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14 Nov 2020
Kris , I know you will lock this if not down right erase , that is your right , but I feel this is important with all the lying media !

Biden has not been announced "president elect" by any one with the authority to do such , he is constitutionally not the president elect .

Michigan alone has 234 signed affidavits ( against penalty of perjury ) of voter fraud , there is at least four states that are like this and this is why Biden has not been certified . If this can't be resolved by a certain date the 12 th amendment states each states gets 1 vote to decide the presidency which means Nancy Pelosi might be the one that has to announce Trump's second term . This amendment was signed in 1804 . So when everyone hears Trump stole this, he did not , precedence

Here his an article with Pelosi stating as much
2 May 2020
I got married to this lovely woman
8 kids
6 mortgages i now got down to 1
there is never a time where I don't want her by my side
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21 Apr 2020
hey a little exercise for you guys , put it in your daw , slow it down -speed it up, whatever .
It is based on the Quarantine 2 backing , every three notes it changes modes , I think it will do a lot if you want to practice with just those three notes in that mode if you want to get an ear for it.
it starts on the high e string with a bend at 15 then it tabs out 15 -14-12
then on the b string 15 -14 -12 ( the fourteenth , c# puts it in the dorian mode
Then down to the g string same frets 15 -14 -12 On this string 15 is the blues note
Then on the d string , 15 and end on the 14( the 15 (F) is phrygian and the 14 is the root , so it is sort of a passing tone )which puts it in Phrygian

hope this helps getting your feet wet with modes
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16 Apr 2020
ok guys , looking for a good buy
1 16 -32 ram
2 at least 250 ssd
3 at least 15 " wide
4 thunderbolt port

I have one i am looking at but want to see what you find , PC or Mac , I am just tired of clicking from usb when you have multiple plugins
16 Apr 2020
every time I render to a file , the file is not there , if I render to the same place the message says" do you want to rewrite"
there is also this strange line thru reaper and I can not drag the bar to access things as I should , I am sure it is some sort of bug , was wondering if it has happened to anyone else
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