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Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 3 2008, 11:10 PM

Hi friends! I'm not sure if somebody posted this... today I discovered that Disturbed recorded a new album and I could listen to it

I like all the songs! It's an awesome album for me... very in the style of their first one called Sickness.

What do you think? wink.gif

Posted by: Smurkas Jun 3 2008, 11:18 PM

Definately a very strong record Gabriel! I have been listening to it for a couple of days and I like it very much, I think it will become my favourite after the sickness. The sickness was such an awesome debut and I think they've been having problems living up to that on their other records. Both Believe and 10000 fists have some good songs on them but don't hold up to the Sickness as a whole.

This new heavier, darker sound is really kick ass and suits them very well biggrin.gif


Posted by: swingline Jun 3 2008, 11:29 PM

Been stoped for this one for some time now and I just can't stop listening to it.

Posted by: Eat-Sleep-andJam Jun 3 2008, 11:32 PM

Hmm Ive never really liked Disturbed that much but this wasnt bad smile.gif

I still have the same problem with Disturbed.
Its all sounds the same to me. All the songs seem as if they have the similiar if not the same structure.
Nice find though smile.gif

And Also the Guitar Solos in this Album are alot better then past albums.

Posted by: audiopaal Jun 3 2008, 11:34 PM

I gave it a listen and it sounds awesome smile.gif
And the cover is so brilliant it hurts tongue.gif

Ilike their former albums too, great stuff!

thaks for sharing smile.gif

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 3 2008, 11:37 PM

I areee. it's the best album since their debut The Sickness.

Posted by: Spreedmaster Jun 4 2008, 02:10 AM

Damn good album, I completely agree that its quite similar to the sickness, whichis definitely a good thing! cool.gif

Posted by: Smikey2006 Jun 4 2008, 02:18 AM

I love most of their stuff.. I really like their singers voice when he uses more raspy tones or even growls, his cleans are epic but the heavier they get the more i like them! this album is pritty awsome! i always respected disturbed for being a really great metal band, i just think they hit the mainstream and went hardrock for believe and parts of 10 000fists but it sounds like they are back on their A game

Posted by: kahall Jun 4 2008, 02:39 AM

I love Disturbed. Thanks for the listen free link.

Posted by: Nemanja Filipovic Jun 4 2008, 09:31 AM

OMG,this sounds amazing.
Thanks for the link.

Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Jun 4 2008, 02:13 PM

THanks, interesting new stuff! smile.gif

Posted by: OrganisedConfusion Jun 4 2008, 02:16 PM

Really not my sort of thing. Great cover though smile.gif

Posted by: SEANCD2005 Jun 4 2008, 07:27 PM

I like it , sounds very cool , Ill have to agree that its there best since sickness, thanks for the find, i saw them live once with korn and they were awsome

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 5 2008, 08:21 PM

yeah! I'm glad that you like the link! I bought the cd and it's awesome Metal!

Posted by: Pablo Vazquez Jun 10 2008, 09:46 PM

Sure!! Disturbed is an awesome metal band!! biggrin.gif

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