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3 Dec 2018
Hello GMC.

I wanted to share something that I've noticed that saved me a lot of wasted hours and practice. You may already be familiar with it. It's basically the concept of energy and how you redirect it to whatever you want to accomplish in life. You may have noticed that the results of your practice are very dependent on not only your focus but also your attitude towards your practice. By focus, you are redirecting your energy towards your hands, and whether that energy is positive or negative has a huge influence on the results.
If you hate practicing and your only goal is to impress others with your guitar and not because you by your heart want to learn something...If you during your practice get frustrated, have a negative attitude and only do it for superficial goals and especially if your mind is somewhere else, you can only expect very little results, if any at all.
However, if you say to yourself "This is gonna be challenging, but playing the guitar is awesome and I love it." and you approach your practice with a positive focused mindset, you will be amazed at how greatly you will improve. This is of course with the premise that you practice regularly and that your goal is to learn something that's gonna improve your skills.
I've wasted so many hours every day practicing the same scales over and over again with the goal of becoming faster. Did I become faster? Not much because I practiced mindlessly and I mostly hated it. It was not until I started practicing some new scales, which challenged my mind and hands and required more focus that I not only learned new scales but also improved my speed. And you wanna know why? Because positive energy is 1000x stronger than negative energy. It's the law of attraction in it's purest form.
All the greatest guitarists in the world did not practice with the goal of becoming rich or famous. They all wanted to become great guitarists from their own passion and not for some other superficial goals.

Best regards,
5 Nov 2018
Original lesson: Alternate and Sweep Picking Etude by Ian Bushell

I've been more observant of my picking hand this time.

22 Aug 2018
Hello fellow guitarists,
I have a question for those you who have gone to or are going to university while practicing the guitar simultaneously. I am currently 20 years old and will start studying Software Engineering in a few weeks. Those kinds of universities are known to be very time- and energy-consuming. And I am worried that I won't have the time to practice the guitar while studying, going to the gym and being social. I have gained some solid guitar skills the past 2 years, but I didn't have much else going on in my life at that time. Maybe I just need to keep my skills at a steady level until I graduate and then continue putting in my time and effort into the guitar when I'm 23-24.
I'm interested to hear your thoughts smile.gif
3 Jun 2018

Whenever I play some shred, I tend to push down the tremolo with my wrist, which pulls the strings and makes it sound out of tune. I have installed a tremol-no in it, which blocks the tremolo, so I can have my wrist push down on the bridge when shredding.
I've tried to move my hands away from it, but it feels so unnatural and I can't play as clean and fast when I do it like that. Secondly, I think my hands are too big not to have my wrist at the tremolo.

Where is your wrist when you're alternate picking?
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