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33 years old
Born Nov-9-1988
I'm obsessed with becoming a musician. I love running ;) Heavy Metal, guitar rock(or whatever you call it), classical are among my favorite music genres.
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15 Oct 2008
The one with the embarrassing Youtube video(Here: God, so horrible), well the bassist from that mess is actually a great musician, and his project Indricothere, sounds pretty awesome. This is one of those "pleasant surprise" kinda bands, I thought it would be horrible at first but...well, just listen to the songs on his Myspace. I think you'll agree it's pretty good. Just thought I'd share. smile.gif
3 Oct 2008
Well, I just had a breakthrough* today, less playing wise, more tone/gear wise. I just moved back to playing 9s after a long time playing 11's and 12s. So when I play guitars that have strings thinner than 10s on, my sound seems to break up in horrible disgusting ways. This is most likely a problem totally secluded to me, but it's just that certain factors, in the case of me, combine to make it very hard for me to play with 9s and still have a nice clear sound. I think I've got it down to these reasons.

You may find it hard to get a good tone out of thin strings if you do the following:
-Pick very hard: I noticed that I have to pick notes at less than half of my normal picking strength when playing thin strings to get a nice clear tone. Gugh... dry.gif I suck. I'm guessing that it's because the strings flop around too much if I hit them too hard.
-Press down hard with your left hand: If I press to hard with this hand the strings go slightly out of tune, resulting in harmonic madness. I actually knew of this before, I don't know why I haven't thought to just press lighter. Ugh... I'm an idiot.
-Palm mute hard: I think you get the picture. All of these factors result in one thing: Notes going out of tune.

So if you have a hard time getting a nice clear tone, try using heavier gauges, or just play with more touch man. As for me, I'm abandoning all hope of playing with the touch of someone like Yngwie, I'm sticking to thick gauges.

Oh, and I want all you savvy instructors to stop worrying about me straining too much, I've been playing thick strings for so long that I'm not straining when I play fat strings and pick hard and press hard. Although I do recognize this as a flaw, and I'm going to practice applying just enough pressure to get the tone I want. But if you see any other problems with this please let me know. smile.gif

(*Breakthrough: classified as when I go "Dude!!! How come I didn't notice that before!" all of a sudden)
3 Oct 2008
2 years with GMC, where has the time gone!? It went by so fast! I remember when Kris was the only instructor here, and updates were once a week, now there are many many instructors, and there are 2-3 new lessons a day! ohmy.gif Not to mention the GMC community has grown by about 5,000 people.

Well, I'll keep this short, thanks Kris, I wouldn't be anywhere close to the level I am now without your efforts here at GMC! biggrin.gif And thanks to all the wonderful instructors, and moderators, and tech guys and anyone else who has helped GMC become a better place for guitarists to learn. biggrin.gif

PS: I found this video after searching a bit, takes me back a ways to when I first came here
11 Sep 2008
Hey guys, well I've been practicing standing up recently, and I have to say, it's a lot more fun than practicing sitting down and hurting my back(I tend to hunch when sitting).

One problem has popped up though, my strap broke! ohmy.gif Almost killed my guitar.

So now I need a new one, and I have no idea what to look for, all I know is that I need a strap that won't slide around on my shoulder, it needs to help hold my guitar in place when I play, if that makes sense.

Are there any good brands in particular I should be looking at?

9 Sep 2008

I personally can't wait, Focus was/is amazing.

For those of you who don't know of them, they are a progressive metal band, but I would recommend them to any open minded music fan. They sport both caveman-like death grunts, as well as an effect on the singing vocals that produces a robotic voice. I personally dig the big contrast in vocals. But ya, I wasn't kidding about the open mindedness part, many people don't like death grunts, and effects on vocals, and if neither of those bug you, they are also very jazzy, and aren't super brutal either. But it all ties together very well, and the result is this spacey, technical, relaxing yet exciting music, that I personally love.

But I think it'd be hard for anyone to deny the talent in the instrumentation, amazing layering, very creative, absolutely beautiful music. I just love this band. And for those of you interested, Paul Masvidal, and Sean Reinert were in Death for a while.
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9 Nov 2008 - 7:22
I love Psychedelic and Stoner Rock music, too.
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