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37 years old
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Pittsburgh, PA
Born Sep-25-1983
Ibanez Prestige RGA121 mmmmm my new baby!!!!!!! No korean here...
Ibanez SA160 Completely rewired w/ V8 HB in Bridge
'98 Fender Telecaster
Aria Pro II Fullerton (Imitation Strat).... First electric
Ovation Acoustic/Electric
Takamine Acoustic
'70's Ventura Acoustic
Hohner Acoustic.... First acoustic (Retired haha)

Line 6 Spider II 112
Line 6 FBV Floorboard
'90's Crate Practice Amp
Kustom Practice Amp

Apple iMac G4
WD 320 GB Hard Drive (gotta put all that music somewhere)
Line 6 Toneport UX2 (Gearbox)
Ableton Live 5
Shure PG58
M-Audio Trigger Finger
Battery 3
Bose Companion 3
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3 Dec 2007
Hi guys!!! Long time since I've been on the forums or even the site itself but it feels good to be back (too much work and no play)... Looks like a lot has changed and a lot of new members and instructors have signed on which is great to see!!! Hope some of you guys remember me and if you don't I'm sure I can spark your memory smile.gif And I look forward to getting to know everybody!

Andrew - Great to see you're a leading contributor to the site, everybody should listen to this guy I think he might know a thing or two wink.gif

Kris - I can tell you're still the man biggrin.gif

It's been a long 8 months and I'm ready to get back to school... Now I've got to figure out how to get my Quicktime working again huh.gif
1 Mar 2007
I would like to take some time out of one of my practice sessions to dedicate my 100th post to the amazing tempo helping tool called the metronome...

It has become one of my best friends... Helping to guide me down the right path in timing, speed, accuracy, and technique. This little guy gives you the challenge and you always accept it because you know it only wants to make you better. If it had a little voice I'm sure it would keep telling us "YOU CAN DO BETTER YA WUSS!!" "MY GRANDMA COULD TICK FASTER THAN YOU, SISSY!!!!!" Lets never forget your perfectly timed ticking sound.

This beers for you, Mr. Metronome! Cheers!

20 Feb 2007
ok guys... all this talkin' about new guitars and everything must have brainwashed me!!!!!

i randomly decided to go to the guitar center that is close to my house and i'm just messin around with some different guitars and talkin to a couple guys down there.... well i'm just walking around and then BAM! a beautiful natural woodgrain ibanez prestige rga121 just threw me a look from across the store... how beautiful she looked all in her stunning glory! haha next thing ya know she's in my arms and i couldn't let her go... awesomely thin 5 piece neck, buttery smooth close action, 24 frets, mahogany body, japanese made not korean... tooooo many good reasons to buy it right there... so yeah i did... best president's day i've ever had... and because it was president's day i saved big time because of their sale. so yeah i'm in love! here's the link:


btw - i'll post some of my own pics of her up later on... too busy playing her to put her down for pictures! haha biggrin.gif
15 Feb 2007
just a quick question for everybody out there...

did anybody else get yelled at by their girlfriends for spending too much time on gmc yesterday (valentine's day) and not with their ol' lady?

cause i sure as hell did! hahaha i dunno if thats bad or good..... laugh.gif

14 Feb 2007
whats up guys!

i just picked up two packs of strings: ernie ball regular slinky custom gauge .010's and d'addario XL super light gauge .009's.

my rewired ibanez sa-160 with a V8 humbucker is ready for some new strings. it's my daily axe and i'm wondering which ones i should throw on her. i'm pretty much working on scale position shifting and speed picking at the moment.

obviously one is a slightly lighter gauge than the other but i'd like some input if you guys have any. everybody's got their preference and i'd like to know yours. cool.gif

thanks guys

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