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26 Nov 2016
hello friends....I use Ableton as my DAW and have Guitar Rig 5 as my guitar plugin. It is running on an Apple Imac.

My question is what is the easiest and most professional sounding method to upload a video with a backing track using Ableton and my Imac camera. I would invest in some gear if this setup will not work.

Thanks so much.

20 Sep 2016
Hello new friends,

As some of you know, I was already a member of two other excellent online guitar instruction sites, but once I saw GMC, i knew immediately I was joining because of the heavy interaction with instructors. I am by no means a beginner having been a semi-pro & gigging for most of my life. I have been playing for 40 years and only started playing again to get my brain working after a terrible accident. Please read my other thread if you want to get a better understanding of what happened to me.

My Story

The REC program I absolutely love because for me personally, I need an accountability coach to make sure I do the assignment we both pick. I will start practicing and next thing I know I am sitting there just writing riffs which is still practicing but I did not finish what I started out to complete.

There are currently eight featured instructors. Are all eight part of the mentoring program because I thought I read somewhere it's just Gabe & Ben running the mentoring program. Is this correct? Or can you choose one of the 8 featured instructors?

Am I correct to assume that regardless of the person mentoring you, all the instructors give feedback regardless if you took one of their video courses or course from another instructor?. If that's the case, this site is the bomb.

If Gabe and Ben are the two mentoring instructors, what exactly does that mean? In other words, can I post a REC up anytime and get feedback or does that only go for people who have a mentor?

Again, sorry for the confusion, but does the mentoring program require a member in the program to meet deadlines and if not, what happens? If I have Gabe as a Mentor and wanted to learn classical, how would that work? Would Gabe assign me classical guitar assignments even though he is a rocker? Would the classical teacher respond to RECs?

Would a mentor allow me to choose the lessons from another instructor because I was more into learning style from a specific instructor?

I tried to find a place on this site that explains the mentoring a REC program in more detail before i posted the thread but wasn't successful. If there is a link to a place on this site that explains all the questions I have, be great if you could send it my way. I always say I would rather be playing than posting. I am going to practice for 1/2 and go to sleep. I finally finished learning a song that I started 30 years ago and can play it straight thru without any mistakes. Bourree by JS Bach. Then I launch into the blues in E and it flows so cool. i want to post a video of me playing and that is the last thing i need help with.

Do I just use my Imac, external mic & built in webcam? Do I use Iphone? What are the pros using on this site to upload the best quality videos for both audio & video? I was told the best thing to do is import a backing track into a DAW which I happen to have and love (Ableton) and jam along with the track and get a great mix that way. Any help in this area much appreciated.

Good Night



Thanks everyone!!
14 Sep 2016
Hello new friends.......I accidentally stumbled on this gem of a website and joined immediately. I was already paying for two other subscription based instruction websites and I still had to join this site because I think it kicks ass. I have been playing for 40 years and learned a long time ago, the more I know, the more I don't know. I was smart enough to take a music theory course in my only year at SUNY Buffalo back in 1980. I am grateful I know theory because that laid the foundation for everything to follow. In 1980 my life changed forever because I lost my virginity and my guitar ego in same year. I thought I was hot shit on guitar because I was playing 4 years and could play almost anything I heard by ear. I remember learning Jessica by Allman Bros and could play also Statesboro Blues note-for-note on slide so I knew my chops were getting good. And I was a bit cocky. Then it happened and I realized how badly I sucked on guitar. We had a college bash and I saw am unknown band called the Dixie Dregs with this unknown guitarist named Steve Morse. I stained my panties, and I am sure quit guitar for a week I also quit college to become a rock star which didn't happen for me. The rub is it's going to happen during the second 1/2 of my life. More to follow. This is an amazing story but do not want thread too long. Let's just put it this way. I was in such a horrific accident at end of 2012, I was pronounced dead for over 2 minutes and spent 19 days in hospital. The injuries would boggle your minds so I will only tell you about one which was a traumatic brain injury and is the reason I am playing guitar again today. This was part of God's plan for me because he broke me down to nothing and spent 3 years rebuilding me into a better person and my guitar playing has never been as good. Not even close.

Stay Healthy and show off those calluses with pride & joy.

And yes, I saw SRVs very first gig in NYC in front of 100 people tops.
I was also good friends with Leslie West and spent time hanging & jamming with the Great Fatsby at his home. I would have to say, the best possible antithesis if you needed to compare two masters of the instrument would be Leslie & Yngwie.

More to follow and will be asking for some serous advice in next few posts about best courses, instructors, etc. Plus I have a great story because first video series I stumbled on this site was John Scofield series. I studied privately with him in mid 1980s for $100 hr which is like $350hr these days. I think I was able to join this site during a special for $100. One hour lesson with Scofield was same price to having access to this site for a year. That's mind boggling.

God Bless

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