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32 years old
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Guitars (obviously), Evangelion, Wargaming, DnD, Terry Pratchet, History and tons of other stuff that picks up my interests
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4 Sep 2008
So, The tabletop RPG group asked me to start up a new game. They wanted me to do something diffrent than usual by doing something spacey and unknown to them. I personally really like politics driven plots and in my research for a good political system and history. I remembered the Battletech universe. I'm a big mechwarrior fan so I already had a good graps on how things work.

One thing led to another and I was looking up Mechwarrior vids on youtube and realized how much I missed it.

I had borrowed a friend both M4:Vengenance and M4:Mercenaries and never got them back. So in a moment of impulsiveness I ordered M4:Mercenaries from Ebay and hopefully it will arrive within two weeks.

So When I haven't been online for over a week I'll probably be stomping around with my 85ton Mauler and fanboying out.

I Can't help it, Although the game is from 2002 and the engine is from 2000 it is still one of the greatest games ever in my opinion tongue.gif
3 Sep 2008
first off, I have to apologize for the misleading title of this post.

my stepmum called me today and asked me if I would like teach my 10 year old half-sister for a little extra pocket money. Of course I'm interested. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little extra money and helping anyone gives me a good feeling.

I have to teach her acoustic although she might be interested in electric later. And I have to teach her similar stuff they teach at music school.

Things I realized I will need myself to teach her:
An Acoustic guitar, I will go next week to a music shop to get one.
An working computer with internet acces at my dad's home.
Two legal working versions of GP5
A gig bag for the acoustic.

She still needs:
A Tuner to keep her guitar in tune (nothing as annoying as a guitar that is out of tune and you aren't experienced enough to tune by ear)
Picks (I'll give her some of mine for the time being.)
A gig bag (This is a perhaps though)

Things I am quite certain I have to teach her:
Fingerpicking (have to learn this myself first in order to teach her)
Chords (My Current Limited knowledge of the Chords isn't enough unfortunately)
Reading notes and apply it to guitar (unlike me she can read them already, but applying it to guitar is quite a challenge)

Things I believe I need to teach her:
Reading Tabs
Using a Pick
Start with scales and theory in general
Certain philosophy behind the musical instrument.
Taking care of your fingers ^^

I am quite strict when I'm teaching anything. I expect from anyone I teach to give their best. And I have a lot of trouble with tolerating "I can't do it". This attitude can be both motivating and demotivating for a 10 year old.

At the moment I have a lot of trouble figuring out how to start though, as she has zero guitar experience and only learning chords can be very unmotivating especially when you are 10 years old.

I'll try to convince my parents to have her signed up for GMC though wink.gif

Any advice is welcome as this is giving me quite the headache blink.gif
25 Aug 2008
I came across these commercials while browsing youtube. In my opinion these are the best line of commercials I've seen so far. The great thing is that the guy only tries to help others.
25 Aug 2008
Hey Nemanja. I recently measured and pretty impressed with my range. I could hit after warming up a C2 and in full blown falsetto that C5 (these were the extremes however and I don't think I could actually sing them). However at G3 my voice keeps shifting between falsetto and chest voice. Being able to hit G3 with my chest voice, A2 in falsetto but B2 in regular voice again. I did use my guitar tuner for this though. So I'm not entirely sure.

Do you have any tips for countering that bouncing between voice heights. Or is it just a matter of practicing scales.

Thank you before hand. smile.gif

I also have a little lesson request that I couldn't find on the lessons page. Could you do a lesson on taking care of your voice?
24 Aug 2008
I Realized tonight That I really need someone to talk to about a lot of issues in my life. Tonight my life has taken a really big downer and gone far beyond the point where I would personally say "Dude, you seriously need help". I will go to my doctor for this, but I guess I need someone to talk to first.

But before you say "I'm your man/woman" I want you to realize a few things.

- I will in all probability moan for more than three hours about how much my life sucks.

- This is all very heavy stuff, I will be completely open book and I think a lot of people can't handle this.

- In most cases I will be either highly emotional or completely emotionless and I can't say in advance what it will be.

- A lot of the things I will say might end up in complete randomness, I will go from one subject, to another and to another yet again and keep skipping between these.

I want you to be completely honest to yourselves first. I do not expect anyone to reply and in any case I will still love everyone on GMC.

I have one request though. I don't want any "I feel bad for you" posts. Pity doesn't help anyone. And when you have too much selfpity already you might start believing things that aren't true.
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