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12 Apr 2009
Hi Lian,

I've got a question about the melodic part of your arch enemy style riffing lesson. When you play it in the first video it sounds like it has been harmonized but when you play it slowly there is no mention of it? If it's not what effect are you using to to make it sound like that?

And do you still remember how you composed that part?


PS: It would be cool if the count in in the backing track was a bit longer I've got problems picking up the rhythm with just 2 beats.
10 Apr 2009
To train my ears a bit I'm trying to transcribe für elise myself. I've already gotten relatively far (17 measures) by just playing it by ear (I'm stuck right now but thats another problem). Now, after writing it down I saw a "problem" in how I played it. I played the intro like this: E, Eb, E, Eb, E, B, ... and it sounds right. The key is clearly A minor, which wikipedia confirms. But A minor doesn't have any flats and or sharps. So I looked at the sheet music, and it shows it as D# too!

So is the intro just not diatonic or am I missing something?


PS: I'll post my transcription for everybody to review and or learn as soon as I'm done smile.gif
7 Apr 2009
I fiddled a little bit with an acoustic guitar yesterday and I enjoyed it quite a bit. So now I want to get an acoustic guitar myself. So I read some stuff about acoustics but I'm still quite unsure. So I need your help guys.

First what I wanna play. I guess its mostly picked stuff. I'm not a big fan of crazy strumming. I'm interested in classical pieces, rock and so on. And I want to play the bards song for sure. I hope that makes sense.

So where I am now.

I think classical guitars are not really the right thing for me. They seem to be so clunky. So I guess what I want is a western guitar. They seem to be far less clunky. Now Dreadnought or Jumbo, oh well I have no Idea. I've also noticed ovations roundback guitars. They seem to be quite interesting to me.

I think that one could actually be something for me: least it looks cool AND it says elite rolleyes.gif !

As you can see I've got no clue about the subject, please help me.

First how much money does a good acoustic cost?
By good I mean one that will make me wanna play it because it sounds and feels good not a perfect instrument.

Am I right with my assumption that I'm probably better off with a western guitar than a classic concert guitar?

Are Ovations something for me?
Especially the one linked.

What other guitar would you recommend?


EDIT: why can't I correct the accoustic in the title sad.gif
1 Apr 2009
I've got myself a new guitar last week. A Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. I wanted to wait a bit longer with the review to have some more experience with it. But as Praetorian is interested in this guitar, I guess I'll just write it now.

The Features:
Mahogany Body
Quilted Maple Top
Mahagony Set Neck
Rosewood Fretboard
Abalone Binding
Grover Tuners
Graphtec Tusq Nut
String through body
EMG 81TW/89 Pickups (splittable)

Now when inspecting the guitar a bit closer at home I noticed that it was made in Indonesia. So it seems to me that Schecter did also move away from South Korea to Indonesia like ESP LTD did. Probably be because of the new minimal wages in South Korea. Not really good behavior and at least in LTD's case the quality seems to have suffered. So I went on to look for flaws.

And I've found some. The first thing I've noticed is that the wood on fretboard didn't look very even (color wise). After cleaning and oiling it it's already looking far better. Next thing: The binding around the upper Cutaway is a bit uneven. It's almost invisible but you can feel it. Then there were some tiny glue residues on the "Schecter" Logo on the headstock. Also the quilted maple top was not as deeply figured (what's the correct way to say this in english?) as the one on my Schecter C-1 Classic. The body consists of two parts of mahogany glued together. I know this is often done but still, I don't really like it. Finally the setup seems to be wrong, may be I just messed it up by switching from .010 to .009 Strings. (If any Instructor is reading this, a lesson series on setting up guitars by a pro would be REALLY great and very useful). This are all the flaws I could find when carefully searching for them. Most of them are virtually invisible and do not affect playability.

Now enough ranting let's look at the positive side. The build quality is comparable to what I saw from ESP LTD's 1000 Series, which I consider good. Not as good as my "perfect" C-1 Classic though. The playability is about equal (after a proper setup). The neck is clearly thicker than an Ibanez wizard neck but still thinner than what I'm used from les pauls. Comparable to some of the bc richs. But don't let that fool you. The neck feels just right (for me). Thiner does not always mean better. It's also a light guitar. Lighter than my Ibanez S470! And as far as I can tell now it's going to be my new primary axe! And the reason for this is...

The Sound of this guitar is great. Thanks to the EMG 81tw/89 set you can go from almost acoustic cleans to smooth leads to bone crushing metal. I'll write a bit about the settings I use:

My metal rhythm setting:
Tone and volume cranked using the EMG 81 tw. Lot's of attack, clarity and bottom end punch. It sounds a bit scooped though so I added a bit more mids on the amp.

My lead setting:
The EMG 85 in the neck. Volume cranked, tone a little bit dialed back. Very smooth and warm and dynamic. For some applications it might actually be to smooth. But I mostly like it. It's easy to add some grit/dirty on the amp.

My clean setting:
Using both pickups, both set to single coil mode. It sounds almost like an acoustic. Great!

This guitar clearly isn't for everybody. If you don't like emgs, you better stay away from it. If you're however looking for a great versatile metal axe at a great price the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser is worth serious consideration.

...I thought this was going to be tiny... tongue.gif
31 Mar 2009

Some days ago I've noticed a problem with my playing. It was mostly eye to hand coordination. I had to stare at the fretboard to play! So I started to close my eyes while practicing. At first I often fretted the wrong notes and it was quite frustrating. But after just a few days (I think it was 3 days) of doing this as part of my daily practice I've noticed big progress with my playing. I think I broke my speed blockade because of this! As most of you guys probably know - it's a wonderful feeling to break such a blockade!

So if you (or one of your students) are constantly looking at the fretboard why playing I'd strongly suggest you to just try to close your eyes while playing!

Hope that helps some others on their journey into guitar land!

- Jonas
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