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10 Aug 2019
Original lesson: Beginner Soloing #1 by Darius Wave

struggled abit with the sweeped section. very alex hutchings inspired

8 Aug 2019
Original lesson: Alternate Picking Workout #2 by Darius Wave

I've not intended to have this 100% perfect just until i was happy to post the rec.
I've tried to be myself in my playing and tried abit more vibrato in places.

I tend to practise this for about 10 mins as a warm up as it synch's my hands up great for alt picking.

<div class="youtube-embed"></div>
8 Aug 2019
Hi guys I will be posting a rec later
its my first rec in about 6 months or so.
the reason is I'm put off by the harshness of the assessments and criticism's.
As much as I understand to have constructive feedback as it's essential to getting better at anything,
I've found that most Rec's I've read on here or had received feedback for myself are over analysed and OTT to the point where the feedback is more damaging than standard constructive criticisms.

I'm posting this on here as it gives other members to maybe voice there feelings about this.

I feel it just needs knocking down a gear and it not being so picky.

there was a rec a few week ago where the tone didn't match up exactly to original lesson,
I mean why would it??? you would have to have the same exact gear to achieve this.

I think it would be fairer if more of the Tutors where assessing than just 3. can we maybe have like a selected Member(jury service) to add to it once a month

It seems that if the Rec isn't 100% like the original its not a good take and made to feel as it should be a carbon clone of the original lesson.

I wouldn't expect anyone to spend more time on a rec than whats needed to play it effectively.
spending weeks polishing a rec take so its perfect is not worth doing IMO,
the only thing I would of learn't is to play that 1 song perfect,and for the amount of effort,time and hassle from assessments
I could of learnt another 2 or 3 REC's.

I don't think its all about quality over quantity and that's what i'm getting back from the feedback.

what are you wanting to see in the REC's ?
it's like you all are looking for different things?
there's alot of responses like ( yea i agree with what such a person is saying)

with the greatest respect please don't take this personally guys, if i didn't voice my concerns then you would be none the wiser and you cant expect to deal with concern if are not aware of any opinons.

This is my personal opinion .
if you have a opinion please contribute.

regards Matt

1 Jul 2019
Hi everyone just set this thread up so I can drop my random Instagram videos .

I’m trying to get better at editing and creating better content if you have any ideas of content you would like to see let me know.

5 May 2019
Hi I’m having some ground issues with my wiring on my build and will probably need to meter it to find the fault, if I were to use a multi meter how do I find it? I’ve never used one.
From what I’ve seen I’ll need to check continuity for ground.
Do I place black on output sleeve and red tip on part testing?
Do I look for anything other than 0l? Not sure what I’m looking for?
Thanks in advance
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