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Working on creating my own lines, cleaning up my playing, recognizing subdivisions, using my guitars volume and tone knobs, two handed tapping, ear training, having fun!
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Jim S.
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Working on creating my own lines, cleaning up my playing, recognizing subdivisions, using my guitars volume and tone knobs, two handed tapping, ear training, having fun!
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14 Nov 2021
Anyone else here working through Chris's Economy picking book? Ive been a long time fan of his playing and recently purchased his latest book. Im finding that my natural playing leads toward economy picking with it being active 40% of the time. But, Isolating small sections and being very attentive to the right hand changing strings seems to be so helpful.

Just curious if anyone else here is working on the same picking motions and what kind of struggles or triumphs you may encounter during your practice?
14 Nov 2021
Original lesson: Major Pentatonic Scale & Triads by Alejandro Pinero

This Video includes a bonus Jam using the lesson learned to solo against a backing track.

26 Sep 2016
I sold my old pearl drum set which was pretty hard to bare. I bought that set for a drummer who was not punctual. He still never showed up...

So I rocked a 2006 MacBook 13" with 2g ram and Logic Pro 9. This has been my setup for so long and I got so used to everything that when I picked up a 21.5" with 2.8i7 with 16g ram with logic x and the latest Mac OS for $400 that left me an extra hundred! I think a thunderbolt hard drive is what I'll save my project files to. It's crazy that all the things I wished for in logic that were worked out. I can record song ideas from my phone and it shows up right in logic, it is also a remote for the program.

I sold the drum set in hopes of being able to program music including drums better. First thing I notice is... adding a new drummer track automatically sets 16bars of drums. You can pick the drummer and change the swing loudness and complexity. I haven't looked yet but I bet you could still adjust the notes in piano roll. Either way it's amazing the progress from 2010...

What are some other things I may not know about?

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27 Aug 2016

I have not been around the forums much but have been working on some original music. IMO this is something very special and when I listen to this beginning of the track I want to hear more, which is a good sign.

The song is very moody and I want to keep it like that until the end but, I have this second part which Im not sure how to fit and or if it even does. The only thing I did not really mess with was the drums. Thats my next goal besides vocal placement. I have 2 different vocal melodies over the first section and If I can mix them together this will sound so cool. Only 1 idea is in the current track below.

Couple questions here, when beginning a project from scratch whats a good way to write?

1.Should you be using EQ and Doubling tracks from the get go or do you get the whole sketch through and then start fattening up everything?

2. Whats a good way to connect 2 pieces together with the drums? Anticipating the next section while keeping beat... I did pick 2 tracks for drums. 1 is a drum groove that I found that fits pretty well. The second track is for midi input from the keyboard or a blank area for copied drum fills but its not fitting nicely. Should I just start from scratch too?

4. Volume seems to change dramatically between different audio systems but 1 thing is sure, the volume is too low or if I boost the entire track its muddy. The track below is a bit loud but its not loud enough which is hard for me to explain. I really would like a more clear, punchy bass, punchy bass drum but Im not creating this. Any help would be very cool... Thanks Guys!Attached File  Strange_First_Vocals_Volume_Up.mp3 ( 2.68MB ) Number of downloads: 284

BTW, The guitar solos are just placeholders, dont think this is anymeans final or even close....

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Wow, listening to your song "Big Charlie" on Reverbnation right now - amazing stuff! :)
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