Amps arnt my problem have plenty of them just lack guitars now
04:55:46 Iluha: cool
04:56:01 shredmandan: so are you working on another guitar pro song yet?
04:56:23 Iluha: well I'm trying to help out fretdancer with his song for becky
04:56:47 shredmandan: thats cool i have talked with him alot and he is nice
04:56:49 Iluha: mm you got msn messanger? I can send you some stuff through there
04:57:06 shredmandan: no wish i did
04:57:44 Iluha: e-mail? :)
04:57:56 shredmandan: im working with smurkas right now trying to make another track/yes i have email
04:58:30 Iluha: so I can send some ideas my friend and I had, maybe you'll know what to do with them heheh..
04:59:02 shredmandan: cool i could tell you what i uploader's have to stick together heeh
04:59:39 shredmandan: misspelled work and it made a link lol
04:59:53 Iluha: heheh
04:59:57 Iluha: so what's your e-mail?
05:00:11 shredmandan: [email protected]
05:01:50 Iluha: I just hope this time the files work properly
05:02:05 shredmandan: yeah
05:02:41 shredmandan: im having a hard time making this guitar parts over the drums i got,but i love the drums smurkas made
05:03:39 shredmandan: plan on finishing somethin and uploading it by sunday
05:04:06 Iluha: cool :)
05:04:13 Iluha: havn't heard those drums though
05:04:45 shredmandan: there under shredman track and its the ones that say 125 bpm
05:05:34 Iluha: woah the 144bpm one is awesome
05:06:02 Iluha: and the 125 one too hehe
05:06:44 shredmandan: i love them both but the 144 has to many quick changes for me right now
05:07:48 Iluha: did the files work?
05:08:15 shredmandan: which ones
05:08:23 Iluha: the ones i sent to your e-mail
05:08:34 shredmandan: oh let me check hold on a sec
05:09:16 shredmandan: nope sorry
05:10:20 Iluha: they dont work? :X
05:11:09 shredmandan: no
05:11:33 Iluha: atleast the midi one works? :lol:
05:11:39 shredmandan: new lessons just posted have you listened to marcus new solo yet
05:11:54 shredmandan: its awesome
05:12:37 Iluha: not yet
05:12:51 Iluha: ok lemme just export the midi and ill send it to you
05:12:57 shredmandan: cool
05:17:34 Iluha: and i alse renamed the files from hebrew to english lol
05:18:11 shredmandan: thanks are they sent yet
05:19:01 shredmandan: im listening to your track again.I can only imagine it played on a acoustic or with some delay and chorus ect
05:19:29 Iluha: sent now
05:19:34 shredmandan: ill check
05:19:55 Iluha: my friend recorded himself playing the backing but it didn't come out too well
05:22:21 Iluha: haha I showed my friend you'r response to our song and that prusaded him to record itt
05:24:16 shredmandan: cool its definatly worth doing. about the becky track its really improved as it needed a little bit of rythem behind it good job
05:25:02 Iluha: hehe.. thanks... what about the 16secondsofjoy? lol, I wrote it for fun about a year ago I think
05:25:29 Iluha: wow marcus's new lesson is just.. amazing
05:25:58 shredmandan: yes it is/ i liked the joy as well
05:27:35 Iluha: but for some reason it won't let me watch the videos as if i'm not logged on
05:28:23 shredmandan: thats weird i just tryed to load it o another tab and it sent me to a search engine.Hope its not craching again
05:29:03 Iluha: it's a type of solo I can really connect to and play with full emotion
05:29:33 shredmandan: exctly his lessons have really helped me out especially learning vibrato
05:30:21 shredmandan: dude its saying gmc is down on my other tab.i think its craching again but dont understand why chat is working
05:30:27 Iluha: yeah
05:30:31 Iluha: lol i think only the chat is alive
05:30:35 shredmandan: lol
05:30:37 Iluha: were the last two survivors
05:30:58 shredmandan: kris really has a problem on his hands
05:31:12 Iluha: what problem?
05:31:29 shredmandan: with the site crashing constantly]
05:31:47 Iluha: oh lol I thought you meant he has a tumor on his hands or somethingl ol
05:31:51 shredmandan: bad for buisness
05:31:54 shredmandan: lol
05:33:16 shredmandan: yep its definatly down now
05:34:13 Iluha: maybe he's being attacked by a hacker or something..
05:34:50 shredmandan: i think it has to do with all the new work there doing on site and maybe the web designer is in expereeniced
05:35:16 Iluha: he looks preety experienced to me :P
05:35:46 shredmandan: not kris but the dude hat makes his web site
05:36:52 Iluha: I know, and by the designing of the website he seems preety experienced
05:37:24 shredmandan: yes he has did a good job on design just dont understand the constant crash
05:38:17 Iluha: dunno.. I'm a complete internet newb
05:38:29 shredmandan: same here really
05:39:55 shredmandan: imgoing to leave this window up but i will be back in just alittle bit.Nice chatting withyou and if your around when i get back i will talk to you then
05:40:10 Iluha: ok bye :)
05:41:32 shredmandan: be back later man and i f you wanna chat later i wouldnt close the window lol c ya
06:24:21 shredmandan: *whip*
06:25:29 shredmandan: *meow* *meow* *meow*
06:25:42 shredmandan: you still around
06:56:15 Iluha: back
06:56:33 Iluha: *meow*
06:56:44 shredmandan: hey]
06:56:58 shredmandan: gmc still down :{ :{ :{
06:57:15 Iluha: yeah.. sucks
06:57:40 shredmandan: i was trying to work on power tab but man i dont know how to do really anything on there
06:59:19 shredmandan: *whip* lol
06:59:28 Iluha: lol
06:59:46 Iluha: im trying to contiue fretdancer's piece
07:01:10 shredmandan: cool
07:05:43 Iluha: AH! I just got a shot of inspiration!
07:06:09 shredmandan: what
07:07:20 Iluha: I thought of something to continue it :P
07:20:56 Iluha: Now I need to think of the backing to it
07:35:45 Iluha: *meow* you'r still here?
07:59:40 Iluha: *meow* *meow*
08:40:41 Pavel: hello
08:44:03 Pavel: everybody asleep :D
08:44:13 Pavel: *meow*
09:32:13 chast: hi
09:34:11 Iluha: hey
09:34:40 Iluha: whats up?
09:37:32 Iluha: *meow*
09:38:34 chast: im
09:38:39 chast: d
09:38:39 chast: destroye
09:39:03 chast: too much alcohol again :D
09:40:15 Iluha: haha
09:40:21 Iluha: hey, good job on that collaboration
09:41:31 chast: thanks
09:41:59 Iluha: where are you from chast?
09:42:02 chast: lol im feeling like shit at the moment
09:42:07 chast: germany
09:42:16 chast: you?
09:42:36 Iluha: Israel
09:43:24 Iluha: and how old are you?
09:44:21 chast: 18
09:45:57 Iluha: ah, cool, I'm 20, mind if I use you for a moment? :)
09:46:13 Iluha: I'm working on fretdancer's song he uploaded
09:46:15 chast: no^^
09:46:31 chast: that collobration with gp ?
09:46:37 Iluha: and I could use someone's point of view
09:46:49 Iluha: no no, he uploaded he's idea on the uploads section
09:47:03 Iluha: I took it and improved it(atleast in my opinion)
09:47:09 chast: yeah, show me the link :D
09:47:24 Iluha: it's only in midi form tough, do you have msn messanger? or e-mail?
09:47:32 chast: e-mail
09:47:42 chast: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
09:49:43 Iluha: Ok I sent it to you, and also included the song of mine that I uploaded but eveyrone seemd to have problem opening the file
09:50:03 chast: just a moment i will look for it
09:51:16 chast: hm, the melody reminds me of a song
09:51:22 chast: but i dont know which one^^
09:52:12 chast: you should record it :D
09:52:17 chast: sounds good
09:52:22 chast: imo
09:52:53 Iluha: which one are you talking about?
09:53:14 chast: becky.mid
09:53:24 Iluha: ah ok thanks :) and what about the other one?
09:53:27 chast: the other one is also fine
09:53:31 chast: just listen to it
09:53:40 chast: listening
09:55:04 chast: i like them both
09:55:09 chast: fine melody
09:55:41 Iluha: heheh thanks alot :)
09:58:02 chast: last weekend before school starts again
09:58:04 chast: :(
09:58:25 Iluha: it's your last year isn't it?
09:58:33 chast: no^^
09:58:45 chast: im in 11th grade now
09:58:53 chast: have to do till 13th
09:58:58 Iluha: at the age of 18? :d
09:59:15 chast: :P
09:59:22 chast: i was too lazy ;)
09:59:23 Iluha: or is it diffrent in germany?
09:59:38 chast: with 18 you should be in 12th or 13th grade
09:59:47 Iluha: and how come you'r not?
10:00:03 chast: had to repeat 2 classes :(
10:00:14 Iluha: ow sounds like a rought school ;/
10:00:20 chast: more or less
10:00:25 chast: 90 % me
10:00:29 chast: 10 % the school :D
10:00:50 chast: the first time, i was a terrible pupil
10:00:57 chast: being rude etc.
10:01:10 Iluha: oh :P
10:01:20 Iluha: well atleast you don't have to go to the army, like here
10:01:24 chast: 2nd time it had to write a test in french that i maybe can get to the next grade
10:01:31 chast: but
10:01:40 chast: i am very baaaaaaaaaaad at french :D
10:01:53 chast: when do you have to go to army ?
10:03:05 Iluha: when you finish school, for 3 years
10:03:16 chast: for 3 years ? that is sick
10:03:18 Iluha: i got 1.5 years left :[
10:03:59 chast: we also have to go to army after school but there is a test if you are able to do the army
10:04:01 Iluha: Well if Israel wasnt surrounded by so many arabs that wants to destroy us, it would have been diffrent I guess
10:04:06 chast: but only for one year
10:04:11 chast: i think
10:04:35 chast: im not very informated about that system ^^
10:05:09 chast: but 3 years, thats too long
10:05:52 Iluha: crap, Iv'e been learning opeth's "A Fair Judgment" and now my thumb hurts
10:06:01 Iluha: I havn't finger picked in a while :[
10:06:29 chast: im very bad at fingerpicking^^
10:08:06 Iluha: how long have you been playing the guitar?
10:08:22 chast: 2,5 years
10:08:56 Iluha: and what type of guitar you got?
10:09:07 chast: esp horizon
10:09:19 Iluha: cool
10:09:41 chast: man, sorry, to tell you this again, but im feeling like a zombie
10:09:43 chast: xD
10:10:03 Iluha: go get some sleep then or drink some coffee
10:10:27 chast: i cant sleep :(
10:10:38 chast: and i dont like coffee so i have live with it :D
10:10:43 Iluha: lol
10:11:28 chast: after drinking, playing guitar is strange
10:11:43 chast: strange feeling ^^
10:18:33 Iluha: yeah I know that feeling
10:25:03 shredmandan: hello hello *whip*
10:25:07 chast: hey
10:25:29 shredmandan: whats up chast
10:25:38 chast: feeling like a zombie^^
10:26:31 shredmandan: dude i just got back from my doctors and i found out i lost my girls nintendo ds:{ she is going to kill me.I just bought it a week ago
10:27:17 chast: that sucks
10:27:49 shredmandan: yes it does i spent alot of money on it
10:28:09 shredmandan: ruined my day. i finally have something to post in the complaint thread
10:28:51 shredmandan: you there iluha
10:29:04 Iluha: hey
10:29:20 shredmandan: still working on that track?
10:29:37 Iluha: yeah I progressed a bit if you wanna hear it :P
10:29:50 shredmandan: if i can open it i will lol
10:29:50 Iluha: not on mine, on fretdancer's heheh..
10:30:24 shredmandan: chast you goy anyway to upload your playing?
10:31:37 Iluha: I sent it to you dan
10:31:38 shredmandan: zombie
10:31:48 shredmandan: i will check it out real quick
10:31:58 chast: which track do you mean ?
10:32:17 shredmandan: iluha will explain
10:32:36 shredmandan: tell him
10:32:41 shredmandan: illbe back
10:32:54 Iluha: tell him what?
10:33:28 Iluha: lol
10:34:31 shredmandan: about the track
10:34:54 shredmandan: i like it near the end is that the part you added?
10:35:44 Iluha: yeah
10:35:50 shredmandan: its cool
10:35:54 shredmandan: lol
10:36:00 shredmandan: im the devil
10:36:03 Iluha: the last 14 seconds
10:36:43 shredmandan: chast are yu im the bathroom again
10:36:50 chast: lol no .P
10:36:58 shredmandan: jokiing
10:37:01 Iluha: oh I thought you passed out
10:37:27 shredmandan: the track is a song that he and fretdancer are working on chast
10:37:41 Iluha: I allready sent it to him earlier :)
10:37:42 chast: i heard it already
10:37:46 shredmandan: for a little girl lol
10:37:58 shredmandan: well then
10:38:53 Iluha: I gotta go for a bit, Ill stay logged on just in any case the site'll crash again hehe... cya guys later
10:39:00 chast: :D
10:39:03 shredmandan: so how do you guys know english?Do you know it or does it just translate on your computer'
10:39:16 chast: from school ;)
10:39:23 shredmandan: cool answermy question before you go iluha
10:39:33 Iluha: television, computer, school :P
10:39:51 shredmandan: thanks chat with you in awhile dude
10:39:56 Iluha: bah bye
10:40:12 chast: dont you learn english at school ?
10:40:25 shredmandan: chast so you learned how to speak english from school?Do they make you learn it?
10:40:42 shredmandan: Yes i do but im amercian and we speak english you speak german
10:40:43 chast: yeah, you have to learn it
10:41:16 shredmandan: so you have to learn 2 launguges
10:41:55 chast: i have to learn two foreign languages
10:42:44 shredmandan: wow
10:43:05 chast: but i can stop learning french after 11th grade
10:43:15 chast: and i will stop learning it :D
10:46:40 shredmandan: but do you have a program that translates what i type to you in your own speach
10:46:47 chast: no
10:46:49 chast: oO
10:46:57 chast: i understand you^^
10:47:10 shredmandan: so you actually know english that well
10:47:23 chast: im having english for 6 years now
10:47:38 chast: 6 years of school
10:47:50 chast: 6 grades^^
10:48:16 shredmandan: you know here in america that really nobody knows other languages and if they do its mainly spanish.He are a very lazy country compared to many other's its sad
10:48:48 chast: well
10:48:57 chast: we have got 3 forms of school here
10:49:08 chast: one called "hauptschule" where you only learn english
10:49:33 chast: another one is "realschule" where you have to learn english and if you want to you can choose a second language
10:49:45 chast: and "gymnasium" where you have to learn 2 languages
10:50:47 shredmandan: so how old do you have to be to drink there
10:50:56 chast: beer with 16
10:51:03 chast: and any other stuff with 18
10:51:21 shredmandan: ever been on the autobovn lol
10:51:51 shredmandan: know what im talking about
10:52:05 chast: you mean where the cars are driving ?
10:52:10 shredmandan: yes
10:52:17 chast: its "autobahn" ;)
10:52:23 shredmandan: yes lol
10:52:46 shredmandan: hey smurkas wow i have been waiting to talk to you forever
10:52:56 Smurkas: finally found it :)
10:53:42 Smurkas: I was looking everywhere for a chat button, when I found it I felt like an idiot :)
10:54:18 shredmandan: im really trying to get a track made to those drums
10:54:38 Smurkas: cool
10:54:46 Smurkas: I like the stuff you've made so far
10:54:58 shredmandan: thanks your drums are killer
10:55:22 Smurkas: It's way too easy to make killer drum tracks these days
10:55:34 shredmandan: not for me
10:55:39 Smurkas: when I started out, that shit was hard
10:56:39 shredmandan: im just not good at drums and i even have a hard time really making stuff up to drums.Its easier for me to make up a song then have drums put into what i already made
10:56:55 Smurkas: yeah that's what I do too
10:57:05 Smurkas: we can do it that way if you want
10:57:29 Smurkas: make up the stuff you want and I do the drums for it
10:57:38 shredmandan: i am going to try and see what i can do with this but if i cant get it down i will just send you a track and let you add onto it
10:57:44 Smurkas: it's what I did with the band I'm working with right now
10:58:02 shredmandan: so you dont get on here much do you?
10:58:18 Smurkas: I couldn't find the chat yesterday
10:58:28 shredmandan: i mean on gmc period
10:58:32 Smurkas: but I usually just check in quickly
10:58:47 Smurkas: I usually visit a couple of times a day though
10:59:08 shredmandan: i brag about your drum skills and everbody agree's there awesome
11:00:00 Smurkas: man those are pre made loops, I just made small tweaks to them
11:00:38 shredmandan: so you think we can just send uploads to each other by email an then just post the final product when finished?
11:00:49 Smurkas: sure that should work
11:01:07 Smurkas: too bad we can't send stuff through the PM system
11:01:14 shredmandan: whats your email? mine is [email protected] write mine down and i will write your dowm
11:01:21 shredmandan: i know
11:01:28 Smurkas: I'm working on a new song and I'd like you to have a look at it
11:01:34 shredmandan: i wont send you junk email though lol
11:01:47 shredmandan: email it to me if you dont mind
11:01:54 Smurkas: mine is [email protected]
11:02:00 Smurkas: sure
11:02:09 Smurkas: it's in gp5 right now, do you have that?
11:02:18 shredmandan: dam no
11:02:27 Smurkas: I always start out in gp5
11:02:32 Smurkas: do you have powertab?
11:02:35 shredmandan: yes
11:02:47 Smurkas: then we're saved! :D
11:03:06 shredmandan: alright horay
11:03:11 Smurkas: just wait a sec while I hook it up to powertab
11:03:20 shredmandan: awesome
11:04:07 shredmandan: i want to make a track with more than one guitar part like mix 2 guitars and lead ect
11:05:49 Smurkas: shit that was nasty
11:06:04 Smurkas: I exported the midi from gp5 and fed it into powertab
11:06:08 Smurkas: not a good idea
11:06:32 Smurkas: yeah you should probably record at least two rhythm guitars to get a fat sound
11:09:31 Smurkas: that's what I always do
11:09:52 Smurkas: sometimes I feed the signal through several amp setups but you need at least two to get it right
11:10:09 shredmandan: ok so what i will do if this is cool with you is record a guitar part and email it to you.If you can make a drum and bass parten that would be cool.If one gives you to much trouble just let me know.Once you have some down you can email it back to me and i will send you extra parts to add in,if thats cool with you.About that one recording i did awhile back.If you wanted the tabs for it i will make them for you but you will just have to go by looking at them not the sound because i dont know anything really on how to use power tab
11:10:46 shredmandan: did it not work trying to make the file>
11:11:46 Smurkas: don't worry I'm on it, I just have to write some powertab by hand
11:12:43 shredmandan: what time is it where you live right now?Its 11:00 am here
11:18:16 Smurkas: it 20 past five in the afternoon
11:19:16 shredmandan: you got time to work on stuff today?
11:20:11 Smurkas: sure
11:20:33 Smurkas: I need to clean some vocals today but for once I'm ahead of schedule
11:21:52 shredmandan: cool i am going to see what i can make up.I think im going to tune down to C .I will send you a upload within 30 mins to give you an idea of what i like to work on and you can tell me if its to fast or you need me to change it.
11:24:32 shredmandan: are you working on the power tab right now?
11:25:39 Smurkas: yup
11:25:45 Smurkas: I'll be finished soon
11:26:16 shredmandan: cool i will work on some guitar whikle you do that.Just stay on here and i will do the same
11:26:38 chast: im going to sleep a bit
11:26:45 chast: cu later
11:28:33 Slammer: *meow* sup fellas
11:28:49 shredmandan: hey
11:28:52 Smurkas: I did not know you could meow in the chat
11:28:57 Slammer: *slap*
11:29:00 Slammer: why not?
11:29:01 Slammer: LOL
11:29:02 shredmandan: *whip*
11:29:02 Slammer: :P
11:29:30 Slammer: here is my patented Wake up technique *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow*
11:29:48 shredmandan: yeah smurkas its where the music note is.i use it to get somones attention or no when someone is on here
11:30:09 Slammer: Shredman
11:30:12 Slammer: you at work?
11:30:40 shredmandan: working on a guitar track right now
11:30:45 Slammer: LOL
11:30:49 Slammer: fair enough
11:31:01 shredmandan: why is it funny
11:31:32 Slammer: because to me I looked at it like a sarcastic responce LOL
11:31:45 shredmandan: oh
11:31:57 Slammer: who is Smurkas ?
11:31:57 shredmandan: i get it]
11:32:08 Slammer: or ihula
11:32:15 Slammer: Iluha*
11:32:21 shredmandan: dude that im working with right now ,he's the one that makes those drums
11:32:39 Slammer: Sweet
11:32:47 Slammer: is he good at it?
11:32:52 shredmandan: ihula is sleeping i think but is logged in for when he gets back
11:33:12 shredmandan: hell yeah you can chck them out under shredman track in the uploads
11:33:25 Slammer: Smurkas *Slap* *Meow* wake up!
11:33:32 Slammer: LOL
11:33:38 shredmandan: he is working on power tab
11:33:48 Slammer: you know it doesn't show anyones in the chat
11:34:03 Slammer: now it does cuz I'm on but none of you show
11:34:04 shredmandan: wonfer why
11:34:16 Slammer: you guys are special
11:34:24 shredmandan: lol
11:34:31 Slammer: it always shows me on chat, which is a big turn off
11:34:40 shredmandan: lol
11:34:42 Slammer: so noone ever comes in
11:34:43 Slammer: :P
11:35:05 Slammer: Ihula!! *Slap*
11:35:47 shredmandan: not many come in chat i have noticed that ezera dude always comes in and immediately leaves i dont know if its because of me or what
11:35:57 Slammer: LOL
11:36:06 Slammer: he probably doesn't have java
11:36:09 Slammer: or the new one
11:36:24 Slammer: hey you want to hear the most annoying thing
11:36:34 shredmandan: why not
11:36:37 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip* *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *whip* *slap* *meow*
11:36:46 Slammer: :P
11:36:47 shredmandan: lol
11:36:49 Smurkas: my gawd those sounds are annoying
11:36:59 Slammer: Smurkas is alive
11:37:01 Slammer: !!!!!!!!
11:37:06 shredmandan: lol
11:37:18 Slammer: are you neighbors?
11:38:03 Slammer: *slap*
11:38:43 Slammer: and now I'm alone :(
11:38:59 shredmandan: ill talk to u
11:39:07 Slammer: :D
11:39:19 Slammer: So,are you neighbors?
11:39:53 shredmandan: i wish but no just working on stuff together and this is the first time i had got to cha with smurkas
11:40:00 Slammer: Ionian Modes
11:40:11 Slammer: whats the Point?
11:40:29 Slammer: lol nvm
11:40:44 shredmandan: lol i here you
11:40:59 Slammer: I'm a Pentatonic Man
11:41:02 Slammer: :P
11:41:14 Smurkas: ok shredman I finished the powertab!
11:41:19 Smurkas: sending it in the mail
11:41:22 shredmandan: same here i hate the sound of lydian
11:41:34 Slammer: hey can you send it to me too!!! :P
11:41:36 shredmandan: awesome smurkas i am going to check it out now
11:42:11 shredmandan: like i think the scale for lydian is just boring
11:42:18 shredmandan: talk to you all in a min]
11:42:31 Slammer: Smurkas reminds me of the Smurfs
11:42:57 Smurkas: yeah I'm all blue with a white hat :P
11:43:06 Slammer: and the Beard?
11:43:08 Slammer: :P
11:43:14 Slammer: where ya from?
11:43:18 Slammer: Texas!!
11:43:23 Slammer: New York
11:43:24 shredmandan: smurkas i didnt get it
11:43:27 Slammer: California
11:43:32 Smurkas: not sent yet
11:43:36 Slammer: LOL
11:43:44 shredmandan: ok slammer your not even close
11:43:49 Slammer: London
11:43:52 Smurkas: can you write your email again
11:43:57 shredmandan: warmer
11:44:07 shredmandan: [email protected]
11:44:09 Slammer: Germany
11:44:26 Slammer: Spain
11:44:35 Slammer: Netherlands
11:44:44 Slammer: Sweden
11:44:50 shredmandan: getting hot
11:45:05 Slammer: aw shucks ;)
11:45:15 shredmandan: same here
11:45:17 Slammer: LOL
11:45:32 Slammer: Greece?
11:45:42 Slammer: Italy?
11:45:50 Slammer: Switzerland
11:45:57 shredmandan: i think thats it
11:46:03 Slammer: Switzerland???
11:46:07 shredmandan: i think
11:46:10 Slammer: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
11:46:15 Slammer: 10,000
11:46:18 Slammer: $$$$
11:46:39 Slammer: do you dig Dani California?
11:46:54 Smurkas: ok I sent it!
11:47:06 shredmandan: not really , its a good track but i like there old stuff alot more
11:47:17 shredmandan: ok smurkas i am going to to check it
11:47:25 Slammer: basically all the songs about California :P
11:48:17 shredmandan: still dodnt get it smurkas
11:48:26 Slammer: :(
11:48:47 shredmandan: why dont you upload some of your playing for us clammer?
11:49:08 Smurkas: that's strange
11:49:17 Smurkas: I copied your email address and sent it there
11:49:33 shredmandan: try again at [email protected]
11:52:19 Smurkas: ok I sent it again
11:52:30 shredmandan: ok ill check
11:52:32 Smurkas: do you have MSN or something?
11:53:15 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:27 shredmandan: no
11:53:37 shredmandan: i sent you an email check if you got it
11:53:46 shredmandan: *whip*
11:53:55 Smurkas: yeah I got that
11:53:59 Slammer: bitch *slap*
11:54:05 shredmandan: just respond with it
11:54:17 shredmandan: pussy whip *whip*
11:54:28 Slammer: no comment
11:54:29 Slammer: :P
11:54:35 shredmandan: lol
11:54:59 Smurkas: ok I responded
11:55:28 shredmandan: dammit why isnt it working let me try agan
11:56:04 Smurkas: this is really weird
11:56:13 shredmandan: i know this sucks
11:56:22 Smurkas: am I getting caught up in your spam filters or something?
11:56:34 shredmandan: maybe
11:56:43 Slammer: why don't you upload it to the members only uploads on the forums
11:56:50 shredmandan: got it
11:56:55 Slammer: and then Dan can download it from there
11:57:01 Iluha: back
11:57:33 shredmandan: because we are putting together stuff peices at a time and want to wait tll its done plus no one ever posts on it anyway just read and dont leave any comment
11:57:54 Smurkas: yeah that sucks, people should comment more
11:57:56 shredmandan: i got it smurkas imgoing to listen to it
11:58:30 shredmandan: iluha im working on something right now ill talk to you in a little bit slammer would love to b slap you though lol
11:58:51 Iluha: slap me? why? :)
11:58:54 Slammer: Iluha hates Slammer
11:58:55 Slammer: :(
11:59:01 Slammer: :P
11:59:17 Iluha: god loves everyone!
11:59:32 Slammer: Sweet do you know him?
11:59:33 Slammer: :P
11:59:45 Iluha: i AM him!
12:00:21 Slammer: so thats means YOUR Eric Clapton!!!
12:00:38 Iluha: no no, I'm satriani
12:01:27 Slammer: Pfff
12:01:56 Slammer: :P
12:02:45 shredmandan: smurkas you are freaking awesome!!Dude that was really cool, i would say i would add something to it but i think you already got that one down
12:02:51 Slammer: *slap*
12:02:54 Slammer: Cool
12:03:47 Slammer: moment of Silence
12:03:51 Slammer: :(
12:04:05 Slammer: Maybe your cat died *meow*
12:04:18 Iluha: send me too
12:04:20 Iluha: !
12:04:24 Smurkas: shredman, add where?
12:04:26 shredmandan: smurkas you still there
12:04:49 Iluha: Jesus, I can't stop listening to lavendell's new lesson
12:04:54 shredmandan: exactly you have it down pat i dont think i could ad on to it
12:05:07 Smurkas: that's like the intro, intro chorus, first verse, first chorus intro
12:05:24 Iluha: Smurkas send me it too
12:05:31 Smurkas: email?
12:05:41 Iluha: [email protected]
12:05:42 Smurkas: you have gp5 right Iluha?
12:05:48 Iluha: avecourse
12:06:06 Smurkas: then you get it with drums as well
12:06:08 shredmandan: smurks i am going to record and send you something real quick .It wont be nothing much but give you an idea of the playing im going for\
12:06:14 Iluha: I'll send you two things while were at it :P
12:07:32 Slammer: I like Guitars too!
12:07:53 shredmandan: list your email then slammer
12:08:36 Smurkas: ok I sent it Iluha
12:08:46 Smurkas: seems like the mail might be lagging a bit though
12:09:47 Slammer: LOL
12:09:53 Slammer: I'm just Kidding
12:10:03 Slammer: although you can send
12:12:01 Iluha: i sent it
12:12:40 Slammer: YAY!
12:12:42 Slammer: LOL
12:14:36 Iluha: hehe your's is awesome :)
12:14:41 Smurkas: I got your song Iluha
12:14:54 Smurkas: it's too happy for my taste but it's still really nice
12:15:26 Smurkas: and I usually don't like the happy stuff
12:15:52 Iluha: your the second person to say that ;).. *points at shredmandan*
12:16:09 Smurkas: that's cuz we're in o heavy metal
12:16:21 Smurkas: we skip the major scale and head directly for the minor :D
12:16:30 Iluha: lol
12:16:38 shredmandan: hah see its good and we notice that but were metall head
12:16:49 Smurkas: or in my case, the phrygian mode
12:17:05 Iluha: I really need to sometime sit down and learn some modes
12:17:23 Iluha: muris! *bows down*
12:17:35 Smurkas: all you need if you're playing phrygian is the root note and the phrygian half step :D
12:17:37 muris: hi guys :)
12:17:57 Smurkas: hello muris
12:18:02 Iluha: muris you never checked out my piece
12:18:05 Smurkas: nice to see a teacher in the chat
12:18:18 muris: ohh I'm often here :)
12:18:25 Slammer: Hey... I'm a Teacher Too.
12:18:33 muris: am I Dan?
12:18:44 Iluha: teaching what?
12:18:47 shredmandan: what that mean muris
12:18:59 muris: being here quite often...
12:19:06 shredmandan: lol
12:19:30 Slammer: I teach kids how to play Baseball
12:19:36 Slammer: LOL
12:19:41 shredmandan: did you see my post on what william wrote about you muris
12:20:18 muris: Not sure..but i saw his
12:20:25 muris: Awesome lol
12:20:57 Iluha: you'r part in that collobarotion dropped my jaw, as I said on the boards
12:21:42 shredmandan: me andsmurkas are working on something to put out muris so you will have to check it out when we get it on here.Im going to work on it right now ,but i will just leave me computer on here
12:22:15 Slammer: wb
12:22:38 muris: sorry...i get redial every 6 hours :)
12:22:51 Slammer: hey thanks for the answer
12:23:03 Slammer: to the Question
12:23:15 muris: which one?
12:23:19 muris: you asked som?
12:23:24 Slammer: the Chord
12:23:30 muris: ahh
12:23:31 Slammer: on the Forums
12:23:32 muris: yeah
12:23:36 muris: crap I missed board
12:23:49 Slammer: it was funny how you answers before Andrew LOL
12:23:57 muris: yeah :)
12:24:08 muris: I was going inot my sub board
12:24:14 muris: and went into his
12:24:19 Slammer: :P
12:24:49 Slammer: I also asked if anyone knew the Fingering fot it
12:24:51 Slammer: for*
12:25:05 Slammer: It looks like Ben Howell is Answering it LOL
12:25:12 muris: there are many
12:25:23 muris: want one?
12:25:28 Slammer: sure
12:25:46 Slammer: I didn't want to try to fig. it out my self cuz I might have gotten it wrong
12:25:49 Slammer: LOL
12:26:41 muris: open A,ring finger on 2nd freat on D string,index on 1st fret on G string,middle finger on 1st fret on B string, (open high E is optional)
12:27:07 Slammer: thanks
12:27:21 muris: ;)
12:28:27 Iluha: that's an Amajor7+ or something like that right?
12:28:33 Iluha: sorry minor
12:28:48 muris: or small barre with idex on G and B,while using middle on D 2nd fret
12:29:03 muris: yep..amin maj7
12:30:41 Slammer: Jazzy
12:31:32 Iluha: i like the chord progression: Aminor, aminmaj7, aminor7, d, wash and repeat
12:32:05 muris: sure..moving latino stuff :)
12:32:49 Iluha: indeed
12:36:16 Slammer: hey Muris do you like the new Instructor Sub forums?
12:36:37 muris: update
12:36:50 Slammer: I'm gonna ask every one a Question
12:36:54 Slammer: right now LOL
12:37:01 muris: go ahead lol
12:37:02 Slammer: cya guys Around
12:37:56 Iluha: haha
12:42:58 muris: Slammer is way too funy :)
12:43:35 Iluha: yeah he sounds like that hyperactive friend that in some point in your life you will have
12:44:23 muris: ;)
12:45:11 Iluha: jesus, I did alot of finger picking today, and now my thumb hurts
12:45:27 Iluha: a blister I think
12:46:16 muris: yeah
12:46:24 muris: might be if you play too much
12:46:39 muris: just hold it a bit in cold water
12:46:40 Iluha: I think it's more because it's been a while since I finger picked
12:47:00 muris: of course...routine is needed
12:47:30 Iluha: I just heard A Fair Judgment by Opeth yesterday and decided that I must learn it :)
12:47:45 Smurkas: Opeth are nasty
12:47:54 muris: not that much into Opeth
12:47:59 muris: to loud for me
12:48:16 muris: looks like I'm getting older :)
12:48:22 Iluha: I also don't really like them, mostly their quiet stuff
12:48:26 shredmandan: do they have the girl for a singer?
12:48:39 Iluha: like Fair Judgment and Patterns In The Ivy 2
12:48:42 Smurkas: no that's Otep
12:48:57 shredmandan: i dont like otep then lol
12:49:03 muris: lol
12:49:07 shredmandan: havent heard opeth
12:49:36 Iluha: the thing I most admire about Opeth is how their live sound is as good and sometimes better then thei'r studio sound
12:50:48 Slammer: LOL
12:51:05 Slammer: I ran out of Questions to ask
12:51:12 Smurkas: oh I thought all their complicated stuff really didn't get across live
12:51:19 muris: lol
12:51:26 muris: knew it
12:51:29 Slammer: only Pavel and Ben
12:51:40 Slammer: couldn't think of anything for Gabe
12:51:51 muris: give it some time
12:51:59 muris: you'll come up with something
12:52:13 Slammer: Wait I forgot Muris.... Maybe I'll ask him for a Rundown of the Modes :P
12:52:21 muris: ;)
12:52:25 muris: try him
12:52:26 Slammer: LOL jk jk
12:52:27 Iluha: challenge him for a duel!
12:52:52 Slammer: yes!
12:52:54 Slammer: NO!!!
12:53:12 Iluha: Why? he looks weak!
12:54:46 muris: I'm
12:55:00 muris: used to run a bit more while a was a teen
12:55:05 muris: now I smoke a lot
12:55:13 shredmandan: me too lol
12:55:14 muris: ;)
12:55:39 Smurkas: man I hate Kirk Hammet solos :(
12:55:56 muris: lol
12:55:57 muris: why?
12:56:22 shredmandan: dude youknow i have just been thinkingthe same thing for awhilwe now,because he just stays in the pentonic thing and thanks to him thats what i do lol
12:56:36 muris: lol
12:56:40 Smurkas: cuz I have to learn them
12:56:43 shredmandan: he also tends to hide behind he;s wah wah
12:56:51 muris: yeah just wanted to say that he is a Pentatonic Master
12:56:53 muris: ;)
12:56:54 Iluha: you have to? :)
12:56:59 Smurkas: we're doing sad but true and enter sandman in my cover band
12:57:06 shredmandan: i love metallica but really dont think kirk is a great guitarist
12:57:25 shredmandan: true he is a pentonic master of puppets lol
12:57:41 muris: he has benn infuence for many guitarist
12:57:48 muris: hat down for that
12:57:59 Iluha: he's guitar riffs are the major part of the success of metallica so he must be doing something right eh? :)
12:58:36 muris: Actually,James made all riffs
12:58:39 shredmandan: i cant help it metallica is my band but its just the same thing in his leads and no sweep s very little tapping or vibrato
12:58:51 muris: but Kirk is still an icon in guitar world
12:58:53 Smurkas: since I'm the only guitarist I have to learn it all
12:58:55 shredmandan: he uses very little technique
12:59:03 Iluha: so.. what did kirk actually do ? :P the solo's?
12:59:03 Slammer: I asked Muris a Question on his Board
12:59:05 shredmandan: true he deserves that
12:59:08 Slammer: :d
12:59:16 muris: sort of yeah :)
13:00:08 shredmandan: did it suck smurkas lol
13:00:16 shredmandan: my recording
13:01:03 Smurkas: sorry I was busy looking at the sad but true solo
13:01:23 Slammer: hey Muris
13:01:52 shredmandan: oh thats cool,btw i can play that one it's not to hardof a solo just gotta work on it and listen closly to it for awhile and you will get it down
13:01:59 Slammer: *slap* hey Muris I love it how someone answered the Question on your Board
13:02:28 Slammer: LOL
13:02:28 Smurkas: what effects do you have on shredman?
13:02:37 shredmandan: Muris did you see the post i was talking about i made in the lydian solo thing /?
13:02:51 muris: i'm answering at the moment :)
13:03:11 shredmandan: phaser i could turn it off if it stinks lol also very little delay and as always distortion to the max
13:03:42 Slammer: what Equit. do you have
13:03:47 shredmandan: who
13:03:51 Slammer: Tu?
13:03:56 shredmandan: fu
13:04:01 shredmandan: lol
13:04:06 Slammer: for recording I mean
13:04:16 shredmandan: a mp3 player lol lol lol
13:04:35 Slammer: :P
13:04:47 Smurkas: yeah turn off the phaser
13:04:53 shredmandan: ok
13:04:54 Slammer: do you put it in front of your amp?
13:04:54 Smurkas: it muddies the sound too much
13:05:02 shredmandan: yes
13:05:15 Smurkas: and try recording with lower volume on your amp and see if you still get the pops
13:05:52 shredmandan: will do i think that will help but did you care for the riff or want to throw it and the trash and start again :)
13:06:21 shredmandan: was it to fast
13:07:46 Smurkas: yeah I liked the riff
13:08:13 Smurkas: but if you want drums for it you're going to have to record to a click or something
13:08:29 muris: Dan,I listened to some riff stuff from you
13:08:36 muris: but havent seen post about lydian
13:08:39 muris: is it done?
13:08:44 shredmandan: cool muris
13:08:54 shredmandan: im still working on new stuff
13:09:00 muris: ahh ok
13:09:08 muris: btw,riffing part is cool
13:09:21 muris: need better equip. for recording tho
13:09:38 shredmandan: smurkas why do you need a click just curious? and remember i dont need constructive critizen just be blunt
13:09:38 muris: but it's ok
13:09:51 shredmandan: very true muris i need alot of things lol
13:10:10 shredmandan: especially a metal guitar not a strat lol
13:10:33 muris: i see :)
13:10:39 shredmandan: even though i put a seymour duncan sh-6 distortion humbucker in it its just not what i need
13:11:01 shredmandan: love the start though my dad gave it to me so its sentamental
13:11:24 shredmandan: 10 years ago
13:11:55 muris: it'sot only about guitar
13:12:01 muris: maybe your strat is ok
13:12:10 muris: but rest of the gear is lacking
13:12:33 shredmandan: oh i know it's technique lack of good quality recording gear and lack of experince in quality recording
13:12:54 shredmandan: but the strat only has 21 frets and no floyd lol
13:13:07 Smurkas: I don't need the click for the recording but you have to make sure it's tight timing wise
13:13:20 Smurkas: best way to do that is play to a click
13:13:21 shredmandan: good point smurkas
13:13:34 shredmandan: theni can tell you the bpm's right
13:13:45 Smurkas: exactly :D
13:14:28 shredmandan: i made that up quick just to try and rush so i will get something beter out to youand may or may not keep that riff\
13:14:39 shredmandan: Muris you liek lydian scale?
13:15:14 muris: sure..why not :)
13:15:19 muris: all scales are fine
13:15:59 shredmandan: i dont really like the sound of that scale.I prefer pentonic ofcourse and i really like the diminished, exotic and japanese scales
13:16:29 muris: you'll get use to it :)
13:16:30 shredmandan: has nothing to do with your playing though
13:16:42 shredmandan: maybe im just lacking on it thats why
13:16:56 muris: might be...
13:17:18 shredmandan: smurkas you should send muris that power tab song you got.I was impressed with it really cool
13:17:56 muris: just send me an audio fiule or mp3 :)
13:18:22 shredmandan: Muris so recording quality aside what did you think of my recordings?I did rush them quick to put something out but what advice can you give me to improve ?Say it like it os man lol
13:18:57 Smurkas: I haven't actually recorded that song yet, all I have is the guitar pro/powertab file
13:19:13 muris: there is always the same advice...practice more
13:19:25 muris: I'm doing the same at the time we speak tho :)
13:19:37 shredmandan: ofcourse but is there technique sloppy or lacking?
13:20:02 muris: it hard to say from only audio file
13:20:17 muris: video would show me more
13:20:41 shredmandan: man wish i could do that,wish i had a desent recorder as well
13:21:01 muris: hope yo9u'll get one Dan :)
13:21:09 shredmandan: are you using that songwith your band smurkas
13:21:12 muris: or try with cam from a cell phone
13:22:19 shredmandan: i really need to work on accuracy on my playing ,i feel i have gotten sloppy over the past few years
13:22:39 shredmandan: i will get it down though just need more practice
13:23:25 Smurkas: no the band I play in is just a cover band
13:23:31 shredmandan: cool
13:23:34 Smurkas: the stuff I write is my own
13:23:47 shredmandan: \so muris is the pandora really worth the money>
13:23:52 Smurkas: I've just found myself a singer and hopefully it will work out
13:24:02 shredmandan: hope it does dude
13:24:22 muris: I guess
13:24:29 muris: I'm using it a lot
13:24:41 muris: for practicing,to make these lessons
13:24:49 muris: for other vids on my page etc
13:24:49 Smurkas: what's the pandora?
13:24:55 shredmandan: is the record quality good enough to use to upload on computer
13:25:46 muris: I plug it straight into audio card...tho it's E-Mu 1820m
13:25:48 shredmandan: dimebag endorsed it i believe abck in the day
13:26:31 shredmandan: you knwo it better muris so explain to smurkas what all the pandora can do
13:26:59 muris: it's small processor,pocket size
13:27:10 muris: PX4D is a model I have
13:27:21 muris: go to and see all its features
13:28:01 Smurkas: oh cool
13:28:13 Smurkas: I use guitar rig 2 for all my recording needs
13:31:11 shredmandan: you got some nice equipment smurkas?
13:33:04 Smurkas: yeah I'm satisfied :D
13:33:44 Smurkas: I got an ESP guitar, guitar rig 2 for recording and Genelec monitors
13:33:53 shredmandan: dude you know what? i just got all of your emails they were delayed for somereason
13:34:17 Smurkas: and I got a shitload of software in Cubase
13:34:43 shredmandan: cool]
13:35:56 Smurkas: yeah when you got that kind of stuff it's pretty easy to make recordings that sound good
13:36:07 shredmandan: true
13:37:15 Smurkas: what kind of computer have you got?
13:38:44 shredmandan: a gateway new one with pen 4 3.0ghz 2mb l2 cache 250gb hard drive 1024mb ddr2 memory its nice
13:39:31 Smurkas: you should really look into some kind of sound card or something so you can record directly into your computer
13:40:20 shredmandan: you know i would but i dont know much at all about computer software or anything liket hat .for examplei have never even seen someone play there guitar through the computer
13:41:22 Smurkas: cuz your level of playing doesn't really come through properly on your mp3-player
13:41:25 muris: sorry
13:41:29 muris: was kicked
13:41:38 Smurkas: kicked for idling?
13:41:50 muris: I suggest to use PC only to capture/record sound
13:41:55 shredmandan: ha lol
13:41:59 muris: not to make some with it :)
13:42:11 shredmandan: laughing about you getting kicked not suggestion
13:42:44 Smurkas: once you can feed a clean guitar signal into your computer there really is no limit
13:42:56 muris: wrong :)
13:42:56 Smurkas: amp modelling kicks ass these days
13:43:17 muris: if you think you can get same with software as with real analog unit..then
13:43:26 muris: ;)
13:43:33 Smurkas: I think most people wouldn't hear the difference
13:43:41 muris: ahh
13:43:55 muris: biggest difference is in your fingers
13:44:10 muris: you feel tube under tips
13:44:37 Smurkas: yeah I've heard Dwezil Zappa play AC/DC on guitar rig 2 and I don't think many people could tell the difference
13:44:39 muris: which is not case with stuff like guitar Rig,Amplitube etc
13:44:47 Smurkas: soundwise
13:44:51 shredmandan: im interested keep talking :) i will do some idioling now
13:45:09 Smurkas: at least not if you did a blind test
13:45:22 muris: I wouldn;t quoting that stuff about dwezil and Rig a lot
13:45:33 muris: he uses tibe stuff for his stuff
13:45:46 muris: tube*
13:45:51 muris: or any analog unit
13:46:06 muris: tel me Smurkas,how old are you?
13:47:05 Smurkas: 27
13:47:13 muris: cool
13:47:16 muris: same as me
13:47:24 muris: have you played Live a lot?
13:47:35 Smurkas: I don't know how much he uses the rig but he does use it
13:47:53 Smurkas: some, but I don't use modelling when playing live
13:48:22 muris: and how many professional recording did you make?
13:48:44 Smurkas: as in recording in studios?
13:48:56 muris: yeah,for tunes that go on the air
13:49:31 Smurkas: I haven't recorded my own stuff for public use yet
13:49:44 muris: and for somebody else?
13:49:47 Smurkas: yes
13:50:02 muris: great
13:50:08 Smurkas: I work with small bands in Sweden
13:50:10 muris: pardon me for being bouring
13:50:14 muris: one more question
13:50:24 muris: do you have some tube preamp?
13:50:32 Smurkas: not at home
13:50:41 Smurkas: wait
13:50:44 Smurkas: I do actually
13:50:53 Smurkas: I got my mesa boogie preamp
13:51:04 muris: which one?
13:52:00 Smurkas: V-twin
13:52:13 muris: cool
13:52:22 Smurkas: it's not one of the Rectifiers, they're way expensive here in Sweden
13:52:51 muris: so you're telling us that dry sound fromV-twin and from Guitar Rig are almost the same?
13:53:17 Smurkas: they're not the same but they're definately as good
13:53:27 muris: ok :)
13:53:34 Smurkas: that's my opinion but I'm not a tube freak
13:53:43 muris: all good
13:53:50 muris: just wanted to know
13:53:53 muris: no ofence
13:53:54 Smurkas: I've been a digital boy since the day I started playing
13:53:56 muris: :)
13:54:14 Smurkas: but I agree that there's some stuff that's hard to do in modelling
13:55:19 Smurkas: getting the dynamics of a tube amp is hard but I usually play with pretty heavy distortion and that compresses the sound anyway
13:55:45 muris: I see :)
13:57:01 Smurkas: but when it comes to price and versatility, it's the digital world for me
13:58:30 muris: of course ,it's less expensive
13:58:42 Smurkas: yes and reamping really is priceless
14:00:05 muris: you have some of your recordings that I could listened to it?
14:01:05 Smurkas: sure
14:01:17 Smurkas: you can check out the rage ripoff in the forum
14:01:47 shredmandan: THERE really cool,and yes im not a tube freak either
14:01:49 Smurkas: I'm playing with humbuckers though so it's not 100% Morello coolness
14:02:18 shredmandan: i wish so bad i have a 2 humbucker guitar
14:02:43 Smurkas: now I got kicked :D
14:02:48 shredmandan: lol
14:02:51 muris: ;)
14:03:00 Smurkas:
14:03:07 Smurkas: there's the link to it
14:03:32 shredmandan: how do you make links like that, im stupid and dont know
14:04:10 muris: sounds decent
14:04:18 muris: mean for riffing stuff like this
14:06:00 Smurkas: yeah it was a quickie
14:06:18 Smurkas: so there's something you don't like about the sound?
14:06:19 muris: no worries :)
14:06:39 muris: well..ther's a lacking of dynamic for sure
14:06:47 muris: you can't have control over it
14:06:54 muris: but it's ok for stuff like this
14:07:08 Smurkas: yeah but active humbuckers are not for dynamic playing
14:07:18 muris: hmmm
14:07:28 Smurkas: I'm borrowing a strat from a friend to redo it
14:07:49 Smurkas: I want that single coil distortion for it
14:08:12 muris: sure..more high and high midds
14:09:44 muris: guys,I'll leave you for a while..have some stuff to do
14:09:51 Smurkas: yup I got to eat
14:09:55 muris: was nice talking as always :)
14:09:58 muris: see ya soon
14:10:05 Smurkas: yeah have a nice day
14:17:25 shredmandan: dude im in a big mess.A guitar i sold on ebay has went to a wrong address!I just got an email that says it went to laural lane insted of laural creek.Im so pissed off , this kind of crap has been happening to me alot latly and now i may have to send dude $

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Kristofer Dahl
Aug 30 2007, 01:17 AM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
14:17:25 shredmandan: dude im in a big mess.A guitar i sold on ebay has went to a wrong address!I just got an email that says it went to laural lane insted of laural creek.Im so pissed off , this kind of crap has been happening to me alot latly and now i may have to send dude $200.00 back and still be out a guitar

14:32:43 Smurkas: shit

16:16:56 Slammer: ****whip** ****slap** ****meow** ****meow** ****whip** ****whip** ****whip**
16:17:12 Owen: ¬¬

16:17:18 Slammer: LOL

16:17:22 Owen: gtfo bitch lol

16:17:35 Slammer: dude....

16:17:45 Owen: Yeaah?

16:18:18 Slammer: I just love the Responce I put in that thread thread where you said, "I love you slammer" :P

16:18:30 Owen: \m/

16:18:31 Owen: :P

16:18:37 Owen: haha

16:18:41 Owen: I couldnt resist

16:18:45 Slammer: did you see it?

16:18:48 Owen: I knew it would freak yah out a bit
16:18:50 Owen: yeah I did

16:18:56 Slammer: LOL LOL

16:19:20 Slammer: well, it's safe to say I'm not the most popular guy around

16:19:24 Slammer: :P

16:19:30 Owen: haha, oh rly?

16:20:01 Slammer: yep yep

16:20:11 Owen: how so?

16:20:38 Slammer: Every Body Hates Me :( :(
16:20:58 Slammer: Except you maybe 8)
16:21:13 Slammer: Lol lol jk jk
16:21:41 Owen: lol

16:21:53 Owen: Is that a Linkin Park song? xD

16:21:57 Owen: "Everybody hates me"

16:22:01 Owen: lol

16:22:05 Slammer: IDK

16:22:06 Slammer: maybe

16:22:11 Slammer: or a Emo song

16:22:41 Owen: Teenage Angst Gone Wrong - The Story Of A Young Man No-One Liked

16:22:43 Slammer: ok dude gotta run

16:22:46 Slammer: LOL

16:22:51 Slammer: CYa around

16:23:05 Slammer: ****slap**
16:23:14 Owen: that was quick

16:23:18 Owen: god damn you

18:24:27 Owen: Hey Dan

18:24:44 Owen: ****meow** ****meow** ****slap** ****whip**
18:24:54 shredmandan: hey

18:25:03 Owen: whatsup?

18:25:20 shredmandan: working on a guitar part to upload tonight'

18:25:24 shredmandan: u

18:25:51 Owen: Cool, I saw the chat logs from earlier, you have some trouble with sending a guitar to an adress

18:26:01 Owen: I'm Having a crisis moment of "why do I play guitar"

18:26:14 shredmandan: because you can lol

18:26:18 Slammer: Black Bandanna

18:26:21 shredmandan: right

18:26:21 Owen: It has actually crossed my mind to sell them =\

18:26:28 shredmandan: only on tuesday slammer

18:26:56 Slammer: Slammer

18:27:07 Slammer: me/ is cool

18:27:12 [Action] Slammer: is cool

18:27:16 Slammer: there we go

18:27:18 Slammer: LOL

18:27:31 [Action] Owen: is failing at playing

18:27:35 [Action] Slammer: will SLAM YOU

18:27:53 shredmandan: shredman will shred you

18:28:12 [Action] Slammer: will SLAM the shredman

18:28:28 shredmandan: lol

18:28:33 [Action] Owen: will hit you, with his deceased guitar

18:29:12 [Action] Slammer: will hide behind the shredman

18:30:07 Slammer: Shredman will be the Deadman
18:30:08 Slammer: :P:

18:30:11 Slammer: :P

18:30:25 Slammer: ****slap**

18:30:28 Slammer: ****slap**

18:30:29 Slammer: ****slap**

18:30:35 Owen: Guitar makes me feel emo lol

18:31:00 [Action] Owen: feels inferior to the MCR guitarist XD

18:31:05 Slammer: "I wish my Grass was Emo, then it would cut itself"

18:31:33 Slammer: LOL

18:31:34 Slammer: :P

18:31:45 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:47 Slammer: :P

18:31:49 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:50 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:51 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:51 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:52 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:53 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:54 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:54 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:55 Slammer: ****slap**

18:31:58 Slammer: wake up

18:32:06 Owen: No

18:32:11 Owen: I'm gonna cry my guitar to sleep

18:33:08 Slammer: Hemlok

18:33:26 Slammer: how's it going?

18:33:47 Slammer: ****slap**
18:33:53 Slammer: where did everyone go?

18:33:58 Slammer: :(
18:34:09 Slammer: and now I'm alone.....

18:36:22 Slammer: ****meow** ****slap** ****whip** ****slap** ****meow** ****whip** ****whip** ****slap** ****meow**
18:36:28 Slammer: why oh why

18:36:42 Slammer: u people leave me alone

18:36:47 Slammer: :( :(
18:36:59 [Action] Slammer: is very sad :(
18:38:14 Slammer: ****slap** ****whip**
18:38:25 Slammer: ok, where did everyone go???

18:39:01 Slammer: ****meow** ****meow** ****meow** ****meow** ****meow** ****meow** ****meow**
18:39:05 shredmandan: jaming

18:39:09 Slammer: YAY!!!

18:39:13 Slammer: your not dead

18:39:17 shredmandan: uneed a cat slammer

18:39:21 Slammer: I do

18:39:24 shredmandan: lol

18:39:26 shredmandan: yes

18:41:13 Slammer: ****slap**

18:41:20 Slammer: Dan

18:41:25 Slammer: you are 25

18:41:31 Slammer: ?

18:41:46 shredmandan: will be in dec

18:41:52 Slammer: cool

18:41:59 shredmandan: u are 18 right

18:42:06 Slammer: I have a Brother who is 25

18:42:13 Slammer: yeah I'm 18

18:42:24 shredmandan: does he beat u up lol

18:42:37 shredmandan: my sister is 30 she used to beat me up

18:42:47 Slammer: dude, he is a Drill Seargent... think about that

18:42:54 Slammer: answer YES!

18:42:57 shredmandan: yep
18:43:09 shredmandan: that what older bros are for

18:43:20 shredmandan: but they wont let anybody else do it

18:43:27 Slammer: yes

18:44:12 Owen: I am an older brother

18:44:13 Owen: ftw!

18:44:21 Hemlok: ****slap**
18:44:22 Hemlok: Gosh I need a coffee!

18:44:25 Owen: Ouch :P

18:44:30 Hemlok: Younger brother

18:44:31 Slammer: he's one who those guys, when he visits he'll beat me up and push me around, but also be like, If any body messes with you let me know

18:44:35 shredmandan: for all its worth every inch of planet earth==name that tune

18:45:13 Hemlok: i dont know what you are talking about Dan?

18:45:24 shredmandan: he started saying ftw

18:45:53 shredmandan: owen that is

18:46:00 Hemlok: oooh ok that makes sense :wacko:

18:46:21 Slammer: HI Hemlok
18:46:24 Slammer: I'm slammer

18:46:25 shredmandan: what s that cheif

18:46:29 Hemlok: :? :?
18:46:30 Slammer: LOL

18:46:34 Hemlok: Hey slammer

18:46:36 Hemlok: hows it going?

18:46:58 Slammer: not bad.... If I can remember you have the Spider 3 right?

18:47:09 Hemlok: unfortunately yes

18:47:23 Slammer: I have it too... :{
18:47:26 Owen: XD

18:47:31 Slammer: but I love it!

18:47:32 Owen: Flextone FTW!

18:47:34 Hemlok: i should have bought a bloody tube amp

18:47:39 shredmandan: i forgot none of you listen to heavy music and probably dont know what ftw stands for. and its a pantera lyric

18:47:53 Owen: For the win

18:47:54 Hemlok: yeah i like mine too, but i want a tube amp now i tried my sisters boyfriend's

18:48:16 Hemlok: i know of it by playing counter strike i think

18:48:21 Slammer: yeah, but for $299 I think it's not to bad

18:48:22 Hemlok: i had to ask the geeks on there

18:48:50 Hemlok: i like pantera but i dont know what song that is or from :P

18:49:14 Hemlok: oh i am off the planet

18:49:15 shredmandan: war nerve

18:49:17 Slammer: Finally someone I can talk spider talk with LOL

18:49:22 Hemlok: im going to get a coffeee im asleep IM ASLEEP!

18:49:27 Owen: I listen to much heavier stuff than Pantera... :P

18:49:32 Hemlok: ****slap**
18:49:34 Hemlok: be back soon

18:49:41 Slammer: aka NEVER!

18:49:41 shredmandan: u have needed somene to talk to all day slammer

18:49:59 Owen: :P

18:50:01 Slammer: yes I'm a lonely little boy

18:50:18 Owen: ftw?

18:50:26 Slammer: ASS?

18:50:31 Owen: A silent surrender

18:50:39 Slammer: KFC?

18:51:20 Owen: Yes

18:51:23 Slammer: ok guys gtg to dinner

18:51:27 Owen: ha

18:51:29 Owen: on that thought

18:51:29 Slammer: cya later

18:51:33 Owen: I dont envy you

18:51:35 shredmandan: eat my friend

18:51:37 Owen: or your dinner

18:51:49 Slammer: byebye byebye ybebye

18:52:48 Owen: Strange boy XD

18:53:01 Owen: He reminds me of someone I dont know

19:00:27 Owen: Hey muris

19:00:35 muris: Owen

19:00:46 muris: you saw your last post about collab

19:01:06 muris: you're taking it too much with your hart

19:01:14 muris: heart*

19:01:28 muris: once more,how long have you played?

19:01:51 Owen: yeah, well that parts more of an annoyance, I really dont even want to pick the thing up though anymore

19:02:03 Owen: Coming up for 3 years

19:02:06 shredmandan: hey man sorry i was jamming i will be back in one sec

19:02:19 muris: go ahead Dan

19:02:26 muris: look Owen

19:02:40 muris: maybe you need to change your routine a bit

19:02:50 muris: tell me,do you sing?

19:02:59 Owen: yeah

19:03:21 Owen: I do a bit, its more convenient, I can do it whilst doing other stuff

19:03:26 muris: could you record soething with your voice for me?

19:03:38 muris: would like to hear

19:04:36 Owen: Erm, I could but I'd feel really uncomfortable, every time I record my voice it just about kills everything happening in the background

19:04:50 muris: no big deal

19:04:59 muris: just make one,with BT as well

19:05:03 Owen: I can hear the cries of dying animals as I unleash my dulcet baritone voice upon the surrounding area

19:05:06 Hemlok: good morning little schoolgirl

19:05:23 Owen: Good Evening xD

19:05:26 muris: just record it ok?

19:05:32 Hemlok: ive got my coffee :)
19:05:46 Owen: Will do

19:05:53 muris: hi hemlok

19:05:56 muris: ok

19:06:01 Owen: who's the school girl?

19:06:04 muris: when you do,just let me know

19:06:15 Hemlok: hi nick

19:06:16 muris: and send it to my email on my website

19:06:23 Nick325: hey sup guys

19:06:39 Owen: Ok, I'll try

19:06:43 muris: hi nick

19:06:49 Owen: Hey Nick

19:06:51 Hemlok: i think i might have a go at the next collaboration

19:06:51 muris: ok then Owen

19:07:08 Nick325: you should they help u alot

19:07:24 Owen: V_V

19:07:33 muris: I made a mistake there

19:07:41 muris: my fault

19:09:12 Owen: its gone all quiet

19:09:32 Hemlok: im eating breakfast

19:09:48 Owen: Just had a beer, and its midnight xD

19:10:02 Hemlok: mmm i dont need a beer

19:10:05 Hemlok: not yet anyway

19:10:15 Hemlok: had too many last night

19:10:50 Nick325: muris you got one heck of a biography

19:11:13 muris: I was saying that I played a bit too complex stuff in collab

19:11:17 muris: wish I didn't

19:11:22 Hemlok: oh

19:11:28 muris: yeah

19:11:31 Hemlok: whats wrong with it?

19:11:38 muris: dunno

19:11:38 Hemlok: doesnt fit?

19:11:57 Nick325: it was awsome but muris was making us feel bad :(
19:12:02 muris: maybe some took it wrong

19:12:15 Nick325: lol

19:12:20 muris: I wsih it to be a boost for you guys

19:12:39 muris: but looks like it went oposite

19:12:57 muris: hope not for everybody tho

19:13:36 Hemlok: oh i see. It shouldnt make you feel bad! He is showing you what you will be able to achieve if you keep at it

19:13:59 Owen: ha, it wasnt you that disheartened me Muris

19:13:59 muris: sort of yeah

19:14:11 muris: but I want too far away I guess

19:14:13 Owen: I realise your a professional

19:14:28 muris: I'm not talking only about you Owen

19:14:35 muris: glad it's not because of me

19:14:41 Owen: it was more Ezra really, I cant get how much better he is than me after about half the timescale >_<

19:14:42 muris: but I did mistake

19:15:04 Owen: Nah

19:15:09 muris: how much do you practice per day Owen?

19:15:14 Hemlok: oh yeah Ezra is a little ripper

19:15:49 Hemlok: i wish i was still in school, i could practice all night then

19:15:52 Owen: not a lot, I play for a few minutes then fall flat on my face

19:16:10 Nick325: maybe thats why :?
19:16:18 muris: I see

19:16:32 Hemlok: get a backing track and jam in that key, its fun, easy, and you should be able to do it for hours

19:16:36 muris: actually,years aren't important that much

19:16:40 muris: it's all about hours

19:16:44 muris: minutes...

19:16:51 Hemlok: yep

19:17:16 muris: guess you need more time with your instrument Owen

19:17:16 Hemlok: one of pavels quotes says that

19:18:06 Owen: I suppose I do, but I cant stomach the idea of playing it for extended periods of time, everyone here has love affairs with they're guitars, I dislike picking up mine

19:18:17 Hemlok: OH NO!

19:18:25 Hemlok: what guitar have you got?

19:18:31 muris: you need to solve that problem..but fast

19:18:37 Nick325: i get in trouble for playing mine too much :{
19:19:00 Hemlok: yeah i play too much at work :P

19:19:26 Owen: Its not the guitar itself I imminently dislike, I've just not developed in about a year and its killing me

19:19:42 Owen: I swear I played just as good a year ago as I did now

19:19:48 Owen: minus some knowledge of the scales

19:19:53 muris: so what is it that you play the most...guitarists,bands?

19:19:55 Owen: do now*

19:19:58 Nick325: Owen i dont wanna say this but maybe if you dread picking up the guitar and practicing maybe guitars not for you

19:20:24 muris: I would stop on that one Nick

19:20:40 Nick325: sry

19:20:42 Owen: I actually was contemplating selling it... but I wouldnt get any money and I've worked so hard to get to this point already

19:20:51 Hemlok: yeah, dont give up! I went through a time like that, many many times

19:20:52 Owen: before I learned guitar, I couldnt even keep a beat

19:20:54 Owen: seriously

19:21:15 muris: give me the list of guitarists,bands...

19:21:29 Nick325: maybe if you find a band or something that will help because your playing with other musicians and you see that its fun
19:22:07 Hemlok: Owen you are a metalhead arnt ya? I know i wasnt inspired to play guitar when i used to only listen to heavy metal - death metal

19:22:22 Owen: I listen to loads of stuff

19:22:35 muris: but what do you play the most??

19:22:42 Owen: Indie, Ska, Blues, Death Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal, Rock, Classic

19:23:04 Owen: I dont even have a playing style, I tend to just distort and see what happens

19:23:25 Hemlok: distort YUCK! :P

19:23:28 muris: you're avoiding my question Owen :)
19:23:48 Hemlok: do you play music from artists Owen?

19:24:16 Owen: No, I hate playing other peoples music

19:24:26 Owen: thats the sad truth

19:24:43 muris: you must do that

19:24:56 muris: that's the only way to go upfront

19:25:15 muris: think we found your problem

19:25:47 muris: I would go on some Clapton,J.J.Cale stuff if I were you

19:26:56 Hemlok: I once learnt Windowpane by Opeth, its long, not too hard, and sounds lovely

19:27:03 Owen: k

19:27:41 muris: take my advice,use clean sound and play something from above...

19:27:50 Hemlok: lots of bends and vibrato in the slow clean solos

19:28:26 Hemlok: and playing clean is a must! distortion and lots of gain hides mistakes which you can improve on

19:30:36 Owen: Ahhh! Tonight gets worse...

19:30:53 Owen: °.o»¨ðåvꨫo.° says: why the f*ck are you listening to nickelfail
19:31:34 Owen: ¬_¬

19:31:53 Hemlok: nickelfail? who is dave? and why do you care what dave thinks about what music you like?

19:32:36 Owen: I dont, its just pissing me off that I'm now involved in an arguement over the fact that I just felt like listening to some crappy pop-rock
19:33:13 Hemlok: oh, block the loser. it is just a waste of time talking to people like that

19:36:07 Hemlok: ah have you heard Andrew's acoustic song, Standing By The Sea? its nice im gonna try find that so i can hear it again

19:36:42 muris: yeah,cool tune

19:36:47 muris: mellow feel :)
19:40:10 Hemlok: darnit my coffee went cold i forgot to drink it

19:42:16 Hemlok: well now thats heated up, im off! catchya later guys

19:42:30 Hemlok: i hope you get inspired Owen, good luck! :)
19:44:22 chast: hi

19:47:07 muris: hi chast

19:47:11 muris: watching the movie :)
19:47:24 Nick325: back guys

19:48:29 chast: which movie are you watching muris ?^^

19:49:05 chast: hi nick

19:49:13 muris: ahh

19:49:23 Nick325: hey chast

19:49:28 muris: evan allmighty

19:49:42 muris: some comedy...not so great tho

19:50:04 Nick325: i heard that too

19:51:24 muris: yeah

19:51:32 muris: I'm stopping it each five mins

19:51:34 muris: :)
19:51:57 muris: so,you solved mystery of positions?

19:52:13 Nick325: yes

19:52:20 Nick325: :)
19:52:21 muris: ok

19:52:38 Nick325: i had a bunch of questions and i had to get them off my chest
19:52:49 muris: sure

19:52:59 muris: that's what if forum for

19:53:20 Owen: Every morning I've got a new chance...

19:53:31 Nick325: yep i love it :)
19:53:34 Owen: Random Song Quotes FTW

19:54:07 Owen: :P

19:54:30 chast: are these the major scale patterns?

19:54:58 Owen: looks like it

19:55:21 Nick325: not sure

19:55:39 Owen:

19:55:41 Owen: Yes

19:55:42 chast: im a bit confused

19:55:49 chast: about these 3 string patterns

19:55:50 muris: tehay are

19:55:53 chast: and the normal one oO

19:55:59 muris: red spots are root notes

19:56:24 Nick325: muris i have a question about sweeping

19:56:30 Nick325: since im working on that

19:56:44 muris: could you post it in my sub forum?

19:56:49 Nick325: sure

19:56:51 muris: watching a movie
19:56:53 Nick325: k

19:56:55 muris: thanks :)
20:05:57 Gen: hey guys

20:06:24 Gen: ****meow** ****slap** Whip*

20:06:35 Nick325: hey

20:06:52 Gen: many people here

20:08:14 Nick325: yep but no ones talking :{
20:08:30 Gen: yeah lol

20:09:23 chast: hey gen

20:09:26 chast: :D

20:09:37 chast: i decided to take a beer :P

20:09:44 chast: well it was more than one

20:09:55 chast: i felt like a zombie the whole day ;D

20:10:54 Nick325: lol

20:11:47 Gen: lmao

20:12:50 chast: monday school again

20:12:57 chast: so i have to drink tommorow again

20:13:14 Gen: lol

20:13:28 Gen: i start school the 27 :D

20:14:48 Nick325: :o
20:14:58 chast: thats not fair :D

20:19:20 chast: i think we should organise a gmc party

20:20:29 Owen: \m/ >_< \m/

20:22:13 chast: and if we are drunken enough

20:22:15 chast: we play guitar

20:24:52 Nick325: well were would it be everyone is from all over the worl

20:24:53 Nick325: world

20:25:12 chast: kris should sponsor the flights :D

20:25:58 Nick325: thats a lot of $$$$$$

20:26:25 chast: yeah ;(

20:26:30 chast: we all should get rich

20:27:14 Gen: lol

20:41:19 leedbreak: Dang looks like a crowd in here

20:41:31 Nick325: hey
20:42:02 Gen: hi

20:42:23 chast: hi

20:42:29 leedbreak: I do hope everyone is doing well

20:43:25 leedbreak: A crown but still quiet

20:44:24 chast: yeah

20:45:03 leedbreak: I see muris is sleeping
20:46:33 leedbreak: I am going to do , Have a great weeken all

20:46:57 chast: cu leedbreak

20:47:03 leedbreak: do= scales

21:04:40 shredmandan: whats up guys

21:05:32 Gen: not much

21:06:10 Gen: just watched that, im laughing my ass off

21:06:12 shredmandan: same here just trying to get a recording down but my sound quality sucks on mp3 player
21:07:12 shredmandan: yeah ive seen that dog before funny as hell

21:07:32 shredmandan: do youknow what the hour glass by muris name means?

21:07:54 chast: that he is away

21:08:13 Gen: yeah

21:08:13 shredmandan: away but not logged out?

21:08:17 Gen: no

21:08:21 Gen: oh yeah

21:08:24 chast: you can change your status

21:08:27 shredmandan: lol

21:08:29 shredmandan: how

21:08:35 chast: under this gmc chat
21:08:36 Gen: he s in, btu he s not in front of his keyboard

21:08:38 chast: you can choose away

21:08:47 chast: and than you have this hourglass before your nick

21:08:52 chast: :D

21:09:00 shredmandan: how do you do that?

21:09:16 chast: where online is written

21:09:22 chast: under this gmc chat

21:09:26 chast: you can choose away

21:09:30 chast: you got it :D

21:09:36 shredmandan: thanks

21:10:02 shredmandan: dam im tiredi have been up for over a day but still cant go to sleep

21:10:49 shredmandan: keep wanting to get something made on the guitar

21:16:22 Gen: :D

21:18:18 chast: 13p8

21:18:24 chast: these are the thing i hate

21:18:32 chast: i get this strech

21:18:35 chast: but not fast enough :/

21:20:03 Gen: hey chast, its 3:16 am where you live right?

21:20:14 chast: germany, yes^^

21:20:40 Gen: here too, just wanted to know

21:20:47 Gen: lol im sleepy

21:20:49 chast: where do you come from ?^^

21:20:58 Gen: geneva switzerland

21:21:03 chast: neighbour :D

21:21:09 Gen: yeah^^

21:26:46 muris: holy

21:26:55 muris: trying to watch it

21:27:06 muris: and it just doesnt work :)
21:27:14 chast: so bad ?^^

21:27:32 muris: so,looks like we have more european guys here tonight
21:27:41 chast: yeah

21:27:48 muris: Dan?

21:27:48 chast: 3 of 4 european :D

21:27:53 Gen: :D

21:27:55 muris: how do you feel about it?

21:27:58 chast: lol

21:28:01 muris: lol

21:28:09 muris: Dan?

21:28:13 muris: Daaaan?

21:28:23 chast: ****whip** dan ****slap**

21:28:33 muris: silence means YES

21:28:37 muris: ;)
21:28:41 shredmandan: hey guys

21:28:46 muris: hey :)
21:29:00 chast: muris when do you finish your next lesson ?

21:29:12 muris: well,2 are already uploaded

21:29:18 shredmandan: they all wake up when your back muris lol

21:29:21 muris: waiting to be published

21:29:42 muris: looks like :)
21:29:50 chast: because muris is god

21:29:57 chast: guitargod :D

21:30:02 muris: ahhh

21:30:14 muris: don't appreciate it that mush

21:30:22 shredmandan: not a guitar god but a guitar great
21:30:34 shredmandan: in my opinion

21:30:35 chast: a guitar muris :D

21:30:42 muris: kind words are fine

21:30:48 muris: but that's just too much

21:30:53 shredmandan: lol

21:30:55 muris: and sounds a bit funny tho :)
21:30:56 chast: im just kidding :P

21:31:01 muris: ;)
21:31:05 muris: all cool

21:31:08 muris: no worries

21:31:11 chast: :D

21:31:35 shredmandan: we are all nowere near god level and never will be

21:31:37 chast: man i dont want to go to school, holidays were so relaxing :D

21:31:50 shredmandan: i miss school

21:31:56 muris: me too

21:31:57 shredmandan: from back in the day

21:32:05 chast: i dont, because we maybe get some stupid teachers

21:32:16 chast: they are famous at our school

21:32:21 chast: for being asshol**

21:32:25 shredmandan: its because your still there when your out for good you miss it

21:32:26 muris: and the school is?

21:32:48 muris: high,university?

21:33:05 chast: dont know how its called in english, in germany its "gymnasium"

21:33:12 muris: high school

21:33:17 chast: after that you can to university

21:33:21 chast: or doing a job

21:33:23 muris: yeah

21:33:26 muris: same here

21:33:48 muris: we call it both ways...high schoola and gymnasium

21:34:08 muris: must took it when Austrie ruled this part of globe :)
21:34:21 chast: i talked to the sister of a friend, she was asking me which teachers i get... i told her and she was like "change the class, they will kill you"

21:35:27 muris: is it ordinary gymnasium,or has same spacific orientation inside?

21:35:30 chast: the badest thing is that i have french agian ;D

21:35:37 chast: ordinary

21:35:40 muris: ok

21:36:12 chast:

21:36:13 chast: :D

21:36:21 muris: ;)
21:36:27 chast: thats my schools page ;)
21:36:48 muris: wow..I reached 26000 visits at myspace!!

21:36:55 chast: =)

21:36:57 chast: nice

21:37:07 muris: yeah

21:37:11 muris: the space is big

21:37:14 muris: great stuff

21:37:50 muris: btw,I got new pickups for Musicman

21:37:56 chast: whic one ?

21:38:04 muris: which means..DiMarzio are out :)
21:38:12 muris: Stan Hinesley's

21:38:24 muris: custom shop

21:38:36 chast: show us some samples :)
21:38:52 muris: I'll put them on Sunday

21:38:54 shredmandan: what pickups do you use muris?do you prefer single or humbucker

21:39:02 muris: both

21:39:05 chast: :D

21:39:19 muris: HB but able for spliting

21:39:39 muris: tho single is fine

21:40:05 shredmandan: im all about the humbuckers :D
21:40:06 muris: on my custom I'll have Hb and 2 S

21:40:09 muris: all from Stan

21:40:25 muris: and these S are some HB :)
21:40:33 chast: muris how much do you pay for a guitar in bosnia ?

21:40:42 muris: it depends

21:40:56 muris: I got Musicman used condition

21:41:00 chast: lets say, hm maybe an inbanez grg170

21:41:05 muris: and this new custom is endorsement

21:41:12 muris: no idea

21:41:20 muris: I'm not into those guitars a lot

21:41:33 chast: hm, would be interssting if there are some differences in the price

21:41:41 muris: it is probably

21:41:46 muris: but not that big

21:41:56 chast: ya, i think so too

21:42:13 muris: actually,there are few big store chains here

21:42:21 muris: battle for market is hard

21:42:38 muris: and prices are sort of lower day by day

21:42:50 muris: untill they bankrot

21:42:51 muris: lol

21:43:16 chast: :D

21:44:49 chast: i wish guitars and amps would be cheaper :D

21:45:02 muris: who doesn't :)
21:45:19 muris: and btw,I got my whole rack stuff from ;)
21:45:26 chast: :)
21:45:31 muris: yeah

21:45:40 muris: gremans are great for that

21:45:50 chast: you just bought it without knowing how it sounds like or you tested some before?

21:45:57 muris: you keep it in extra condition

21:46:10 muris: those are rack stuff

21:46:15 muris: not guitar or som

21:46:33 Gen: well, i g2g guys, cya around

21:46:33 chast: wait, im confused now :D

21:46:41 chast: good night gen

21:46:47 muris: you mjst try guitar before buy

21:46:51 muris: night gen

21:46:51 Gen: good night all

21:46:53 chast: istn rack for producing sounds ? :D

21:47:04 muris: but if you know unit

21:47:07 muris: you just take it

21:47:17 muris: if it works properly of course

21:47:24 muris: without damages or som

21:48:07 muris: rack is just type of edition

21:48:12 muris: 19 inchs

21:48:29 muris: you huave have synht moduls there,power amps,preamps etc

21:49:28 chast: im not very familiar with that

21:49:36 chast: i dont even know what a preamp is :D

21:49:46 muris: you will,no worries :)
21:50:16 muris: anyhow..just mentioned it caue you're from germany too

21:50:28 chast: yeah

21:51:30 chast: do you remember how much you paid for the package?

21:51:41 muris: package of what?

21:51:56 chast: for your rack stuff

21:52:06 muris: I dont get it...

21:52:14 muris: I bought 6-7 units

21:52:22 muris: and not once

21:52:33 muris: in few times

21:52:51 chast: oh^^

21:53:00 chast: wait

21:53:01 muris: you mean of post service?

21:53:05 chast: yeah

21:53:07 chast: exactly :D

21:53:11 muris: ok :)
21:53:20 muris: well,it didn't go that way

21:53:34 muris: it came to my friend in Munchen

21:53:50 muris: and we brought it to me by car

21:53:56 chast: thats cool

21:54:15 muris: cause post service would cost too much

21:54:27 chast: do you have been on the oktoberfest ? :D

21:54:35 muris: not still

21:54:52 chast: i also havent been there yet, but i want to go there :D

21:55:03 muris: glad for you :)
21:55:42 chast: andrew was there already

21:55:45 chast: :D

21:55:50 muris: I'll take a snack and off to bed

21:55:52 muris: yeah?

21:56:02 muris: he hasn't told me yet :)
21:56:10 chast: yeah he told us.. the next day he had head ake

21:56:11 chast: :D

21:56:18 muris: I see

21:56:22 muris: ;)
21:56:29 muris: I'm off

21:56:31 chast: okay, muris i dont wanna stop you
21:56:32 muris: see ya soon

21:56:34 chast: good night :)
21:56:40 muris: have a great time guys

21:56:44 muris: night :)
22:07:53 kethcup: yo yo shredman!

22:17:20 Nick325: yo ketchup

22:17:32 kethcup: what up!

22:17:38 Nick325: chillin u

22:17:44 kethcup: samn man...

22:17:50 kethcup: abouts to smoke a cig

22:18:08 Nick325: i dont smoke

22:18:12 kethcup: that's good

22:18:33 kethcup: it's bad for you ;)
22:18:46 Nick325: yep
22:19:00 Nick325: what u be practicing

22:19:26 kethcup: umm lately I've been working on some cover songs

22:19:39 kethcup: trying to keep up with what's out there today

22:19:41 kethcup: you?

22:19:53 Nick325: lessons from here

22:20:02 Nick325: sweeping 3 string and vibrato

22:20:06 kethcup: nice

22:20:35 kethcup: I need to start practicing these lessons again. They are so good and helpful too!

22:21:04 Nick325: si si

22:21:20 kethcup: Where are you from?

22:21:27 Nick325: ny

22:21:35 kethcup: age?

22:21:41 Nick325: 14

22:21:45 kethcup: right on

22:21:55 kethcup: <-- Denver, CO. 30

22:22:13 Nick325: coo

22:22:17 Nick325: cool

22:22:24 kethcup: What are you into playing?

22:23:13 Nick325: classic rock/hard rock, blues and some metal

22:23:34 Nick325: u

22:25:46 kethcup: metal mostly... but everything else too

22:26:20 Nick325: cool

22:29:23 Nick325: gtg man ttyl

22:44:54 shredmandan: hey dude i wil be on here in a min

22:48:51 shredmandan: u still around

22:49:39 kethcup: yep

22:49:44 kethcup: what up what up

22:49:54 Smurkas: hey folks

22:49:57 shredmandan: same old thing. hey smurkas

22:50:02 kethcup: hey smurkas

22:50:05 kethcup: cool

22:50:07 kethcup: same here

22:50:19 Smurkas: shredman, I didn't actually get a track with your email

22:50:30 shredmandan: let me resend it

22:52:30 shredmandan: ok its sent

22:55:22 kethcup: sorry guys... having a video call with my dad on messenger

22:55:30 kethcup: I'll join in here in a bit

22:55:37 Smurkas: w00t I got it

22:55:51 shredmandan: cool he are talking about a upload right now

22:56:10 kethcup: right on

22:56:25 Smurkas: man you were right, the sad but true solo wasn't that difficult

22:56:43 shredmandan: just takes alittle listening to

22:57:11 Smurkas: yeah, I'm at about 90% speed and I started practising it today

22:57:22 Smurkas: I'm hoping I can nail it in a week or two

22:57:28 shredmandan: definatly

22:57:40 Smurkas: those last % are usually the most difficult :D

22:57:50 shredmandan: true

22:58:26 Smurkas: we're doing paranoid in the band and the solo has one really fast section and I got stuck at like 90% for ages

22:58:53 shredmandan: on paranoid?

22:59:03 Smurkas: yeah

22:59:21 Smurkas: I think it was mostly in my head though

22:59:31 Smurkas: I got stuck on the part and got frustrated

22:59:54 Smurkas: I put it away for awhile and then when I played it again it just zoomed by no problem

23:00:27 shredmandan: i know the rythem toparanoid but dont think i have ever tryed the lead

23:00:53 Smurkas: that's really strange when you put something away for awhile and then go back and play it better than you ever did when you were really practising it

23:01:01 kethcup: you gotta do the Randy Rhodes version... that makes it interesting! :)
23:01:12 Smurkas: yup it's the one I'm doing

23:01:17 kethcup: nice!

23:01:24 shredmandan: never heard it,bet its nice though. now i see whyits hard

23:01:41 Smurkas: He's rythm parts are mad fun to play :D

23:01:45 kethcup: Get Tribute Shred... it's amazing guitar all the way through

23:01:54 kethcup: yea they are!

23:01:59 Smurkas: hey shred this was cool!

23:02:08 Smurkas: pantera lives again :D

23:02:19 shredmandan: really ? do you think its usable?

23:02:40 Smurkas: if you're playing to a steady BPM it's usable

23:03:17 shredmandan: 130bpm is what i was doing on that one may have got off after the first 30 sec

23:05:07 shredmandan: can you try and put some drums to it tonight and send it to me?

23:05:28 shredmandan: keth this is the dude that made the drum parts i told you about

23:06:38 Smurkas: Let's do it like this, I put together drums and bass that play what you're playing

23:06:53 Smurkas: you get it then record again to that so it's really tight

23:07:32 shredmandan: sounds perfect .that way you have an idea of what im working on then we can fix the final product from there

23:09:31 shredmandan: i still might try and see if i can put something together with the one pattern you made at 125

23:09:38 Smurkas: so you're playing 0 0 1 0 0

23:09:47 Smurkas: pause

23:09:51 Smurkas: and then?

23:10:07 shredmandan: after those i move to 3 and 4

23:10:39 shredmandan: then i bar them dowm before they switch to next part

23:10:57 shredmandan: I really dont like my sound im getting though sounds like im playing in a can lol

23:16:11 Smurkas: I'm sending you a powertab and you can correct the notes

23:16:20 shredmandan: cool

23:17:49 Smurkas: ok I sent it, let's hope it doesn't lag too much this time

23:19:09 shredmandan: ill check it

23:20:53 shredmandan: its taking awhile again

23:23:28 shredmandan: it will get to me soon i guess.I have to spend sometime with my wife for a little bit.Damm its really late were your at its about midnight here but i work night shift so it doesnt matter for me.Try and get some drums on it if possible i will check my email again

23:25:20 shredmandan: i got to go do the wife thing for now.i will keep checking my mail and i will be back on here in a little while. btw keth on here is cool as hell,if he's still on here right now.Talk to you later hope to here some drums soon and the power tab.i will work more on it tonight

23:26:00 shredmandan: finally got it i will check it now

23:28:13 shredmandan: smurkas remember there is a 4th fret note in it as well.kind of sounds like walk slowed down like that lol.I se where you get the pantera vibe thats cool though

23:28:23 shredmandan: be back later

23:35:31 Smurkas: sorry man it's not tight enough

23:35:44 Smurkas: you stay in 130BPM for the first bar

23:36:03 Smurkas: then you slow down

23:36:32 Smurkas: I'll make you a mock drum track that's playing in 130BPM shuffle

23:39:18 shredmandan: i know thats what i was saying i need to fix that.That will work dude.Its hard for me to get used to playing at one tempo continuos.I really apperciate you working on stuff with me though.It makes playing guitarand getting online fun again!Your a cool dude to bad we dont live close by but you know i have heard of people making bands over the internet before.You have to think to just like when you start a band it takes time for each member to click well same here but it will come if we continue to work on stuff .I would like to get some track swith us both playing guitar as well

23:39:47 shredmandan: ****meow** lol

23:41:19 Smurkas: that would be really cool

23:41:33 Smurkas: once we find a work flow I bet we could do a collaboration

23:42:33 shredmandan: thats cool smurkas we will get this going send me what you can and we will go from there .Im not giving up unless you are :D .Its really cool to have a dude half have around the world to talk to and work on music with

23:43:29 kethcup: yo guys!

23:43:44 kethcup: sorry to kind of be in here and not conversate

23:43:51 shredmandan: yeah keth have a good chat with dad

23:44:03 shredmandan: hell i do that all day lol

23:44:15 kethcup: He lives in Illinois and I'm in Denver so I don't get to see him much

23:44:37 shredmandan: i found out you can click on the online bar in top right and click away and still stay on here
23:44:55 kethcup: really?

23:45:01 kethcup: that's good to know

23:45:11 kethcup: that way I won't appear rude! :)
23:45:34 shredmandan: try it out i just learned today.its a cool way to stay on here and see who comes without being rude like you said

23:45:46 kethcup: right on

23:45:47 shredmandan: I guess i have come off a butt plug for the past day lol

23:46:03 kethcup: let's see if I can multi task here and chat with two people! lol

23:46:19 shredmandan: it gets tuff

23:46:26 kethcup: So what's up man? Things good?

23:46:58 shredmandan: do you see wher im talkinga bout where the online bar is ?try it out and see if you get the hour glass by your name like this

23:47:22 kethcup: There it be

23:47:24 shredmandan: u got it

23:48:11 shredmandan: things ok i have been trying to get some cool tracks made today but im trying to make up stuff at one constant bpm so its hard because im not used to it

23:48:43 kethcup: it's a good learning experience though

23:48:49 shredmandan: yes it is

23:48:53 kethcup: what's you master it you'll be non-stop!
23:49:07 shredmandan: hell yeah

23:49:33 kethcup: hell sh#t [email protected] Yea!!! :)
23:49:44 kethcup: I guess you can't cus on here huh? lol

23:49:45 shredmandan: tities and nipples

23:49:52 kethcup: haha nice one

23:50:15 shredmandan: nuggets and nipples i say that to my wife and crack her up

23:51:58 shredmandan: smurk u still there?I keep buying time from wife but im running out lol

23:52:06 Smurkas: yeah

23:52:15 Smurkas: one drum track coming up

23:52:40 shredmandan: awesome i will get the constant pace of bpm down.

23:52:44 kethcup: lol love it when you have to keep giving the other half excuses!

23:52:49 Smurkas: I made it about the same length as your recording

23:52:56 shredmandan: great

23:52:58 shredmandan: lol

23:53:22 shredmandan: i havebeen on here for the past 2 days non stop dont even watch tv

23:53:34 shredmandan: tv sucks now to me'

23:53:52 kethcup: I'm a TV junkie! :)
23:53:57 shredmandan: u like that hour glass now dont u keth lol

23:54:00 kethcup: sad but true

23:54:09 kethcup: yes sir I do! thank you

23:54:14 shredmandan: i used to be but now im a internet junkie

23:54:47 Smurkas: me too, all the TV shows I watch I get off the internet

23:55:25 shredmandan: yeah i started checking out utube stuff just resently.Have you all ever seen this dude called shred durst

23:55:43 Smurkas: no :D

23:56:06 shredmandan: he acts gay like fred durst and acts black but he can shred pretty good

23:56:35 shredmandan: are u still talking to dad keth

23:56:42 kethcup: yep yep

23:56:44 kethcup: what's up?

23:57:55 shredmandan: just checking i didnt know if you were just playing with the away buttn or really away

23:58:21 kethcup: I'm kind of here!

23:59:21 Smurkas: he was funny :D

23:59:22 kethcup: I want some ice cream

23:59:24 shredmandan: can u upload some of your playing keth?

23:59:34 kethcup: oh man... you don't want to hear me!

23:59:42 kethcup: I'm not up to par yet, per se

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