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> Megadeth Riffing Lesson , Lesson By Gabriel Leopardi
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post Nov 11 2015, 01:24 AM
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Original lesson: Megadeth Riffing Lesson by Gabriel Leopardi

Megadeth Style

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Ben Higgins
post Nov 11 2015, 02:30 PM
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Hi Charles, welcome to the REC Zone!

I like this lesson - it's one of my favourites at GMC.

You start well but I notice that you use palm muting all the time. This lesson does use palm muting but there are some chords and notes that you need to leave clean. So go back and listen carefully to figure out which parts need palm muting and which parts do not.

You also use alternate picking in the sections where you want to use down strokes instead. Using down strokes is good during those sections because the tempo is slow enough to allow it so using down strokes will give the stronger, most consistent sound. That's why most metal bands use down strokes to play slow and mid tempo riffs and only revert to alternate picking for faster licks and riffs.

Near the end your timing lags behind a little so:

-Use of palm muting
-down strokes instead of alternate picking

These are the three areas you need to focus on - good luck!
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Gabriel Leopardi
post Nov 11 2015, 02:40 PM
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Hi Charles! Great to see a take from you at the REC!

You can play the whole lesson but there are many thing to improve on this on. This video also shows that there are some technique elements that you need to work and polish.

The parts/riffs are not sounding clear and clean so the best would be to isolate the different parts and work over metronome at slower tempos to make each note of the riffs sound clear. For example, listen carefully to the main/first riff, the higher notes (the ones that play the melodic part) are not sounding clear. You need to polish it.

About technique, I think that the movement and position of your right hand needs some adjustment. You tend to do some fingers movement while the movement should start from your wrist, and your fingers should be fixed to it. I recommend you to check out this lesson and practice alternate picking emulating Ben's right hand movement: https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/ls/Picking-Hand-Basics/

Your timing is good but as you are not still comfortable with these riffs at this tempo, I recommend you to practice more at slower tempos to be able to focus on the sound of each chord and riff.

Finally, the sound of your video could be much better. Check out this video that will give you ideas on how to improve it:

My lessons

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Darius Wave
post Nov 12 2015, 07:03 PM
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Hey there! Wellcome to REC! I takes courage to post a take here and that's the first challenge you accepted - that;s great!

Details..they do really matter. Even if some lesson sound simple, they usually contain a lot of details that make them sound so cool. It's not just about the notes itself. Instructors are taking time to rethink every note and it's articulation. Guitar is a fantastic instrument because it has such a wide range of ways to execute the sounds of your imagination. There is no need to hurry. You can take how much time you need but alwasy make sure to get biggest profit for your skills and this will come with your "little steps", bar by bar lesson analysis. Thing as picking direction do affect the tone so there is a reason for using downstrokes only in some parts. Also Palm muting gives boosted low end + persuccive punch, but some accents need to be done with open (not muted) sound. All this to create palette of musical colors and contrast to keep listeners attention. I think there is still a lot of things in the main lesson itself you should verify before getting additional feedback. Answears are already there. You did your take, now compare with original and try to spot the difference startting from picking direction at particular points.

Tone - before going into more advanced tone adjustment I think you should start from using bridge position for this type of riffing - that's how 90,9% of rock/metal players do it. Palm muting will sound most efficient. Middle position (both pickups together) of your guitar switch has a very specyfic tone - it's most often use for clean rhythm playing or slightly distorted blues tone. You will hardly find and rock/metal player using this position. There is plenty of reasons for this but 2 most visible are the palm muting sound and pinch harmonics executions (due to some phase issues between pickups some of harmonics do cancel each other and you might feel unable to properly execute P.H while it would not be your fault smile.gif
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post Nov 12 2015, 07:24 PM
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Almost there, 4.3

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