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20 Jul 2019
Darius gave this advice in a REC take recently. It's not new but I think we could all do with reaffirming it once in a while. I know I shouldn't but I always try to rush things and find that elusive shortcut.

"..... It's as simple as it has to be repeated slowly but precisley until it starts to flow and you'll naturally feel the comfort of boosting the speed. Randomness is a very first enemy of progress. Doing things randomly extends the time of developement and very often it only makes player cover some of the mistakes within notes rather than fixing them.

To be able to play things like this, you need to be 200% sure of what's exactly happening on each note. You have to be able to copy the lick with exact same picking direction and left hand fingering layout but in a very slow tempo. If you go for slow tempo and you let your hands do things radnomly....because slow tempo allows you to, then you will not profit the time of practise you spend on it."

16 Jul 2019
Hello folks,

Whenever I play chords I get pitch issues due to finger pressure. The problem is, my hand isn't relaxed enough when making the chord shape and I think, subconsciously I'm fretting hard to make the fretboard stop my fingers from springing back to their "home" position. It's like holding an unfamiliar yoga position I guess, not that I do yoga biggrin.gif but I guess people strain to hold position and tend to strain.

When I watch Ken (Klassaine) play chords, his fingers look so so relaxed whereas mine are like the hands of someone in a rage.

I know the word "practise" will appear but any tips on how to keep the hand relaxed particularly when playing dominant 7 barre chords will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks.
29 Jun 2019
Worth getting the album not only for the great man's playing but also to introduce you to blues you may not have heard of. cool.gif
18 Jun 2019
Here's wishing a very Happy birthday to GMC's very own Gabriel Leopardi.

Happy birthday buddy, may your day be filled with happiness and here's to many more.

17 Jun 2019
One of our main customers is making a series of videos about us, here is part 1.

They have some more about us HERE that aren't part of the same series.

I know some of you won't be interested but some of you have an engineering background and may like it.


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