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10 Aug 2009
Hey Zsolt,

Just wanted to ask does your playing get a bit sloppy when the strings get old, not alot, but like notes just dont sound clearer, specially on the higher frets (due to fret spacing being small), sliding can get annoying etc?

Let me know,

16 Jun 2009

Is it possible for you to upload two more backing tracks for the lesson, in 100bpm and 110bpm?

It would be really great dude.

Anyway thanks!
3 Oct 2008

I finally have the money to invest in a good overdrive pedal.
I first bought a Boss SD1, dint like it as much, then got it a YJM308 DoD preamp, which i did like but is a bit , and just a tiny bit on the trebly side.

Now that i have the money i wanna get a very good overdrive pedal.
And my two choices are... Ibanez Tubescreamer(Ts9dx Keeley) and Fulltone OCD

Pls help me decide which one, if any of you have any of these pedals, your input will be very much appreciated

Thanks and Keep posting. smile.gif
17 May 2008
Hey muris,

Hows everything?

Anyway, i wanted your advice on something related to pickups.
I have two guitars, a les paul and a strat.

Now sometime back i messed up my strat (which i used to use quite alot), so i started using my les paul. The one thing i noticed is how much better it sounds compared to the strat. I mean the sound is much more thicker than that of a strat.

What i though was to elimate than thinness of a strat (body alder/neck maple) i could change the pickups. I have Texas Special pickups, currently and wanted to change it something different. But i do not really know how much of a difference just the pickup will make.

Ok the les paul is much more heavier, more dense and has humbuckers which contribute to the thicker sound. But by just changing the pups will i be able to reduce the the thinness of a strat. Can't put humbuckers in as the cavity only allows single coils(nor do i wanna mess the body).

Now the pick up choices are (i just want 2 coz never use the middle and cane save that extra bit of cash)

Dimarzio - HS3/YJM (i wanted your advice on these coz i saw ur comments somewhere on these pickups, have u used these what do you think)

Seymore Duncan - man the site is to clustered nor do i know anything about this company, nor do i wanna base my judge ments on those soundclips.

Stan Hinsley - This is a bit expensive, but if they do solve my problem, i can wait and invest in something better instead of spending and getting less. Since you endorse you must have good idea about the pickups.

I really wanted the dimrzio ones, but let me know.

Also what do u mean by the pickup sound being 'warm'? Like its bassy more deeper, less on the treble side?

Let me know.

Thanks smile.gif
23 Apr 2008
Hey muris,

I wanted to know how low to hold the guitar when u stand up and play?
is it as low as the one in your picture, or you hold it higher of lower?

The thing is i have just started practicing standing up ( about 1 or 2 weeks ago) and its just wierd.
Now the thing is i have two guitars a les paul, and a stratocaster, the strat i hold it a bit higher, but les paul man a bit lower,
I mean if i hold the les paul higher where its too comfortable, i look like one off those fat old bluesy player, and im not even fat tongue.gif .

I just want some tips on this, like how long should i practice, how long did u practice, if you did that is, i mean standing up playing to me is totally diff thing, and i wanna look like randy rhoades man wub.gif cool.gif

Help would be amazing.
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