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18 Apr 2010
Hi there, as some of you know from my thread in the introduction section I recently came back to GMC. I'm currently practicing through my first lesson plan, which I will keep updating and progressing on as I progress myself. I plan to practice at least 2 hours a day, and at least until I find a new job, I'll try to get in as much as 6 hours per day.

I have inherited some money, which just so happens to be just enough to buy a Jackson Randy Rhoads RR1, which I've been drooling over for quite some time. But at my current level of guitar proficiency, such a guitar isn't yet suited for me. Thus, I plan on using it as a carrot on a stick for myself, and set a list of goals and requirements for myself before I allow myself to purchase that guitar.

So the question to you is, what would you consider the skill requirements for me to deserve such a guitar? I'd like to have a set in stone list of requirements for myself, so I can work towards that point.

My apologies if this is in the wrong section, I hope this is right!

6 Apr 2010

I remember subscribing here back when Kristofer was the only instructor, which is a long time ago. Since then I see the site has developed into something incredible, and I am quite staggered by the amount of content there is here now!

I've been quite demotivated to continue my playing for a long time, but my interest for guitar began when I started listening to metal 8 years ago with Metallica and Slayer. Since then my tastes have developed quite strongly into the obscure and the underground, focusing heavily on black metal. Back when I began I had a juvenile fascination for the guitar, I wanted to be the guitar hero on the stage I guess, watching James and Kirk on my Metallica live DVD's. Back then, however, I also recruited several friends into my newfound favourite music, but they ended up forming their own band, without room for me (their musical direction deviated strongly from my increasingly obscure tastes as well). I had no teacher, nor mentor back then, and my practice was all on my own. One day, one of my sisters' boyfriends turned out to be a guitar fanatic, practicing 9 hours every day. He came over once, and played Joe Satriani's Satch Boogie flawlessly in front of me. Seeing a player do this right in front of me felt great, especially when he said he could help me learn over webcam/msn a bit. However, as I was still in my juvenile fascination mindset, I had a hard time following his hardcore attitude. When I told him I wished for it to be more as a hobby than a way of life, he rejected me and said I would never make it as a guitarist unless I practiced seriously and hard. We didn't talk anymore after that argument, but he helped me develop quite a bit nonetheless. A few months later I discovered this site while searching for some tabs over on Kristofer helped spur my motivation with his words here on the site, so I subscribed and began smallscale practicing his lessons. However, I was in a difficult time in life, with many things going on, so the guitar suffered from loneliness most of the time. Eventually I almost totally gave up, just practicing speed and coordination, and learning some songs by ear an hour or two a week.

So I sit here, today - after many years of doubt and clouded vision, with full certainty, that I will not stop, I will not give up, and I will fill my days with determined practice once and for all. A year or so ago, I abandoned my initial future aspiration, and spent time thinking about what I could see myself doing in ten-twenty years. So my juvenile guitar dream was discarded, and a serious, blazing desire to compose and create began. I am at the moment keen on learning piano in addition to the guitar, and eventually move on to violin. I have done a course in basic studio technics, and will over time gather some home recording and mixing equipment to play around with. Basically, I wish to work as a musician. I do not have a goal to live off my music, as that is something only a few are able to do. But I do wish to have my dream fulfilled, so it can complete my life aside some tedious job rather than end up as a gaping void in an uninspired life.

Musically, I am quite naturally talented. I am able to learn songs completely by ear, and I constantly feel the urge to create. My only bump in the road is that I always have ideas to music in my head, but I do not always grasp the technical or theoretical proficiency on my guitar to let those ideas out on my fretboard. I come here with determined goals, and with strong hopes that I will be able to give my ideas life.

I am on my free initial month right now, but I have little doubt that I will continue my subscription after my quick look around the site as it is today. So I look forward to learning and shredding alongside you all, and I'm glad you read this far. Which leaves me with only one favor to ask!

I wish to build a fundamental understanding of music theory and work on my technical skills. I wish to learn the fretboard by heart, with scales and notes and all that may include. I don't really know what level I'm at, as my practice thus far has been unstructured and all over the place. I guess I'm around intermediate at the moment. So, my favor to ask is this; Could someone help me out by suggesting which lessons would be good to start off with that I could drill into my initial 2-4 hours of daily practice? I wish to set up a list of lessons to follow in a daily routine, until I am ready to progress onward from that point. I am impressed, but also rather confused by the amount of video lessons under each level. So some quick starting help would be greatly appreciated!

25 Sep 2006
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