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Posted by: Todd Simpson Oct 25 2018, 06:38 PM

Welcome to SHRED BOOTCAMP! I'll be your Drill Instructor! And I do mean DRILL! As in a large power tool used in slasher films and Paul Gilbert concerts. Here is were you EARN THE LIVING DEATH out of your fingers and break through any speed bumps/barriers to become a MASTER CHIEF of Shred!
*Make sure you get both hands in the shot when shooting your video*Make sure you use a metronome for the first several Missions and that the metronome can be heard.*After you complete a mission, shoot me a PM and let me know it's ready and I'll give you a debrief! These are pass / fail, so if you pass you BADGE UP and if not, I'll give you some feedback and you head in to the breach once again.
*The first several missions are VERY simple. They are just to get you used to the bootcamp process.
*Most importantly, there is NEVER a speed requirement in bootcamp. I want you to push yourself to play as brisk as you can, but NEVER at the expense of precision. If you find you are missing a note here and there, slow down a bit. Speed is just a byproduct of precision so my goal is to make you a very precise player. At that point, speed just happens.



1.)Your mission is to go all the way back to the very start. The base of the mountain.


Which you will play SUPER PERFECT!. Speed it up bit by bit until you feel your ready to take it to WAR (Any speed, it's up to you, no points for speed, only points for playing in a precise manner as speed is simply a byproduct of precision) Shoot a video and post it as a reply to this post. Make sure to EMBED the video by clicking on INSERT SPECIAL ITEM above the smiley face and then you'll get a drop down menu. Click on INSERT YOUTUBE VIDEO and follow the instructions in the Pop Up Menu. I'll then offer a constructive and brutally honest critique.


Upon nailing the crap out of lesson one at a speed you didn't think possible, and playing it a clean as a freshly waxed floor, you will be given your first insignia of Rank in BOOTCAMP! You will then proceed to Lesson #2 and so forth. Here is the link to the entire 400 plus Lesson Library.

Here is the link to your own PRIVATE HOUSE OF PAIN!...Er I mean.. SHRED!


Posted by: onetabmat Nov 4 2018, 03:48 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Nov 5 2018, 03:31 AM

WELCOME TO THE FIGHT SOLDIER!!! Nice Axe!!! You attack this one with Verve and Aggression Soldier! As it should be! Let's Debrief!!
*MUTE: Well Done on your mute technique. You are doing it just right imho. Your palm remains planted and your articulating the pick with the thumb and first finger. Is this your normal technique or did you read me going on about this in a post somewhere? Either way, NICE!!!
*SYNCH: The point of this Mission is to test your hand synch and let me know if there are issues wit it. The Good News is that I don't see any issues. You have very tight right/left hand synch!
*PACE: Another aspect of this mission is pace. I want to see if you can play without rushing or lagging.

In short, you just.......

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Posted by: onetabmat Nov 15 2018, 06:13 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Nov 16 2018, 01:56 AM

Well fought Soldier!!! This is clearly to easy!!! I think you'll burn through these early missions!! It won't start to actually feel difficult until maybe Mission 25!!! I am a lot more picky on these as it is BOOTCAMP after all. Let's Debrief!!

*PICKING TECHNIQUE: This one is all about solid picking and your picking is Solid!!!!
*MUTING: You are keeping the palm flat and articulating the pick with the thumb and first finger as God intended. Well done!!! It's almost like the forked tongue style. One fork of the tongue (the palm ) stays planted, while the other fork (the fingers/thumb) moves about.

*SYNCH: This Mission is a good chance to see if your playing will fall apart once we start bouncing around the neck. Good news! Solid as a rock.
You didn't even break a sweat soldier!! You just..

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Posted by: onetabmat Nov 22 2018, 08:47 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Nov 23 2018, 02:59 AM


*TRAVERSE: many of these Missions have a good deal of string Traverse (going between strings), and it's easy to trip up when traversing. It's something that takes practice to get right. You did a great job on the traverse in this mission.
*PACE: These Missions are also a great chance for me to see you over a distance of ground. The Missions that run up the neck sometimes make folks want to rush towards the end as their hand starts to wear out. Not you! Strong and steady.
*ARTICULATION: You continue to have very good pick articulation using your thumb/first finger to move the pick and avoiding the dreaded "Picking from the Elbow" syndrome. Well done!!! In short, you took on a large chunk of challenging Missions and just KRUSHED IT!!!!
! in other words you just.....

Well fought Soldier!! You are ready for what's ahead!!

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Posted by: onetabmat Nov 28 2018, 06:39 PM

for some reason i was given a 4 badge for my 3rd, so just badge this as 3 wink.gif






Posted by: Todd Simpson Nov 28 2018, 08:02 PM

Impressive Streak Soldier!! You are seriously on a roll!!! Keep it up!!! Let's look at Mission 4. I knew you'd kill it so you are already badged up smile.gif I'll include the badge here again. Let's Debrief!!
PINKY POWER-Well done on the use of Pinky Power!! Using the pinky is very important as it always could use a bit more work no matter how long one has been playing. Also, being able to stick the landing on a given fret with the pinky is the key to playing wads of cool licks, many of which are yet to come in Bootcamp!!
PACE-It's very easy to rush or lag on a lick like this. You are not rushing or lagging at all. Your pace is even and steady. This is one of the main things I'm trying to teach here in Bootcamp. Being able to control the pace of play is one of the marks of a great player. With that type of control, you can speed up/slow down at will, even in the middle of a complex passage.
ARTICULATION-Your pick articulation is very good here. This loop has non stop string traverse. If you have poor pick articulation, your pick will get stuck on a given string and ruin the entire thing. You are picking at a good angle and using the tip which is just as it should be. You had no trouble with this lick at all which is great!! This back and forth movement is the basis of Paul Gilbert's shred style. Being able to do it well will lead to great things in your playing. Keep this lick and see how far you can push the speed in your practice sessions!! This Mission is one for the books you just ... LEVELED UP!!!!

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for some reason i was given a 4 badge for my 3rd, so just badge this as 3 wink.gif






Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 1 2018, 03:39 AM


Well Fought Soldier!! You started off a bit loose, but you saved at the end. This lick is fun to play fast. You gotta be careful though that you don't let the thirst for blood make you so aggressive that you lose your hand synch! You've clearly got a good handle on this concept that we are working on in this mission though. Let's Debrief!!


SHEER AGGRESSION - I like the aggressive approach Soldier! Throwing yourself in to it!! That gets a lot of points in my book.

PINKY POWER The weakest finger is always in need of work. Great to see you giving it good whipping!!!!

With all the string traverse going on, bad muting will result is crazy amounts of string noise. Good news is your mute is spot on!!!

This lesson is clearly to easy for you Soldier!!! You are ready for the Blood and Guts that lay ahead!! You KRUSHED it and..



Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 2 2018, 05:09 AM

Pedal Points are a great technique to add to your bag of Tricks Soldier!! Not everyone takes to them right away. You took to it like a fish to water!! let's Debrief!!!....


ALT PICK TO GLORY Your Alternate Picking kung fu is quite strong soldier. One missed strike and this lick falls apart. You didn't miss any!! Well done.

PRECISION KILLS Without Precision, this lick does not work. It requires good pick articulation and and good hand synch. Without both, again it falls apart. You have both in spades!!

PACE NOT RACE Not rushed, not lagged, steady like a rock. Nice!!

Soldier you tore through this. Very well done!!!!! You just....



Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 3 2018, 04:30 AM

You didn't have any trouble with this one Soldier! Well fought!! I think you may have to get a bit further before you break a sweat!!! Let's Debrief!!


BACK AND FORTH: The "Back and Forth" is in full effect in this Mission. It's a "Paul Gilbert" thing and it's at the core of wads of shred licks. You can get some serious speed on this. Try it in bursts, try it as a long loop. Burst will let you feel what it's going to be like once you are able to loop it at break neck speed as Gilbert would do.
NO SLIP NO MISS: I build these so that any pick strike missed will stick out. You didn't miss any strikes so nothing is sticking out! Precision is everything.
NO NOISE NO MESS: On this type of lick it's easy to get extra string noise if your mute is not spot on. Your mute is spot on so no chance of that!!!
Yet another one for the books Soldier!! You just..


Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 4 2018, 02:04 AM


Another Impressive take Soldier!! You are clearly in good standing for what's ahead. Your making great progress!!! Let's Debrief......


GRACE UNDER PRESSURE These licks are not easy for most folks. You seem to have no trouble at all with them. You can play them without breaking a sweat. This is great to see. You are well beyond the level you are currently badged at. You may end up being the first one to crack triple digits. Everyone gets bogged down at some point when the Missions get really tough. At this rate, you'll burn right through it and be the first one in 10 years to do so.

PINKY POWER Great to see you using your pinky power! It's always a good idea to use the pinky.

PRECISION/SPEED I notice you are building up some good speed as well. Speed is just a byproduct of precision so your precision is getting better!

In short you cut through this like a hot knife through butter! You just...



Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 5 2018, 07:23 PM


Impressive work Soldier!!! These are all canon fodder for you the onslaught of your playing!!! It's great to see you burning through these with such grace. You are well prepped for what's ahead as the road does get tricky as you get higher up. You are very close to your next Chevron Badge. Let's Debrief!!..


GRACE UNDER PRESSURE I notice that you didn't even have to look at your hands while playing this. It's a tricky bit and moves constantly which usually requires folks to keep an eye on their fret hand. You seem very comfortable just playing freestyle and not even looking at your hands which is great to see.
TRAVERSE FOR THE WIN Another drill with non stop string and fret traverse. If you were going to miss a note or strike, this would be where it happens. Good news is, you don't miss a think. Sniper!!
MUTED PICKING Keeping a solid mute while doing picking gymnastics is one of the most important things I try to teach. Some players really struggle with this if they have bad muting technique or rely to much on the fretting hand for mute. Not so here. You deftly mute and articulate the pick with the picking hand. Nice!!
In short, you are ready for the next stage of Battle Soldier. You have a firm grasp of the fundamentals and are prepared for War that is to come!!!! In other words you just..

Posted by: onetabmat Dec 10 2018, 03:05 PM




Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 11 2018, 04:32 AM

Mission 10 is a different lick than the vid posted in your take. I went ahead and graded lick 11 and badged you up. So you vid 10 needs another go but you killed 11!
*OBVIOUS SKILL: This lick is very tricky for some and you burn through it with no
issues. You didn't even break a sweat. Not even a contorted guitar face!!
*PICK ANGLE: The angle of the pick as it hits the strings is one of the critical
elements for any player. You've found a good angle and are getting very consistentpick strikes on everything you play. Nice!
*COMBO KILL: Many of these drills require many techniques to be applied at once.This is one of them. Requires solid muting, picking, traverse, and articulation. You'vemade great progress on all these.

In upcoming Missions, there are several drills to master for each Mission. I don't see these being a problem for you. Well played on this one. You just.. LEVELED UP!!!

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Posted by: onetabmat Dec 11 2018, 03:12 PM

10 should be correct video this time

Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 12 2018, 02:09 AM

Truly Impressive Soldier. This lick is a real finger twister. Folks often struggle a bit on this. Not so with you. Per usual, calm grace under pressure. No wincing, no guitar face, just calm confidence. Nice. Let's Debrief!!
1.)LET'S TWIST: This is a true finger twister. It does a complicated bit of finger torture on the way up and on the way down. This is to prepare you for the full scale version of this lick which is yet to come.

2.)NEVER A MISS: Didn't miss a note. One miss and the whole thing falls apart, just like most of these. They are built to to make any mistakes stick out. No mistakes. Nice.
3.)PRECISION DRIVE: Your precision continues to increase with each and every mission Soldier. Keep it up!!!!
Very impressive work on this. You SLAYED it and ...

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10 should be correct video this time

Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 13 2018, 02:44 AM


Well Fought Soldier!!! This one is all about the slide and alt picking. We will use upslides and down slides in future missions. You'll be in good shape for those and for everything that's on deck from the looks of it. You are a very adept player and are ripping a swath through these starter missions! You graduate to the next level of difficulty in at 13 and you are right next to it. Let's Debrief!!


*SLIP SLIDING AWAY- The slide is at the core of this lick. You show a very deft hand on the downslide on every string. It's a very handy technique that Steve Vai uses to great effect. Try using it on your solo work as well.

*ALT PICKING- Non stop alt picking on this and you show great dexterity in execution here. Nice!

*SINGLE STRING WORK - This is non stop single string work and you have no problem with it. There are some trickly single string bits coming up but I don't think those will stress you too badly.

Your ripping a path of Destruction Soldier!! Keep it up!! You just..

*You are currently making the most progress of anyone in bootcamp. Keep at it!!


Posted by: onetabmat Jan 2 2019, 08:12 PM


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 3 2019, 09:35 PM

Well Fought Soldier!! This one is a real finger twister! Many a fine Soldier has fallen in the field while trying to conquer this one. You seemed to have no trouble at all! let's Debrief!!

*SYNCH OR SWIM: Your hand synchronization is much improved. This drill in particular is a good one to work on synch. Keep this drill handy as a warmup and try to add it to your routine. It will help your hand synch more and more as you go.

*PACE: Not rushing or lagging. This is crucial. If you can't play in a steady fashion, then it's impossible to control ones pace when one does wish to lead or lag during a guitar solo for emphasis.

*PRECISION: Without precision this lick falls apart quick. You have a good deal of articulate and precise playing going on here. Well done!!
In short you just..

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Posted by: onetabmat Jan 6 2019, 07:31 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 7 2019, 08:24 PM

This looks like Mission 15 Soldier. Not a big deal. Just one ahead. 14 is a single string sort of lick. Once more in to the breach!!


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Posted by: onetabmat Jan 9 2019, 05:46 PM




Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 12 2019, 08:32 PM

Well Fought Soldier! This is what I'm looking for on this Mission!! A strong palm mute and good hand synch. This is a great hand synch drill. If your synch is off, even a little bit, the lick falls apart as I"m sure you found out when learning it. I found out for certain while writing it. I had to work hard on this one to play it like it sounded in my head. I was able to write it long before I could actually play it. You seemed to have no trouble at all!! Let's Debrief!!

*PALM MUTE-Very solid mute here. Without the mute, the open string just rings and creates a steady noise which ruins the lick. Not so here! Tight mute the entire time.-

*SYNCH- This is a synch drill. Any drift in synch shows up. That's the entire point of playing this. Good news is your synch is spot on!

*AGGRESSIVE STYLE- Leaning in to the fight like a Soldier!!!! I appreciate a bit of aggression!
In short, your synch has improved quite a bit! Well done indeed. You just ....


quote name='onetabmat' date='Jan 9 2019, 12:46 PM' post='765054']14


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 14 2019, 09:17 AM

WELL FOUGHT SOLDIER!! Another battle, another victory. This one requires a good stretch and very articulate pinky control and pick control. You gotta stick the landing each time, and you can't miss a single strike or it just falls apart. It requires control and technique from start to finish. Let's debrief!!


PINKY POWER - This lick requires good control of the pinky. Gotta stick the landing each and every time. Miss one pinky landing and the lick does not work. It comes around over and over and you stick the landing each time. Nice!
ARTICULATION - This one requires pick articulation at a pretty high level since it has non stop string traverse. It forces the pink hand to keep switching strings and thus requires the fretting hand to do the same. The end result is that it requires great hand synch. This is a great synch drill. Keep it in your warm up and try to march it up the neck one fret at a time. Nice!
TIMING - This requires spot on timing. There are no gaps in it at all. In addition to the non stop traverse using both hands, it mixes a triad shape with a scale shape and allows no time to prep or recover so one has to transition smoothly. This is really the point of this lick. To teach the hand how to transition between techniques/shapes without a gap. Well played!

You've got this one well in hand Soldier! You just..



Posted by: onetabmat Jan 15 2019, 08:55 PM


Posted by: onetabmat Jan 15 2019, 09:23 PM


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 15 2019, 11:58 PM


Well Fought yet again Soldier!!! There might be a pinch much mute on the first one, but that's not a serious problem. The muting used on the rest worked great. Make sure not to "over mute" on the low E or you kill all the tonality. This is a tough nut to crack and you cracked it wide open!! Let's Debrief!


PINKY POWER- You are knee deep in a series of Missions that will lean on your pinky. Many folks have serious issues when it comes to the weakest finger. Most folks, myself included, often avoid the pinky when possible. It's short, it's weak, what is there to like? Well, REACH for one thing. Without the pinky, one simply can't play guitar effectively. It's great to see you sticking the landing with the pinky!

TRAVERSAL OF FORTUNE- You don't just play the lick on the E, you try it on several strings and show your skills at being able to traverse strings and keep up the same high level of technique that you display on the first one. It's great to see. Nice!

PRECISION- Yet another lick that has no gaps, no room for error, requires the weakest finger, doesn't allow for any rush/lag. Not a problem with you Soldier!!! Nailed it.

In short, you freaking KILLED IT!!! This lick, like the last one, forces the hand to mix and match triad shapes with scale shapes. It's all about getting your hand to behave as you would have it behave and not how it wants to behave. In short it's about control and precision and you have it in spades!!! Well done. You just..



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 17 2019, 05:06 AM


Nice!! This is as close as anyone has ever come to playing this lick as written. You are struggling just a bit on the ascending bit which is understandable as I find it tough to play all the way up every string and hit every note and I wrote the darn thing. Your descending is quite impressive. Running scales this way adds to the "Shreddy" factor in just about any solo you play. You can use this same technique to run any scale you like. I'm just using the 3 note per string Minor scale because it's my favorite scale wink.gif If you like the Harmonic Minor or Dorian, you can run those this same way if you use the three note per string version which you can map out using the scale generator. Let's Debrief!!!


DEXTERITY-This lick requires a dexterity to play at speed. It's that simple. Without a dextrous hand, this lick just won't work at speed. It will stutter and stop in parts which wrecks it. Good news is you have a very nimble touch which works well on this lick.
SYNCH-At speed it's very easy to lose track of which strike is to go with what note. Not the case here. You keep the notes and strikes married up. Nice!

MUTE-As this lick uses every string, muting is key. Without a good mute, it's a noise fest. Not so here. Solid muting keeps it very clean.

In short I"m very impressed. This is one of the most difficult licks so far and you did great. Score!!!! You just ...

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Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 18 2019, 05:21 AM

Well Fought Soldier!! This Mission is one that puts many Soldiers in a state of severe post traumatic stress. It has very little in the way of guidance so that the soldier will need to dig deep and come up with something on their own. You seemed to have no problem at all and that's great to see. Well played! Let's Debrief!!
VARIETY- You employ a wide variety of licks here. A broad range of techniques that are all brought together to service the needs of the solo. Nice!!

STYLE- Your style is appropriately intense given the backing. All of the licks work well and I notice that you chose several that reflect work in the Missions. Score!!

TECHNIQUE- A wide variety of technique on display as well! Hammering, scale runs, whammy, etc. All brought together to make a cool solo. Double Score!
In short you KRUSHED it. Great to see you just kill it!!!! There are a few spots where timing issues creep in, but nothing that made it not work. Well done. This is a major milestone in Bootcamp. You just...


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Posted by: onetabmat Jan 21 2019, 03:18 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 22 2019, 07:03 AM

NICE!!! This is a tricky one and many a soldier has fallen in the face of it. It requires a full FOUR NOTE PER STRING TAP and includes an open string so it's really a FIVE NOTE PER STRING TAP!!! This is the secret to being able to make it sound like you are playing at light speed. Once you get your speed up on this, it's 5 NPS rythm makes it sound like you are using a 5 NPS scale. It sounds blistering with only a modicum of efffort. It also works on every string!! keep this one in your practice routine. It works with any scale btw and on every string smile.gif Let's Debrief!!
*TAPPING TO GLORY- 4 NPS tapping is not a simple thing. Add the open and it's 5 NPS tapping. Most Eddie VanHalen style tapping uses fretted strings only and 3 notes. So this is quite a bit more advanced. Well Done!
*PULLING FOR POWER-Pull offs make this lick what it is. Without the pull offs, the lick doesn't work at all. No problem for you. Great pull offs!
*QUIET AS DEATH-The open string is there partially to test your muting. Without solid muting, the string noise kills this lick. Not so here! SCORE!

Well played Soldier you just..

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Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 23 2019, 08:51 AM

I appreciate the aggression Soldier!! I fear you may be jumping the gun just a pinch here. You are losing track of the note sequence here just a bit in favor of playing it briskly. There are no points for speed in bootcamp, only for precision. If you shoot 1000 rounds and never hit the bullseye, it doesn't matter how fast you pulled the trigger. Slow this one down maybe just a pinch and make sure you are getting the note sequence correct and you will sail on glorious Victory!


Posted by: onetabmat Jan 23 2019, 04:58 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 24 2019, 08:13 AM

This is a classic blues lick so it's very important to get this one spot on and right at 4/5 seconds, where it gets tricky due to the finger shift, you lose the note sequencing just a pinch. I think you are still rushing things a bit here. No points for speed, in bootcamp so you don't have to play it briskly. What's most important is that you learn to play this type of lick with the proper note sequencing so that you can apply this method of running a scale to any pentatonic mode that you like. This lick is much easier to play when using a straight standard scale. it's made MUCH more difficult by using the run up the neck which requires that awkward change on the B string. Slow it down just a pinch and keep it nice and steady and I"m sure you can play this. Once more in to the breach Soldier!!

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Posted by: onetabmat Jan 28 2019, 05:15 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 29 2019, 04:55 AM

Now your talking Soldier! This is a tricky bit. Especially with all the string traverse and sliding. It's worth getting right though. It's good practice for REC. There is a very low tolerance for almost getting things right in REC as you may have noticed. If one's playing is at all sloppy or not quite there, REC grading will require another pass. So working on your precision in Bootcamp is a great way to get ready for your next rec! Let's Debrief!
Well Fought Soldier!! You have a really good grip on everything in this mission. You are more than ready for what lay ahead!!!!

PICK OF DESTINTY Your picking is very clean and as a bonus you are not losing your palm mute! This is a very important skill that can take forever to get a handle on and you've got it!

MUTE OF DEATH You keep a good solid palm mute the entire time and don't let a lot of extra noise happen which is great to see! Being able to control the noises that happen and don't happen is key!

PACE WINS RACES Pacing is great as well!! You don't rush or lag during the entire bit.

You got it Soldier!! You are ready to move on! Well done on sticking with it!
In other words, you just ...


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Posted by: onetabmat Jan 29 2019, 09:25 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jan 30 2019, 07:28 AM

I applaud your aggressive style here!! However, I fear aggression has won out over technique just a bit. The scale bit that is after the main rythm is very complex and will take some time to play at speed. You tend to rush in to playing these pieces at a brisk pace a pinch before being ready. These are challenging bits and take time to play at speed. They are meant to just teach you a very hard piece to allow you to learn it and then go from there and spend time achieving speed. It took me years to play this properly without missing notes. Being able to play it at all, any any speed, is a victory. Slow down a bit and play it note for note. Even if that means playing well below your normal speed. I can see that you can clearly shred. This pieces are designed to force you to slow down enough to learn complex patterns with precision so that when you get them back up to speed, they sound incredible. There are no points for speed in bootcamp though. Only points for precision. Miss a note, or a few notes, and it's got to be done again. These are graded much harder than quick licks but REC is graded even harder. Part of bootcamps purpose is to teach patience with yourself. Not rushing in to playing something at speed before your hands are ready. Had I not written the piece in question, I might not even know the difference. It's a blur of notes after the main rythm. Which is what this lick sounds like played fast. Having written it and played it thousands of times, I can hear each one of those notes when they are present or absent. Back off the pace a bit so that you can play the entire thing at a steady pace and give it one more go!


QUOTE (onetabmat @ Jan 29 2019, 04:25 PM) *

Posted by: onetabmat Feb 4 2019, 04:47 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Feb 5 2019, 02:22 AM

BINGO!!! That's what I was looking for. I want to be able to hear each individual note during that fast back and forth bit. I knew you could play this with a bit more time in the wood shed!! let's Debrief!!
MEDALS OF HONORWell Fought Soldier!! This is a very tricky bit of playing. It's got two entirely different bits hooked up together which makes it very very tricky indeed. The first part is slow then the scale is double time. You play it at speed and nailed it!
Let's Debrief...

is firmly planted on the bridge and you are starting to articulate the pick very well with a pinch of wrist and some finger action. Well done there!

PRECISION IS THE KEY This is a very good workout for either alt picking or econ depending on how you approach it it.

ARTICULATION: No unwanted notes and very even and deliberate pacing. Score!!!

In short, your hard work is paying off in spades and you are more than ready for the hurdles that away you in coming missions! ATTACK!!!

You just.....


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Posted by: onetabmat Mar 29 2019, 10:14 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Mar 30 2019, 07:19 AM

Soldier, that's one of the best MISSION 22s I"ve seen. Ever. Thats the lick I've been trying to share for as long as I can remember. BINGO! You got it. That's the finger pattern and pull off pattern that makes this lick shred. Let's Debrief!

PULL OFF MAGIC: This lick only works at speed with the pull off technique well in hand. It's not easy to pull this lick off at this speed, with this level of precision. Nice!
REVERSAL: Backwards and forwards, no problem.

AGGRESSIVE STYLE: Full tilt without losing control.

You pretty much nailed it. This is another great lick for solo work. I use it quite a bit as it's one of my favorite licks. You can apply this to other scale modes as well. You killed it and just..


QUOTE (onetabmat @ Mar 29 2019, 05:14 PM) *

Posted by: Todd Simpson Mar 31 2019, 06:11 AM


Nice!!!!!! This one has a much feared PINKY SLIDE!!!! Many a soldier has packed up and just called it quits rather than face the fact that the pinky needs to slide!!! You did it with ease and grace. You can take this type of lick and run it all the way up the neck and all the way back down.

PINKY TRAVEL: Nice fret travel! Not only traversing strings, but traveling up the fretboard in a very smooth and precise fashion.

PACING: The pacing is nice and even and deliberate as it should be.

MUTING: VERY good job muting on this as it's one of those licks that is prone to cause string noise. You keep a good solid palm mute while using your thumb and finger to control the pick. It's the culmination of everything we work on in chat and it's coming together nicely!!!!

In short, you just ...


Posted by: Todd Simpson Apr 1 2019, 05:30 AM


Yet another Victory March Soldier!!! None of this seemed to make you even break a sweat!!! Good reach, picking, it's all in there!!! Let's Debrief!!!


Congrats Soldier! You are knocking em down left and right!! Let's Debrief!! ...
BTW Such a lovely Ibby there, every time I see it

PICK AND HAMMER-ON: The "Pick and Hammer-On" is very important and you have a very good grasp here both ascending and descending.

MUTE MADNESS: Very good control of leaving your palm in one place and using your fingers to make notes. This is something I try to teach all the time and it takes folks quite a while to get the hang of it. You nailed it!

TIMING: Very tight and very evenly played. This is not easy to pull off on this lick and you used your PINKY!!

In short, you just ...

Posted by: Todd Simpson Apr 2 2019, 05:41 AM


Well Fought Soldier!!! This is quite a deft bit of shreddery and you blew through it with ease! Let's Debrief!


You do a great job of pick control on this one. Steady pace and even playing. Nice!!

PALM MUTE MADNESS: Very clean palm mute per usual as I've come to expect. Nice!!

TRAVERSELY SPEAKING: This can a VERY VERY confusing lick, with all the back and forth movement between strings. Not for you!!!

This is a tricky bit and you just KRUSHED it!!

In short, you just ...

Posted by: Todd Simpson Apr 3 2019, 04:32 AM


Another Victory!!!!! Yet again I'm impressed with your hand strength here. You keep your palm mute and still manage to do hammer on/pull off runs without picking each note. That's a skill that can be very hard to teach as it requires endless hours of finger drills to get enough power in the fingers. You've clearly put your time in the Wood Shed! Let's Debrief!


PERMA MUTE: Mute like a Rock!!! Planted palm mute and using your fingers to control the pick. Nice!

TRAVERSELY: Traverse is just plain difficult for many a Soldier. Traverse of course, just talking about moving from one string to another. Once you get this, soooooo many other things fall in to place and you got a really good handle on it Soldier!!

SYNCHING: Even handed timing and synch. Not rushing or dragging, just right.

You got this one sorted Soldier!! You just...

*You also just earned your Next Chevron!


Posted by: Todd Simpson Apr 4 2019, 04:56 AM

PLANTED MUTE: Easy to get string noise when traversing, good to see you muting well!

SYNCH ON POINT: If your hand synch drifts even a pinch, drills like this will let you know. Not a problem here.

TRAVERSELY: Being able to traverse frets and strings while making everything sound like it's being played on one string that's moving under your hand instead of your hand moving, is the goal and you nailed it

In short you are more than ready for what's next! You just...



Posted by: Todd Simpson Apr 5 2019, 04:58 AM


Finger Traverse: With skill and grace, you traverse like a champ!

Mute Like You Mean it: Very good muting without string noise. KEY to playing a bit like this. Without good muting, it's a mess.

Articulate Picking: Picking articulation is some of the best from you I've seen.

In other words, you just...



Posted by: Todd Simpson Apr 6 2019, 06:22 AM

Another Kill!! You are really killing it Soldier!!! These are almost too easy for you!!!
MEDALS OF HONOR MR CLEAN: Clean muting/picking. Doing a great job managing the string noise that is very hard to escape in licks like these! Nice!

MR SMOOTH: Very smooth timing. It's often the case that these licks get rushed, dragged, but not by you!!

MR BOOYA! I like that you play with attitude Soldier!

You have really burned through these. I think you are in a good groove here. Keep it up!!

In other words you just..


Posted by: onetabmat May 31 2019, 08:57 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 1 2019, 09:02 AM

Well Fought!!!! You are on your way Soldier!!! You are clearly well prepped for the battle. Let's Debrief!

SYNCH OR SWIM This workout, like many of these, will help show you if there are any gaps hiding from view. The good news is I don't see any!!! Your hand synch is tight.

TECHNIQUE ON POINT Your right hand is well planted to prevent unwanted string noise, and it's doing a good deal of the muting. This is something else that stumps many players as they often rely on right hand muting which results in not being able to play certain licks without generating string noise.

STEADY AS A ROCK Keeping your pace from rushing or lagging, That's one of the hardest things of all. This is VERY important and you've got a really good handle on it.

You have the tools to go all the way Soldier!! Keep it up!! You just..


QUOTE (onetabmat @ May 31 2019, 03:57 PM) *

Posted by: onetabmat Jun 2 2019, 04:14 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 2 2019, 11:52 PM



SYNCH IT This workout, like most, will help show you if there are any gaps hiding from view. There is always room to work a bit on synch, no matter how good it gets. keep it up!

TECHNIQUE ON POINT Your right hand is well planted to prevent unwanted string noise, and it's doing a good deal of the muting. You switch to arm muting on the right arm when you start tapping and do a good job keeping string noise at bay.

STEADY AS A ROCK Your picking is very clean and even. Like I always say, you gotta learn to play like a robot if you wanna shred like a God!!!

This one has a lot of moving parts that let me see where you are at. You are in a good spot! Your playing is solid. It could use a pinch of polish here and there but you'll work through that as you move forward. You've got these sorted. Stick a fork in it!
In short you just....



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 4 2019, 05:08 AM



SYNCH OR DIE You may have noticed how much emphasis I put on hand synch. It's part of nearly every drill in bootcamp. If one has poor hand synch, one is a poor player. It's that simple. If your synch is bad, your playing is bad. Good news here is your synch is spot on!

MUTE OF DEATH You may have also noticed how much I focus on palm muting. I make these licks so that it's hard to cheat and use the left hand to mute. This is so that hen you want to play open string licks, etc, you will be able to.

PRECISION KILLS I always encourage picking from the thumb/finger then back along the hand/wrist. The only way to get used to picking this way, dare I say the "proper way", is by repetition. You started with good technique and it's getting better!
In short, you had no problems with this one. You are hitting your stride and you just..

You are TOP DAWG in Quick Licks, at this rate, you may soon be TOP DAWG in Bootcamp as well!


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 5 2019, 05:39 AM


Welcome to STRETCH HELL!!!!! This lick just can't be done properly without the Pinky. The good news is that you have a good command of the little finger!! This one requires you stick the landing over and over and over all the way up and down. Also, non stop string traverse means lots of chances to miss a single strike and blow the entire drill. More good news, no misses! Let's Debrief.

MUTE AND MORE MUTE Bad muting on this means BIG STRING NOISE since you have to take your left hand OFF the fretboard to let the open strings ring just a bit. So you can only mute with your right hand. You continue to impress with your solid planted palm on the bridge!

SYNCH MUTE One slip on hand synch and you get to start over. No problem here. This requires the dreaded "Synch Mute", e.g. hand synch while doing a palm mute. Well played!

TRAVERSING NOT TRAVESTY New string every three notes. This one is non stop string traverse so if your traverse is bad, the lick falls apart. Not so! Your traverse game is good.

Great job on the REEAAAAAACHH!!! You just....



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 6 2019, 12:02 AM


Wow! This is NOT an easy Mission. It requires focus and precision. You have wads of both.


MUTE You continue to impress with your solid planted palm on the bridge! This is the key to Thumb Articulation. Being able to keep your palm from moving and still move the fingers.

SYNCH MUTE This Mission requires the dreaded "Synch Mute", e.g. hand synch while doing a palm mute. This is key to my entire playing style.

TRAVERSING NOT TRAVESTY Perpetual Burn becomes perpetual Traverse! Miss one and you get to start over. No problem you never miss!!!
You are playing with confidence and precision. Keep it up!



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 6 2019, 11:11 PM


HALF YOUR SQUAD GOT KILLEDYou've had a good run Soldier!! But sadly, this Mission seems to be one that requires another look. You have got the left hand going great!! You have good reach, good precision and good synch!! Now that BAD NEWS. Your RIGHT HAND is letting your squad down. This is an open string lick with traverse. The point of these licks is to show gaps in your palm mute. If there are gaps you will hear string noise and I'm hearing string noise. You've got to mute enough to prevent the other strings from ringing but not so much that you kill the notes you are trying to created.

In short, your palm mute needs a bit more polish on this one. Slow this down a pinch and focus on only letting the string you are working on ring through. The other strings should not be resonating. This is what makes this Mission tricky. You can do it Soldier!!

Posted by: onetabmat Jun 11 2019, 10:50 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 12 2019, 06:45 AM

Bingo! It just needed a bit more focus on the muting. I can tell that your fingers are more than able to play it. I'm guessing you were just burning through missions and may not have even noticed a bit of string noise. I grade these a bit picky. Quick Licks is more about just trying the lick. Bootcamp is more about precision. Let's debrief!
PINKY POWER Nice work there! You've got great reach and pinky control!

TRAVERSE THE UNIVERSE string traverse without any unwanted notes/noise. With open string licks, string noise is always something that comes up at some point.

RETRO ACTIVE Back and forth on the strings without missing the strike or finger. Nice! The back and forth can get confusing. Not so here!

You ticked every box I was looking for! Congrats!! you just..



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 14 2019, 03:49 AM

You have a good roll going Soldier!! One thing I'd say to look at is using your pinky on fret 7 and lower. You start with the pinky but switch to the third finger in some cases. The more you can use the pinky, especially on the lower frets, the better! Once you get up past 12th fret work, the first 3 fingers can make more sense in some cases. But on the low frets, always try to use the pinky! Lets Debrief!!

*SYNCHING AND SWIMMING: You have good hand synch here which is great. Without good synch, this lick, and most of these licks, will fall apart.

*PACE STEADY AS A CLOCK: Being able to play at a steady pace is something many folks struggle with. It's easy to play certain bits quick, then tricky bits slow.

*CLEAN AS A WHISTLE: This is a tricky pattern and requires string traverse and muting and synch. You may not realize it, but you are now using a HUGE amount of technique all at once.

You just..


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 16 2019, 12:02 AM



*AGRESSIVE STYLE: Not only did you play the piece, you played your bits as well. You play with confidence which is what I'm hoping to see in this one. No timidity or reticence. Score!

*PICKING: Solid pick articulation is the second thing I"m looking for on this one. Your picking technique is quite good. Double Score!

*TECHNIQUE: Solid palm mute, precise picking, not rushing or lagging, all of your technique is on display. Triple Score!
You ticked every check box that I"m looking for on this mission. You are on a Roll!!
In short you just ...



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 17 2019, 05:10 AM



*AGRESSIVE STYLE: This Mission is just begging for some aggression and you had it!!

*PICKING: You articulated the pick quite well with thumb and first finger. Score!

*TECHNIQUE: Solid palm mute, precise picking, not rushing or lagging, BAM!


I did notice that you were not using your third finger in some of the fast runs. Instead you were using your first, second and pinky. This is a habit that I"d like to see you overcome. Try to use your third finger and pinky when you play notes that are close together instead of u sing your third finger and pinky. It's an issue, but not enough to stop you badging up!

In short you just ...



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 18 2019, 04:11 AM

PICKING FROM HELL!: Solid Picking on this. One Shot one Kill!
HANDY SYNCHY! These bits require synch. You got it!
MUTE OR SHOOT! Just enough to control any errant string noise, but not so much it kills all the fun.

FINGER FAILURE: I notice (time index 47 seconds.) You are still letting your third finger do the worth that your fourth finger should be doing. You make it work, but I would really like to see you try to break this habbit if at all possible. It will open up your playing to new possibilities! It's not enough to keep you from badging up as you still make it work!

In short you just ....



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 19 2019, 02:32 AM

Well Fought Soldier I noticed you made good use of the Pinky which is what I was looking for. You ahve a bad habit of letting your second finger stand in for your third finger in some scale shapes. Also you sometimes let your first three fingers to the work even at the 5th fret where the pinky and third finger shoudl be involved. These are not good habits to have and will keep you from being able to play to your full potential which I think is very high! On to the debrief!

CLEAN AS GLASS: No glitches or misses. Each strike meets it's note.

SO TIGHT YOU COULD BOUNCE A QUARTER OFF OF IT: Right/Left hand Synch is very tight.

STILL STRONG Palm Muting continues to be a strength.

You have a couple of issues to work on soldier, I hope that we can work through them as we go! For now.

You just..


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 21 2019, 06:03 AM

LEFT HAND SKILLS THAT KILL This drill uses all the strings to make you traverse every single string. It's to see if you can keep a mute while traversing all of them.

RIGHT HAND SKILLS THAT KILLL These licks are designed to get you to strike then hammer without striking. Some folks get their strikes and non strikes mixed up and it's easy to hear when it happens. Not you! Spot on.

THAT SYNCHING FEELING This drill is also designed to show any gaps in right/left hand synch. The good news is, you don't have any!! If there are gaps it's easy to spot. You have really good right left synch.

FINGERING: I'm still noticing that your using your first, second, and pinky, instead of first, third, and pinky, on many of the patterns. This is a hard habit to break. Try to see if you can break it in your next set of vids. It will open up your playing and speed like you can't imagine.

It's a small issue so for now you just....



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 22 2019, 08:46 PM

Good use of the Pinky! Well fought Soldier!
FINGER TRAVERSE: This has non stop string traverse to get you used to traversing every single string.

PALM MUTE: Keeping your hand planted while playing is a skill. Most folks just can't do it. You can do it quite well!!!

PICK ONCE HAMMER MANY: Your use of pick once, hammer many is very good and tightly controlled. It's a very powerful technique.
In short Solder, you just...


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 24 2019, 08:02 AM

Nice! This is what I"m looking for on this one. This one is more of a conversation than a bullet list. I want to see if you can put notes in places where they make sense musically. For some folks, this is the Mission they just never get past. It's a bit step to be able to put it all to good use. You do it quite well! The only thing that bothers me is that i still see you useing your third finger instead of your pinky even when you are around the 7th fret. It's a bad habit that is very hard to break. Some folks never break the habit and it limits their playing for the rest of their lives. I see great potential in your playing so I'd urge you to try to use the pinky near the 7th fret and below, and to use the pinky and third finger instead of pinky and second finger when playing adjacent frets. Also a bad habit that is very hard to break. Still, this is a very fine solo and you just



Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 25 2019, 06:00 AM

Soldier I"m impressed that you can play this finger twisting lick. It's a complex pattern that many folks find quite difficult. Not you! You rip right through it. The bad news is..

Soldier this is a prime example of a lick that really is meant to be played using the first finger, third finger, and pinky. It's really a pinky workout. It's to prepare your hand for playing this same pattern as Major and Minor Scales. Speed is not an issue here as you can clearly play plenty fast. The issue seems to be finger control. Give this one a shot using the first third and pinky for the entire thing. No matter how slow you have to play. Breaking these types of habits before they become unbreakable is crucial. Once more in to the breach!!!!

Posted by: onetabmat Jun 29 2019, 02:55 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 30 2019, 01:47 AM


This is my fault Soldier. When something like this happens, it's not the fault of the Student. it's the fault of the instructor. I have not been clear on what I am looking for. Also I just noticed that the tablature is NOT available for download. You can see the image, but you can't download the guitar pro file so you cant hit play and hear what it should sound like. As a result, I think you are sort of guessing as to what I'm wanting and going with that. Yo are very close just based on the guess so kudos there!! However, neither lick is actually correct.Bootcamp is a bit more structured and disciplined and regimented and frankly more difficult than Quick Licks. I need to see each drill played as written at least one start to finish with a pause in between so that I know you have finished the lick. If you keep playing and run the licks together, it makes it much harder for me to tell if you have completed the lick or not. IN Quick licks, this is less of an issue.
I"m going to rebuild the GUITAR PRO FILE from Scratch so that you can download it and hear it played. At that point I think You'll get a better idea of what each drill is about. I hate to have you go back for a third one on this but I really want you to be able to play these pieces as subsquent pieces are based on things you will learn here. I"ll recreate the tablature and let you know when I"m ready.
Apologies Soldier. We will work through this!

Here are the new Guitar Pro Files. They are in GP5 format. The BPM is set to 240 but drop it to 120 and it will be more recognizable. 240 is just to show you what it will sound like with practice. I"ll link these files to the MISSION 43 page as well so that future Soldiers can download them.

 43a.gp5 ( 2.25K ) : 3
 43b.gp5 ( 2.23K ) : 2

QUOTE (onetabmat @ Jun 29 2019, 09:55 AM) *

Posted by: onetabmat Jul 7 2019, 08:03 AM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jul 8 2019, 03:57 AM

Now your talking!!!! Well fought Soldier!! I know this is NOT an easy piece. It's got serious pinky twisting going on. Both of these make great warm up drills. They will let you focus on your pinky and give you a good way to work the crap out of your pinky!!

TRICKY PICKING: You nailed it Soldier. The picking on this is very very tricky indeed. Picking is the first thing I look for on this.

SPIFF SYNCH: One slip on hand synch and you get to start over, good news is, you never miss! Every strike is paired up with a note. Nice!!

TRAVERSE GALORE: This entire mission is one big String Traverse Drill. It gives your hand a chance to work through every string up and down. Well played!

In short, you FREAKING KRUSHED IT!!!!!!! and..


You are officially over the humb Soldier!!!

QUOTE (onetabmat @ Jul 7 2019, 03:03 AM) *

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jul 9 2019, 08:41 AM


PICKED CLEAN: You have a solid hand synch with your picking, HOWEVER, I still see you using First/Third/Pinky for shapes that really call for First/Fourth/Pinky. I have noticed this in several videos and it seems to be a habit that is somewhat ingrained in your playing. It's not enough to keep you from leveling up, but it's worth trying to fight it Soldier!!

SMOOTH AS SILK: Not rushing or lagging, smooth and in the zone!!

PICKING WHILE MUTED: This is one of the hardest things both to teach and to learn. Super Congrats, you have managed it. It's at the heart of my very own style and you show a great deal of promise using it here!
You have this one down Soldier. I remain concerned about your use of First/Third/Pinky finger playing. It's a bad habit that I hope you can work through here in Bootcamp. For now, you just..



I saw your question about SWEEPING. What you did was sort of like sweeping. One can play an arpeggio without it being a sweep picking lick. Sweep picking is typically done using a series of down and up strokes. E.G. Sweep Picking. Dragging the pick along in one direction. There are some sweep picking drills in our upcoming missions. It's a technique worth learning to be sure.
In short you just ....


Posted by: Todd Simpson Jul 10 2019, 03:51 AM


PRECISION: Precision is key. You play with more precision each time. It's the first thing I'm looking for on this Mission. The speed will happen by itself if you just stay focused on precision! You do have to push it though as progress happens at the edge of ones ability. Not in the comfort zone.

NOISE CONTROL: Open string licks require good palm muting. It's a delicate balance between too much and too little mute. You strike a vey solid balance. Despite using some distortion, I don't hear any unwanted string noise. Very well done on that. Adding gain makes any extra string noise show up and requires muting to be on point!

DEXTERITY: You play both licks with precision and dexterity making fine use of the weakest finger, THE PINKY! Developing PINKY POWER is just critical. Great to see you playing with the pinky on lower frets instead of trying to stretch the third finger! Also, You are avoiding using the first/second/pinky combo of fingers in places where first/second/pinky is better suited. Score!

In short you just...



Posted by: onetabmat Jul 14 2019, 03:30 PM

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jul 15 2019, 12:10 AM

You have come a long way in a short time Soldier!! You had obvious talent from the start and now you've forged it in to a weapon!!! Let's Debrief!!
TIMING TIMING: The first thing I look for in this Mission is TIMING. Are you playing spot on the beat and keeping solid count of time. No rushing, no lagging. Any mis steps in timing gets you sent back to the woodshed. The good news is your timing is solid as a ROCK!! Make that solid as a RAWWWWWWWWWKK!!!!!

[b]PRECISION PRECISION:[/b] As the old saying goes, speed is just a byproduct of precision. The second thing I"m looking for here in this Mission is to see how precisely you play. Is it sloppy? String noise? Unbalanced? Nope! Solid as two huge RAAAAWWWWWWKKS!!!

PICKING AND OR TAPPING: The last thing I'm looking for is your ability to pick and tap. These are two very very very different skills. One needs both. A fluency in picking and tapping is key to able to transition between these elements in a lead. More good news, your picking and tapping are TOIGHT as a drum.

I want to congratulate you Soldier! Your discipline and skill have served you well. Very few people ever make it this far. You are in the deep end of the pool and you are killing it!!!! Also, bonus points for dat saweeeeet Ibby!!!
In other words you just....



QUOTE (onetabmat @ Jul 14 2019, 10:30 AM) *

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