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19 Dec 2007
All right all right.

I've seen the lessons, read the descriptions and listened to the music and now I want some answers.

I dont know if you get invited to a special all around the world guitar club when you get good enough to know these secrets but if its that way I'll wait but untill then I want to get in on the deal.

First off, bending. Right I know how to bend - I place my fingers on the string and move it untill it make another note. Fair enough, but when I do it it sounds boring and more like a crying cat then a cool bend. So how do I flavor the bend to sound better? Is it settings on the amp? Some cool vibrato technique Ive missed? Do you hit other strings before the bend or what is it?

Secondly tapping, when I do it soundsm ore like those old phone ring tones than a sweet solo technique. Same questions as earlier!

And lastly what I like to call RUS or Random Uncharted Slides. In the middle of a lesson or solo or whatever people just seem to slide in from somewhere down the neck without tabbing it out. Ive noticed it both sounds cool and looks so much cooler. So whats the rule here? whenever you feel like it? From where do you slide, just from feeling or..?

Allow me these answers and help me evolve biggrin.gif

All the best!
17 Dec 2007
Well hello again!

Its been a while, the green clothes keep me busy. Now I got a short short vacation and a few hours to burn on guitar.

I have at least 2-3 hours a day for almost two whole weeks! more than I have had in a long time. So anyhow, I picked up my guitar and I realised.. I suck. There's just no other way ti put it. Tried out a lot of the "beginner" stuff thats on here but couldnt pull it off. So after nearly trashing my guitar after failing to play "We wish you a merry christmas" I decided. I need a strict workout schedule.

So now Im turning to you because Im dumb, help me with excercizes to get me going again. Point me in direction on this site with lessons with good excersizes. I have tried but I failed.

So sum it up: help me divide my few hours a day into sections and help me fill them excersizes.

I hope Im not bargaining for too much here.


A very dishearted guitarist.
7 Nov 2007
Hai again,

didnt quite know where to post so did it here.

Just wanted to let you guys know that Im back harassing the boards laugh.gif

Currently though, Im in the army which is why I quit visiting the forums (and lessons) for quite some time but now I got some spare time and been playing quite much guitar recently and decided I needed a new subscriptions.

Anyhoo, off to browse the new lessons rolleyes.gif
9 Mar 2007
Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know why I've suddenly turned very inactive.

So I bring you the news.

Let's start with the bad news; my internet at home is messing up and wont allow me to stay online for more than 5-15 minutes at a time which makes watching videos a virtual pain in the ass. Go go ISP slaughter.

Worse news is that I got a lot of shiet to do in school which keeps me away from the guitar and writing theory lessons. But as soon as it calms down I'll be back with some cool lessons for you, so hang tight!

Now for the good news, my band got a gig! On this sunday we and 10 other bands get 5 minutes on stage to bring our music to the people! Its sort of a competition (but we didnt know when we signed up that it was lol) so wish us luck!

We will do a cover on the BOC song Astronomy. And tbh we do it reallt frickin good!

'till next time
13 Feb 2007
Hi and welcome to todays 101 Lesson!

Today we're gonna touch a relatively unknown area. In fact I might have just discovered it. FOODPICKING!

Now, first I wanna say that foodpicking has nothing to do with the guitar itself but it's a mandatory excersize for any guitarist! First thing you need to do is go shopping (probably).

here is the list of things you will need to complete this lesson:

Bread of your choosing
Pastrami or ham
Orange Juice

Read the list carefully, it is important to bring all of these things!

Okey now, here is the first tab:

D-----------------------------------------then pastramiiii-
A-------------------------then cheese----------------------

Now watch the bend on the "utter" part as it is extremly important to do this right. Failure to execute perfectly results in a messy sandwich and noone wants that. Use just enough butter to create a flavor but not enough for a heartattack. Also make sure you realise that the hanging note is just to remind you that pastrami rocks.

Here's the next part:


I know it's not tabbed out but its VITAL that you slice your cucumber before else it will require quite a few whole cucumbers which will sound aweful when you chew. Try to sweep pick where you can and then stricltly alternate picking where you can and add alot of vibrato on the last part for maximum tatse.

And here is the third part:


Quite an easy part but if you dont get this down right it just wont taste the same!

And the ending:


Here I've added some string skipping to make an otherwise boring task into an interesting ending. Remember to juice a BIG glass. You need those vitamins from the orange juice unless you wanna end up looking like skeletor. You need to be strong to wield an axe, and orange juice is the way to go.

Now, if you read the list carefully it mentioned a metronome. Now you might be thinking Im gonna tell you to practice all this to a metronome but you would be wrong! As you are preparing your food you're gonna count different things. Like 16th notes and triplets all the time. But, when you exit the kitchen don't forget to turn the metronome off and take it with you to avoid annoying your girlfriend/wife/mother/boyfriend/etc.

Also you need to STOP RIGHT AWAY if your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/dad/mother/pet rock/neighbour starts looking at you because we can't allow the secrets of foodpicking to go to the infidels.

Cheers and thanks for reading all the way to the bottom biggrin.gif
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