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7 Dec 2018
Mine's not arrived yet, but I'm listening to it on YT. So far, I love it! Jason did an amazing job here. I'm not sure how long did it take to produce the album but it's a masterpiece. Especially for a person that can only move his eyes and face muscles.

Here's the playlist:
4 Dec 2018
Has anyone ever tried soldering the tone pot directly into output jack? After 10 hours I managed to get my Avion to working state again but it turned out the volume pot was damaged and the only replacement I had was a push/pull pot. Now there's a lot of cables around it and some are fragile. I won't dare touching it ever, until I have my pickups re-wired by a professional, so the only way for me to get a tone pot is as described below. I know all schematics instruct tone into volume, so I'm asking.

Above is my current wiring. I have a varitone into output jack, as some schematics showed. I would like to make a change here:
Varitone into a tone pot and tone pot into output jack. I already drilled a hole in the Avion, so unless I put a dummy pot there I need to make use of it. I was thinking about tone pot which seems to be working fine with varitones. The other option would be on-on swtch for splitting coils in both pups.

Do you think that could work? I've never done this kind of mod before.
1 Dec 2018
Original lesson: Picking Hand Basics by Ben Higgins

Not a perfect take but I tried my best. Again, I added the backing track via Movie Maker but I hope the sync is alright.

30 Nov 2018
I made a decision some time ago to swap my oldest pickup: Merlin Hellfire for another model, more fitting to shred. Hellfire is a passive ceramic mag based weapon of mass destruction. It's literally made for the heaviest kinds of music and doesn't let a tiny bit of noise slip to the signal chain. Even in a guitar that's not shielded! I dare say it beats the crap out of actives from EMG and SD (but then I prefer EMG H4 over 81) and some other passives too. It works insanely well with Mesa Dual Rect, as much as I tried it out. Palm muting with it is so good, even Papa Het would love it! I'm not getting paid for advertising. I'm just gathering my thoughts because it's time to pass it on.

I bought the Hellfire about 8-9 years ago and It's been a huge part of my life ever since. I didn't know as much about guitar gear as I do now but still, I loved it. Now I'm starting out in life and I'm almost done paying off my car and I wouldn't afford the swap anytime soon unless I sold the HF. I'll still have a set of H4's if I ever need a swap for high gain stuff. I found a buyer and I'll probably send it tomorrow evening. But here's a thought: maybe I'll manage to shoot a Hellfire demo for our community. I'm curious what you'll think about it cool.gif
24 Nov 2018
Original lesson: Neoclassical Solo For Beginners by Emir Hot

It's my first REC take and I was quite stressed out. I realize I made a few mistakes but here it is! smile.gif

Gear used:
Merlin Hellfire pickup, DS-1 All-Seeing Eye, Kustom Arrow 16 DFX (used built-in delay)

edit: I couldn't reply and I feel this is important:
I had the backing track in my headphones. In the vid I edited it in, so it could be slightly off timing.
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