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GMC Forum _ PRACTICE ROOM _ Thumb Position Philosophy

Posted by: fkalich Feb 14 2007, 04:45 AM

Anyone: What is your philosophy on thumb position (top of the neck, behind the neck, under the neck). Do you do things differently depending on where you are on the fret board (bottom, middle top)?

Thanks. Got such good info on the pick, thought I would see if I could get some on the subject of thumb position.

Posted by: buckjones Feb 14 2007, 05:20 AM

i'll try my hand at this one too...

i believe it's widely agreed not to let your thumb go higher than the fretboard during normal chord play but different situations call for different thumb positioning though. mine usually is a little past the middle of the neck toward the top of the fretboard.

during bends, my thumb position is usually in a place where it will give me leverage in relation to what string and finger(s) i am using.

i'm curious to see what other responses you get to this question.


Posted by: fkalich Feb 14 2007, 07:36 AM

Interesting. Hopefully we get a lot of info here. I am not saying what I do with my thumb. I used to play as a teenager, and picked it up recently again after a long lay off (many years). So really, I will wait until I feel I am qualified to say what I do. I will define qualified as "feeling I can play well enough that I would let anyone watch me, other than my cats".

Posted by: TheNung89 Feb 14 2007, 11:41 PM

When I took classical lessons, my teacher freaked if my thumb moved from the middle of the back of the neck except for use in one chord which I sadly now forget the name of.

Really, it's whatever makes you comfortable. Sometimes you need to use your thumb. Personally, I don't keep track of mine unless I need to fret a note with it but I'm under the impression that mine moves around a lot anyway.

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