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10 Feb 2009
First off, welcome back! I hope that whatever experiences you've had to deal with recently are in the past, because losing you as an instructor would be a huge blow to GMC, and music in general.

Second, I've finally decided what kind of style I want to go into with guitar. The first lesson I learned on this site was Winding Roads, and so many parts of that just stuck out and had so much feeling in them. I've been watching and learning more things from other guitarists like Rob Marcello, Takayoshi Ohmura, and Takajii and I know for a fact that the Neoclassical style is for me.

However, I don't really know where to start. I've learned how to play (you don't have to look at these, just linking for anyone reading) Every Time and Pleasant Surprise from Takayoshi, as well as Old School by Rob Marcello, but from there on I don't really know where to go. I don't know many other artists that I can learn things from, considering they either don't have any tabs for their songs or aren't well known. I also can't really write my own music, and I don't know too many scales that would work well with Neoclassical.

So where did you start? Who did you learn from and what eventually pushed you through to play and come up with more neoclassical ideas/songs?

At the moment, all I can do is try and learn 1:15+ from this video and hope for the best . Sorry for being so wordy for such a simple question but I felt some things had to be explained.

Edit: I realize those videos may be very different, I'm just trying to explain the kind of music I'm aiming for.
23 Jan 2009
I've been looking around for songs with neoclassical styles to them, something like Takayoshi or Syu, but slightly different and preferably with tabs. One song I'm liking in particular is Spirits by Godspeed, Link to video . Unfortunatley there aren't any tabs for this song, so learning it is going to take a while.

Anyway, to the point. Does anyone know songs or bands or guitarists in general with that kind of sound and style? Anything close would be great, preferably something that's been tabbed out.

13 Jan 2009
I've been listening to a few songs lately, and as there are no tabs for them I'm forced to learn them by ear. While this isn't bad, I hear "more" than just the notes (if you understand that), I'd like to be able to tab it out at least somewhat easier. Does anyone know of a program where you could slow down a video, say of a guitarist playing, and make it much easier to see which notes they're hitting exactly?

I've tried Camtasia Studio as I know it lets you slow down the video, unfortunately you lose all sound sad.gif

I've also heard of a program called Cubase but I have yet to use it.
13 Jan 2009
Hi there guys, I hope some of you still remember me! I've been listening to Takayoshi Ohmura more and more and I really like his style, and I think it's getting me closer to developing my own. I've been trying to learn to play Every Time (Youtube link here) and it's certainly tough. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this, or perhaps has a tab?

Also, would it be worth making a suggestion post of a Takayoshi Ohmura style lesson?
14 Sep 2008
Well, after almost a year of absence from the GMC forums I'm finally able to take some time off and post. Between working toward getting into a good college (aiming for School of Visual arts in Manhattan, NY) and trying to keep up with guitar and keeping in touch with some distant friends through WoW, I had to cut back on GMC. I'd like to say hi to anyone who remembers who I am, hopefully at least one person does.

Anyway, to get to the point, a friend showed me this video yesterday, GTA Stunt Vid and about a minute in I noticed the guitars in the background. I found the song name but sadly couldn't find a tab (my playing-by-ear is horrendous, but I'm working on that) for it. I've tried finding other songs like that, even bands with that style, but haven't found anything, so I came to the all-knowing guys at GMC! Do you guys know anything that sounds like the above video?

OH! I almost forgot, recently I went to the Mayhem Fest in NY and saw Disturbed/Mastodon/Dragonforce/Black Tide live! We sat about 5 feet to the right of the stage, literally 10 feet from the band! Dragonforce actually sounded pretty good, and I got them to sign a shirt of mine later (I repeated this for Mastodon), and Disturbed was....I don't know, the only word I can come up with is Amazing.
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