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20 Jan 2019
Hi! I've had Kustom Arrow 16 for about ten years and today I noticed a weird sound (not the speaker's pop) when turning it off. I don't think it was there before, I mean I'd probably hear it over 10 years. Could it mean the amp is starting to break? It sounds alright when I play through it, nothing weird there, but as I'm saying, there's something when I switch it off. I'm not sure if that's the right word but it sounds a little hiss-like to me. I'll post a recording maybe, during my next session.
16 Jan 2019
Hello! Currently I'm studying Albinoni's Adagio and I'm wondering what is it that makes it tick. I can hear a Natural Minor scale as well as Harmonic Minor. I know there are more pieces like this, so I'm wondering how does it happen. In modern music these two not necessarily get along well. These scales are different in 7th step, so it's not even about modes.

How can I learn to use them interchangeably and still make it sound good? My friend says there's a classical harmony on which all the classical pieces are built and there's a modern harmony that's like "It's good as long as it sounds good. Doesn't need to fit the classical rules." But he doesn't want to elaborate.

My only idea is: the certain chords in the background could make the #7 sound well; but how to do it without any backing track? I'm familiar with both scales quite well for a beginner but I can only use them separately. What should I learn to be able to combine them?

15 Jan 2019
Hello! I just found out Microsoft decided to stop supporting Windows 7 in 1 year's time. I've been using it for 3 years or so and I absolutely love it! That doesn't mean it will suddenly stop working, I had used Windows XP for a few years after MS dropped it and I'll probably do the same thing here.

The thing is, game and program developers will stop writing builds that support this system as well - that's why I changed from XP in the first place. When that happens, I think I'll swap to either Linux or get a Macbook as a work station and keep my current PC for other uses.

I think W7 doesn't support Dx12 that seems to be the thing now.

Seeing how Macbooks are widely used for making music, it's gonna be my random choice, probably.

What are your thoughts? Are you using more modern system, like 8, 8.1 or 10?
11 Jan 2019
Hey! I'm not sure if it's new or if it's me who just discovered it. As you probably know, you can do math in Google. You can translate words (which sometimes goes wrong). But it seems you can also ask it for a key of a music piece.

Asked about the Haendel's Sarabande and Paganini's Carnival of Venice. About Haendel it's no doubt right but I don't think the Carnival is in F Major, while it starts with E, into F#. It sounds too cheerful to be in F# Minor, so unless it's a mode or an exotic scale, the only other option is A Major. I mean the carnival is supposed to be happy, not sad. I'm still learning but I checked the notes of the main theme and 1st variation by ear and the notes fit. I can't figure out the chords in the background, so I can't use a chord progression to identify the key either.

Someday I'll have the ears to tell it right away but for now it's nice to know that Google works hard to aid musicians as well! smile.gif

PS. This database seems to be super small but let's hope it will grow over time.
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10 Jan 2019
Hi everyone! I found this vid today. It's a part of Young Guitar series and it's quite informative.

There's also one from Jani (former Sonata Arctica and Kain's Offering).

I probably won't be able to make use of them anytime soon but maybe someone else will smile.gif
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